How to turn 0.005BTC into unlimited BTC

In this post ‘how to turn 0.005BTC ($4) into unlimited BTC, I’m rightly leading you through a complete system for accumulating residual income, considering the market value of Bitcoin you’re about earning in this system, you have no reason than joining my Bitsplan team.

Bitsplan is a member to member matrix and biggest paying earning system that create an online residual income for members; a non profit decentralized donation platform to achieve a financial dream life. It is a great business system that brings people with like mind together for a common purpose of helping each other succeed.

It is very possible that you earn over 80BTC (Bitcoins) from your 0.005BTC approximately $3.88 or 3 thousand Naira worth of investment into this system in no distant time. But remember, this is not a free business system or click here get rich scheme; it is a 4x4 level business matrix formation for serious minded people who want to make more money online, that's easy to build and keep a team alive.

Bitsplan work similar but better to those Community Sharing Programs like iCharity and the rest of them who is basically for providing help to also getting help. If giving or helping is your nature, then this business is for. But wait, ever considered a situation where your charitable work turns out paying off? This is exactly how the system works, that kind of giving someone a lift with motorcycle and the next day, you are lifting with a jeep.

Bitsplan Investment $ Earning Plan

Bitsplan business plan
 is a mode of business success tied down to 3 members referrals system; meaning that every member is required to bring just 3 participants after upgrade (if you have more than required 3 members, the system will automatically place these new members under your team of those with no referrals).


3 x 0.005btc= 0.015btc
Donate 0.008btc (to upgrade to level 2)
Profit= 0.007btc


9 x 0.008btc = 0.072btc
Donate 0.05btc (to upgrade to level 3)
Profit= 0.022btc


27 x 0.05btc = 1.35btc
Donate 1.0btc (to upgrade to level 4)
Profit= 0.35btc


81 x 1.0btc = 81.0btc

How Bitsplan Works

The way Bitsplan works is details bellow as a step by step requirements to success of earning up to 80BTC (Bitcoins) in less than 75 days. Since Bitsplan is a member to member pay to earn platform, you need to the following if you must succeed:

1. Firstly, ensure you create your 'Bitcoin wallet address'. There are many platforms you can create an account for  your Bitcoin Wallet address such Blockchain, Coinbase etc. I personally use Blockchain.

It is relatively easy to create Bitcoin wallet, and for those who already have their Bitcoin wallet with fund, you are good to go; but for the sake of those who may be new to Bitcoin, here are the brief procedures for creating Bitcoin wallet.

  • Your email address is a must.
  • Go to or Playstore to download BLOCKCHAIN App.
  • Click on 'wallet.'
  • Click create new 'wallet.'
  • Follow the instruction and you will be sent a confirmation email
  • Login to you mail box to confirm your Bitcoin wallet registration
  • Thereafter successful login to Blockchain, you will see “send” and “receive.
  • Click on “receive” for you to see a long alphanumeric character (like this: 1ZYaE6tkQsBGBj8QT8ZmM9sKPPfFtCFPst). That's your Bitcoin wallet.

2.  Fund your Bitcoin wallet with at-least 0.006BTC to cover transaction mining fee; that's approximately $4. There are also many sites you can buy Bitcoin to fund your BTC wallet, such as Coinmama, and in Nigeria Nairaex. I personally sell Bitcoin and I can link you to my partners on social media who can fund your Bitcoin wallet.

3. As soon as you have the required 0.006BTC in your BTC wallet, all you have to do is to sign up with Bitsplan member to member matrix earning system. The system demands that you must have 0.006BTC for instant upgrade after registration because, you will automatically be removed from the system after 5 hours of registration without upgrade.  

I have genealogy of down-lines who can be placed under you due to the spill over nature of this great system, so you should join our team asap.

4. When you register with Bitsplan, you have to login. When logged in to Bitsplan, the first thing you need to do is to enter your 'Bitcoin wallet address' and click 'Add'.

5. As soon as you add your BTC wallet address to the system, you have to go upgrade by clicking 'Upgrade'. The upgrade button can also be found in the same page where add your bitcoin wallet, order than your dashboard. The upgrade page will display your sponsor wallet address where you are to send 0.005BTC. Be mindful of your sponsor BTC wallet you want to send fund to. 

NOTE: In the same upgrade page is an empty box for transaction 'harsh id'.

6. Now, go and login to where your create your Bitcoin wallet. When you logged in, click on 'send'. Now, enter your sponsored bitcoin wallet and the amount (0.005) and then click send. If sent successfully, you should see the deduction of 0.005BTC in from your Bitcoin wallet. You should have upto 0.006BTC in your wallet to include transaction mining fee.

7. You need to copy the transaction 'harsh id' of the Bitcoin payment you've made to your sponsor into the Bitsplan payment upgrade page, so as to confirm your upgrade. Note: it should be the latest Bitcoin transaction you've made so far. To track the transaction harsh id, visit Your are not expected to login. On the domain is a "search box". Just copy your Bitcoin wallet into the search box and click search.

Once you enter your Bitcoin wallet in the circled 'search box' and clicked on 'search', you will be taken to the next page with the latest transaction and it 'harsh id', where you are to copy the long chain-code immediately below the ''Transaction (Oldest first)''. See screenshot below.

8. Now, copy and paste the transaction 'harsh id' in the box provided in the Bitsplan upgrade page and click upgrade.  See the image below.

Keep pasting the harsh id code until it successful. It sometime may take up to 5 minutes. Thereafter, the system will immediately provide your referrals link and instant 2000 ads credit to advertise your website or affiliate products free on the site. 

After upgrade What Next?

After upgrading, you have instant access to your Bitsplan fully customized dashboard with all your referrer's link, banners, ads credit etc. Your affiliate link or referrer's link is what you will use for referring the 3 or more participants who will also pay the sum of 0.005BTC each to you by upgrading to stage 1. That's how the system works, and you need to follow the Bitsplan Investment Plan analysis above.  

Your 3 members need to do same (bringing their referred 3 members each) to duplicate the system. Note: This system has a spill over effect such that, if you're a lazy type who hate talking to people or sharing and promoting your referrer's link for more people to join the system through you, it's certain that you still earn, provided your sponsor is active by bring more people who will be used to fill up the down-lines empty gaps with no referrers. So, you can relax and earn from the Bitsplan spill over. There's no limit to how much you can earn.

If you're signing up on the site, you should see me (Okon George) as your referrer on to left of the site when registering your account. You care about my direct referrers link? Register here

Make sure you have 0.006btc for upgrade (pay to your sponsor) before you sign up with Bitsplan because, you will automatically be removed from the system in 5hrs after you've registered without upgrading (paying to your sponsor).

When you sent the 0.005btc to your sponsor, copy the transaction 'hash id' which the most important thing into a box in the Bistplan upgrade page and then click 'upgrade. That's it, and you are set for earning over 82 Bitcoin in few weeks. Therefore, haven't taken time to compile this simple to follow business which I'm rightly earning huge, I'm personally inviting you to join My Active Bitsplan Team and earn more from our team effort.

If you would like me to setup your Bitcoin wallet and get it funded for you, or have any other related issues relating to this business, kindly drop your comments or contact me through my contact page.

Finally and very important, if you already sent the 0.005BTC to your sponsor and within the line the 5 hour grace interval got expired, no shaking as you will be notified of the account expiration; and you should simply re-registered with same sponsor link and then include the transaction harsh id. As soon as you've done that and clicked upgrade, you will be successfully upgraded.


  1. Thank you for your interest to share this information. It is very possible that you earn over 80BTC (Bitcoins) from your 0.005BTC approximately $3.88 or 3 thousand Naira worth of investment into this system in no distant time.

    1. Thanks also for confirming the possibilities of earning over 80BTC (Bitcoins)within 75 days... Crypototrade is a business for the future. If one can also sacrifice his or her 0.005BTC or $3.88 or N3,000 into this member to member biggest paying earning system, I can reassured of a whooping turn around of your investment....

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