How to create pages in blogger blog

how to create pages in blogger blog
Since the introduction of pages in blogger, blog pages as become important and inevitable blogging tool that can be used to get more out of your blog with respect to your business information, branding exposure, traffic, products and services.

There is empirical evidence that some bloggers, both newbies and intermediaries are yet to figure out exactly how to create pages in Blogger blog. 
I’ve also realized that increasing number of those clients I personally handled their blog creation from scratch, of which I created and added pages to their blog "Home'' tabs are yet to take on editing such as, adding images, content, and as well, yet to create or add new pages to their blogs.

This simply indicates that some bloggers out there are still yet to grab the full knowledge of creating pages for their blogger blog. Considering this fact, I’ve decided writing on how to create new pages for blogger blog, believing that it will serve as many young and upcoming bloggers, and those I took to on creating their blog from scratch or from the existing unresponsive and search engine optimized blog.

Creating pages in blogger and even integrating pages into menu bar, footer or sidebar in blogger isn’t a difficult task. However, creating pages in blogger is not different from creating pages in Wordpress or other Content Marketing Services (CMS) on the web because, the processes normally do start and found right inside your blog dashboard.

As a beginner who want to successfully create page(s) for your blog, the first thing is to concentrate on locating the “pages’ tab right in your Blogspot or Blogger dashboard, which eventually, will take you to a “New page” tab found in the same blog dashboard, where you are required to set your page title, content etc before hitting the publish button.

That’s generally by following the processes for creating blog page in both respective content marketing services (CMS), but in blogger specifically, I will work you through a simple steps by steps procedure with screenshots on how to create pages in blogger; I mean a static stand alone pages that may be use to represent your “About” page, “Contact” page, “Advert'” page, “Privacy” page and all other host of pages you may want to create for your blog that showcase one functions or the other on your blog, equally for your brand, products and services.

Note: Your blog pages are different from your blog posts; and just as you can create unlimited blog posts, so you can as well create unlimited number of pages for your blog. You can as well add pages to you “Home” tab, navigation menu bar, footer and sidebar in blogger.

While new and old blog posts appears automatically in a chronological order on your blogger blog home page depending on the number of posts allowed, your blog pages on their other hand, cannot be shown automatically on your blog. You are expected to add them either to your blog ‘Home’ page, navigation menu bar, footer or sidebar to get the most of exposure from them.

Creating pages in blogger blog

Below, I will take you on a practical procedure for creating pages in blogger and as well, provide you with aid on how to add pages into home tab or menu bar, sidebar and footer of your blogger blog.

1. Login to your Blogger dashboard and locate the blog you want to create pages.

2. On top left of your blog dashboard, click on “Pages”.

3. The Page tab will open another window where you can see another tab that says “New Pages”.

4. The New Pages tab will open a full new page window where you are to add title, body content,
description etc for your about to create pages(s).

5. Now, enter new title for your pages (something you would like to name your page like About, Contact etc). Thereafter, enter the page content and set description for each of the page you create.

6. Finally, click on “Publish”.
As at level, your new page as been created; so you have to learn how to add pages into home tab or menu bar, blog footer and sidebar in blogger. This will help you dominate your blog pages to work for more exposure that create conversion.

Note: there’s something you need to learn about blogger pages with regard to search engine optimization and that is, by default, blogger only allowed 3 to 4 slot for SEO friendly page(s) urls. For example, you may want to create ‘about’ page, and by default, blogger automatically generate a nicely and search engine friendly url for your about page. I mean something like

And, after creating 3 to 4 pages and you are given a nicely auto generated urls for those respective pages, now let take for instance you want to create more pages, it means that all other pages will be given an urgly and non SEO friendly urls for those pages. For example, you can see the url of my integrated Super Store whom I created lately, looking ugly and non seo friendly

This is not too good for seo, and there is no permalink provision, neither is there any way we can edit the blog page urls because, there are usually generated automatically by default. Secondly, there is no provision for Labels in pages window other than description. However, all those search engine optimization features are provided in new blog post window of blogger posts.

Finally, despite the few seo urls provision for Blogger pages, the important for creating pages for your Blogspot or Blogger can never be overemphasis.

By following the above lay out procedure on how to create pages for blogger blog, it is certain that you learn and will be able to create pages for your blogger blog and also get the most from them by integrating them in home tab or menu bar, footer or sidebar of your Blogspot or Blogger Blog.

Kindly let me know by commenting, if you were able to successful create pages for your blogspot or blogger blog.

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