iCharity club: Earn Unlimited Income With $20 One Time Investment

iCharity is an American christian organization that was created to help the poor and average people improve their lives financially, and iCharity has truly come to stay because, it is strong, viable, dependable and in all, iCharity pays, helps, liberates, and set people on journey to financial freedom, and you can join iCharity irrespective of any country, provided you have your internet connection and PC or smart phone.

iCharity club is a member to member online donating platform, a network of people willing to make additional or secured stream of income and further improve in their carriers. It is a “crowd funding” online business, a world wide peer to peer systemic platform with no admin, and no one manage the fund, but everyone participate by donating directly to members.

As a mutual community where members help members, if you’re the type that love giving help or wish to receive help, then this great system is for you most especially because, its it the most cheapest, simplest, easiest and well paying crowd funding business formation plan ever introduced, and when compared to other related online businesses like community sharing or even MLM.

Currently, iCharity club integrated USD, MYR, SGD, IND, IDR and BTC (Bitcoin) as main currency. You don't need a personal website to register with iCharity since you will be given your own replica iCharity site after upgrade (donating to your sponsor). This replica iCharity site when you logged in to your dashboard, containing all features including your referrers links, down-line tool, marketing tools, ads, etc, such that can help you to attain fastest earning success.

iCharity is one of the legit online business system I personally recommended, and a huge financial opportunity you should take hold of especially for those searching for how to make money online, and specifically for Nigerians in this recession. Why? because iCharity is trusted, credible, and potentially able to help you attain a finical independent. 

As member donate money to member, this simply works that the money goes directly from new member’s upgrade to the designated existing member’s account and not into the system. No transaction or donation fee. No third party or the admin. The iCharity system works greate and with a spill over effect, enabling all participating members earn by receiving donation.

iCharity club – How it Works – Investment $ Compensation Plan

Joining iCharity club connect you with  different people while you make profit automatically for life, starting with one time $20 donation (investment). Follow carefully the below compensation and investment plan to clearly understand how iCharity club works, and how you are systematically positioned to earn continuous income.

1. You register and donate a sum of $20 (#6,000) by paying to your sponsor who referred you to the system. His or her payment details will be clearly displayed in the upgrade page. After your payment is confirmed by your sponsor, you automatically get successfully upgraded to Grade 1 member of the system. The system will in-turn match 5 members to you, and they will have to upgrade to grade1 too by paying $20 (#6000) each to you. You start earning and getting paid from grade 1, which is $100 (#30,000).

2. After you’ve completely received donation from 5 members, the system will match you up with next up-liner, where you are to donate the sum of $40 (#12,000), and when your donation payment is confirmed by your next up-liner, 25 members will be placed under you. That means you earn $1,000 (#300,000) from total of 25 people who donate $40 each to you, and when donation is complete, you move to grade 3.

3. In Grade 3, you have to donate the sum of $80 (#24,000) to your next matched up-liner to successfully upgrade to grade 3. Thereafter, you will receive $10,000 (#3,000,000) from 125 people matched to donate to you, and when donation is completed, you move to Grade 4.

4. In Grade 4, you donate $120 (#42,000) to upgrade to stage 4 by paying it to your next up-line. Thereafter, you receive $120 (#22,500,000) from 625 members matched under you. When donation is complete, you have to upgrade to next grade.

5. In Grade 5, you are match to donate $200 (#60, 000) to your up-line to as upgrade payment to grade 5. When your payment is confirmed, you are matched with 3,125 members who in-turn donate a sum of $625,000 (#187,500,000) to you.

6. In Grade 6, you donate by paying $300 (#90,000) to your up-line to upgrade to stage 6. You then receive $300 each from 15,625 members and that earns you $4,687,5000 (#1,406,250,000).

7. In grade 7, you have to donate by upgrading the sum of $400 (#120,000) by paying to your next up-liner. You then receive the sum of $400 each from 78,125 members and that earns you $31,250,000(#9,375,000,000).

8. In Grade 8, you have to donate by upgrading the sum of $800 (#240,000) by paying to your next up-liner. You then receive the sum $800 each from 390,635 members and that earns you $312,500,000 (#93,750,000,000).

9. In Grade 9, you have to donate by upgrading the sum of $1,170 (#351,000) by paying to your next up-liner. You then receive the sum $1,170 each from 1,953,125 members and that earns you $2,285,156,250 (#685,546,9000,000).

10. In grade 10 is a trillion level. You have to donate by upgrading the sum of $1,670 by paying to your next up-liner. You the receive the sum $1,670 each from 9,765,625 members and that earns you $16,308,593,750.

iCharity club – How to Register

Please, kindly register under me to join our fast growing team and potentially earn in spill over. And then, follow these few step by steps procedures to register with iCharity by sacrificing $20 (#6,000) one time investment into this paying system and be positioned to earning unbelievable huge incomes.

1. Click on this link to get started by registering with iCharity club If you’re not ready to register now, you can copy and save the ref link to do so later.

2. Click on ‘members area’ on to see the Signup or Registration tab.

3. Click on register and fill the information there correctly.

4. You will receive a default password sent to your email, use it to login to your iCharity club reciplia site.

5. Now you’ve logged into your iCharity club dashboard, click on ‘Edit profile’ to change your password to a memorable one.

6. Edit your iCharity business profile and include your Bank payment details.

7. Go to your Upgrade page to track your up-line/sponsor bank details and make the first and starting one time donation payment to your up-line/sponsor. His or her Bank account details will be displayed on the upgrade pages including phone number). You can even call your sponsor after making the donation payment so he or she can fasten confirming your payment.

8. After payment, the system requires you clearly photo snap or scan the bank donation payment slip and get it uploaded in the upgrade page. The major think is your sponsor confirming your donation maybe after seeing an alert, or you must had called or email him or her.

9. After your donation is confirmed, you have automatically becomes an upgraded member and your referrers link automatically active. All you need now is to start marketing your link for out-most exposure and earning potentials.

Note: There are 3 ways by which your first 5 members matrix in grade 1 can be filled up, and that is:

1. Referral – Through the people you personally referred to the system.

2. By spill over – From your sponsor provide his or her own 5 man matrix has been filed up, each members registering from his or her link will be automatically placed under you or any of his or her down-line, and shall be done on first come first serve.

3. Through Randomizer – from any members whose matrix is already filled up.

More importantly, the iCharity system works great and pay hugely because, at grade 1, you can receive donation from your down-line grade 1. At grade 2, you can receive donation from your down-line level1 and level 2 and so on. This mean that the higher you go in grade level, the more levels you can earn. 

Registration is free and you cannot registered without sponsor or referrer, though, you can visit the site registration page, but must certainly include your sponsor, which you should use “okongeorge” as your sponsor or referrer.

In conclusion, this is how iCharity club system works and why it was created, to provide enable concept by which both the rich are the poor could get paid or earn unlimited income. So, I think this is a brilliant idea and opportunity which is really amazing and new in Nigeria, available especially to those that want to make more money online to supplement their single source of income.

Please, kindly share and let me know what's your take on this by commenting or reaching me using my Contact page.

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  1. Hello! Everyone.

    Haven't you people heard of ICHARITY where you register with only #6,000 and you will be paid #30,000 next day (in less than 24hours) or after your registration.

    You dont need to be worried of people to be merged under you because the ADMIN of the SITE will take care of that and automatically the SITE will merged five persons under you to pay you #6,000 each to tally your money to #30,000 immediately after you have registered and been confirmed by your UPLINER.

    This is the fastest way to make money now and recover from the money MMM has gone with because MMM has gone and it has gone forever and dont you ever have it mind that MMM will come back, but ICHARITY is standard, fast and reliable and payment is made into your ACCOUNT instantly after your registration and confirmation by your UPLINER.


    If you are interested and for more info, kindly call the SITE ADMIN for direction on how to register and get paid instantly, or you can as well add him up on Whatsapp with this number:+2349031886632


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