How to get more traffic with content marketing

Oh, so, you've created a blog, added content and even shared severally but still no traffic? One easiest and inexpensive way to market your business of content, is by either writing articles or hiring someone to write them for you. That’s why there is this popular saying that “Content is King” and inevitable truth when it comes to getting more traffic, instilling brand awareness, increasing site ranking and generating sales.

The fact remains that without content marketing; your online business will flop and may never see the light at the tunnel. This is because, by marketing your blog content the right way, you are simply sending people to your website or blog, and that surely will result to the needed traffic that’s usually regarded as a life blood of every must succeed online business, which in turn could generate you the desired conversion and sales. 

So, to avoid online business failure especially with little or no capital and blog traffic site, you have to constantly let people know you are online and what your business is all about, by constantly sending them to your website or blog  . Every marketer knows that the more traffic a website receives, the higher the likelihood that sales will also increase. You can’t sell your products if the population isn’t made aware of your brand, and what products and services you have to offer to them.

If  I am to simplify article marketing, it could be defined as advertising. That is what article or content marketing does for you. It advertises your business - but it does it a lot cheaper than traditional methods ever could. These articles act as fingers pointing the way to drive traffic your your website using your blog content. Below therefore, I’m rightly going to walk you through most effective ways on how to get more traffic with content marketing.

Getting more traffic with content marketing.


If you what to get more traffic to your website or blog with blog content marketing, the first thing you need to do is to make your articles relevant and engaging so that it can pique the readers interest, and such that those who find your article through search on the internet will actually want to read the content. If they feel they have learned some important information that will help them, they are more likely to bookmark, or click other links to your website so that they can learn even more.

Writing quality and regular content as they say "content is king" goes beyond just providing few and simply brochure of 450 words, as may even contain in your competitor's site. You have to give people the reasons to spend more time on your site reading your content by offering them the quality, regular and engaging content they can’t find anywhere or in your competitor's site.

Content no doubt increases website or blog search engine optimization and ranking but not like or as important as when readers find the said content resourceful; and as a solution to meeting up with their needs or solves a particular problem. Therefore, you shouldn’t write for search engines only, but also for your blog readers because, quality, relevant and epic content that engage, keep your readers long, and as well, make them retain and returned visitors, and turn most of them from readers to buyers.

Fresh and regular blog content keep your blog constantly updated and help you escape the problem associating with the term Writer’s block. Search engines bots and spiders also love regular blog update for crawling and indexing, which are usually get notified of your new blog update through rss feeds. You should consider updating your blog 3-5 times a week, if you truly want to break even in your site ranking and content marketing effort.


One of the easiest ways to drive blog traffic is to start accepting guest posts from guest bloggers. This will in turn help in your blog article or content marketing effort that also increases your blog readership, backlinks and more traffic that could be converted into sales.

Sometimes, bloggers are stuck with limited blog content ideas, and some may just lack the time, energy and the motivation to keep to their blogging goals, which as a result, could hinders or make them lose their blog readership. To safe you and your blog and retain your blog readership, you have to integrate guess blogging. The guest bloggers may not be willing or available to guest post on your blog; so what do you do? 

If you have some budget with no guest bloggers showing interest in guest posting on your blog, you can decide paying them a certain buck, provided the content is fresh and epic, they could start publishing right away on your blog as internal guest bloggers, while you accept raw articles in doc form from external guess blogger for immediate publication. You can choose to deploy some tools like smallseotools, plagrisma and plagiarismsotware for plagiarism check of any duplicate content.

Guest blogging is another lucrative way to generate massive blog traffic because it comes with backlink, and Google and other major search engine values that. It’s also a great tool for increasing brand aware and popularity, standing you out as an expert in your specific niche industry. 

I personally accept guest blogging from both internal guess blogger (bloggers from the same blogging platform) and external guess bloggers (bloggers from other CMS platforms) and you too should take leveraging that for building business brand exposure, readership and authority in your field of expertise if truly you want get or drive more traffic with your content marketing effort.

Don't just accept guess posts, but become a smart guess blogger who create best and epic content and look for publication that have hundreds and thousands of readers. By so doing, you intelligently send percentage of those readers back to your website through internal links and guest author's bio or signature.


Once the articles are written and edited, the next step is to submit them to article directories. Always make sure you use fresh content, because the same article with a few words switched around won’t pass some directories with stringent article approval rules.

When submitting to more than one directory, what happens for the website you are promoting is that a larger net is cast into the sea of traffic than there would be if you did not promote this way. Different article directories will have different rules concerning backlinks. Some do not allow links in the middle of an article and only want them in your signature while other directories allow you to place links where you like.

Submitting articles to directories should be an ongoing process. The more well-received articles you submit, the more your reputation as an expert will grow and the higher you’ll rank in search engines.

When you write the articles (or have them written) you want to use a specific strategy. For example, if you’re writing about how to make money selling eBooks, you can write articles on the popularity of eBooks, why people buy them and the steps they can take to write their own.

You want to be careful that you give them enough information to make the reader interested and want to click on the link to head over to your site. If you write the articles in an informative way that gives value, then you will drive traffic to your site - but if you write it as a hard-hitting sales letter, you’ll end up pushing people away.


Every little or no capital and must succeed website or blog on the web need proper search engine optimization to survive in the high competitive domain. This is because search engines is simply a practice of how your website is able to pop up on the top pages of Google, Bing and other search engines when made a exactly  or related keyword search that relate to your keyword, products and services. 

Order than content regarded as king when it comes to satisfying users, acute search engine practice is inevitable one for a must succeed digital and content promoter because, that’s how most targeted audience and prospective customers will find you while are asleep.

As a blogger or content marketer, you can published as much as 10000 blog posts, without proper search engine optimization irrespective of social media networking, the chances remain that you may not get the desired traffic, sales, results and successes with less effort. Proper blog SEO brings leverage that social media platforms do not, both in medium and long term results because, that’s how real targeted audience and prospective customers will get you and your products and services even while you’re sleeping.

You should endeavor to optimize your blog meta tags for better search ranking. This includes optimizing your blog post title header tagsdescription meta tags, showing post title before blog title and keyword meta tags. Order than this, you have to align your blog with Complete On-Page SEO, which include optimizing your entire blog post structure and images for better search engine and rankings. This is not just for ranking, but for how your organic visitors should find without your going looking for them.


Provided you have a domain actively driving content, then you are good to go with social media networking for marketing blog content that drives traffic. All you do need thereafter is a respective social media accounts. By being active user, nice, relevant and interesting, you earn the trust of other content marketers in your niche just the same way you earn the trust of your readers. 

While it may seem easy for some to create bunch of content for the audience and to increase traffic, it could at the same time becomes a difficult to get the piece of what you expected from your content. Since content isn’t a final solution for traffic, it is therefore necessary for driving quality and targeted traffic to your content. The simple and one easiest way is to integrate social media platforms through their social share buttons that enable blog visitors to share the content with friends on respective social media platforms.

When you create a new blog posts and share them on social media, it is certain that it will gain quite number of clicks and re shares. By so doing, you also receive a increasing portion of page-view and new visitors. However, there is no limit to how many times you can share your content. The rule is that it should be strategies, as excessive share may also be regarded as spamming.

Social media traffic can never be overemphasis. From statistic, social media platform is often among the first three traffic source when monitoring our blog traffic stat. What does this mean to you? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are usually top social media platforms to generate quality blog traffic. On the order hand, social media bookmarking platforms like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Delicious are also a great social media traffic source.


To me, the most special thing about Email Marketing is to get people your website. This is to get them best of free gifts, experience and therefore, convert them to buying clients. However, email marketing remains one of the best and reliable ways to getting website traffic and as well marketing your blog content. This works wonder when you have a huge mailing list of active and responsive subscribers.

In order to be a success with traffic generation and marketing your blog content effectively using email marketing, you have to start with quality "contact form" that people would love to opt-in. When I mean quality 'contact form', I mean a compelling one. This is partly achieved with creating quality content that people love and eager to share. By so doing, they already trust you as expert in your field and would love to subscribe for more irrespective of which free gift is in there for them. 

For those stumbling your landing page for the first time, your contact form and the attached enticed eBook must be related to your niche marketing. You cannot blog on “how to make money online” while your contact form description and free gift attached is about “how to make a girl fall in love”.

By getting more and more subscribers, you have no option than sending them newsletter from time to time, of which when they check their emails; they could clicks on the links and redirected to your new content, promotion, products or services.

If you blog on Google Blogger and as well using Feedburner to deliver you content, chances are that subscribers will not be able to receive newsletters or affiliate products and other promotions like those paid mailing list like Getresponse, Mailchimp and the rest, order than a new blog posts notification. However, every new blog post made, when include subscribe y email gadget, the subscriber receives the new blog post notification with link to click to site, and that’s a potential traffic waiting to be drawn to your blog.


Vlogging is simply refers to video blogging; which you can share your thought or align with your blog content to get the most of your content marketing and drive quality blog traffic.

Video marketing is also a great source for driving quality web traffic and even build conversion throughout the sale cycle. Video marketing is increasing trend up to 70% of all consumer internet traffic. However, more and more bloggers, digital and content marketers are now adding creating videos, aligning them into their blog content generating strategies.

Youtube is fast growing content marketing platform for creating videos. And, it doesn't require all that professional writing skills like blogging. If you can create quality videos that's in synonym with your content topic, chances are that you will get huge visit with minimal search engine optimization effort and earn money from videos and also referred viewers to your site.

By including a concise call to action (CTA) in at the end of every video uploaded to Youtube, visitors who found your video resourceful will like to visit your website to learn more form your.

Finally, with the above 7 mention strategies, it is certain that you will get more blog traffic with your content marketing effort the right way with ease.

Kindly share if found resourceful.

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