Creating TBC (The Billion Coin) Wallet

In the same segmented niche category I discussed What is TBC – The Billion Coin, why TBC the real digital coin, and why TBC came to end poverty. So, if you’re still new to the term TBC or know little about it, I suggest you head straight to reading and learning all you need to know about TBC – THE BILLION COIN; and as the first abundance based cryptocurrency, why you need it and why it’s the way forward.

Now, I assumed you must have read through and now have the full knowledge of what TBC is about, why it was created, and how it can change your financial life for good. So, haven done that, let head straight to creating TBC (The Billion Coin) wallet. 

Your TBC wallet is your gateway to becoming a TBCian, and an avenue for keying into the abundance based cryptocurrency, the open source payment network that is fully decentralized by becoming TBC user, seller, or the TBC stakeholder.

The fact is, without a personal active and secured TBC wallet with some TBCoins, you are as good as non TBCian, or as good as those who are yet to grab the full knowledge of TBC and how it works. This is because, your TBC wallet is what you need in buying TBCoins and what you need for selling out some of the coins. 

Inside your TBC wallet account is where your TBC are stored. Your password is your secret key to accessing your TBC wallet and perhaps, your personal key to your personal digital bank.

How To Create TBC (The Billion Coin) wallet

Please, kindly read carefully the process of creating your TBC (The Billion Coin) wallet and make sure you don’t skip any step or make any mistake regarding your TBC wallet url and the TBC wallet. Reason? Many have lost their TBC wallet account and some, even their precious TBCoins. 

I personally lost 6 TBCoins in my early stage due to inexperience, and I don’t want you to become the next victim. This process (creating TBC wallet) is quite simple but may look so technical to a first timers, and you should take one step at the time to avoid making any silly and costly mistakes. Below are the step by step processes for creating TBC wallet:

1. The first step to creating your TBC wallet is to join the TBC, which is by visiting the TBC platform - to open an account by clicking on the registration tab that say “Register”. See image bellow.

The registration tab should open a registration page where you need to enter all your your details.

When you enter your personal details on registration page, it likely you may need to confirm your registration in the email sent to you, but the most important thing is to log into platform. The login tab is just close to the registration tab, and you need to login to into the main TBC account or dashboard.

Once you've logged into TBC platform, you should see on top of the site "wallet guide". See image bellow.

The "wallet guide" url is so, if already you've opened an account at, you can head straight to opening your TBC wallet, following the wallet guide link above.

When you follow the wallet guide link, you should see a link in step1 to creating your TBC wallet. I feel like giving you the server link, but the url keep changing depending maybe the previous ones have been filled up, and thus, make more sense if you follow through the wallet guide link, which is to get through any available link provided by on the TBC platform. The reason because, formerly, the TBC wallet server was 001, 002, and now 003. I personally met and created my TBC wallet through 003 server.

The both TBC wallet server appears as:

Therefore, when you log into platform and clicked on the "wallet guide" as indicated in the screenshot above, you will be taken to any of the just listed TBC wallet server above. My advice is, use anyone indicated on the platform and not any of the one I personally listed above whom you may love to create your wallet from. So, the wallet guide link should take you to exact page with image just like the one bellow, where you're to begin creating your TBC wallet with password.

2. So, for example you stumble on through the wallet guide page, therefore, will take you to the next page where you are to tick the white box that says "create wallet with password". 

3. After you've ticked the white empty box (create wallet with password), then, rub or hover your mouse around and within the doted area for the TBC logo and wallet address to gradually and fully displayed. See image below.

4. Immediately the TBC logo displays all and your TBC wallet, an empty box will immediate open requesting for you to enter a password. Note: this is a new password to protect your TBC wallet and TBCoin. This is not the password you used when registering an account with, but you can used the same password anyway.. So, enter a password you'll never forget and click on "create wallet".

5. Another password box will open for a confirmation password. You need to enter the same password as confirmation password and the click on confirm.

6. After you've entered the confirmation password request, you'll see a kind of pop up notification displaying that you should bookmark the page or possibly copy and save the page url somewhere. That is your most important page, being your TBC wallet url for tracking your TBC wallet.

Note: The required bookmarked, copied and saved TBC wallet url is only what you'll need to open your TBC wallet account for checking your TBCoins balance, sending and selling your TBC any day any time, and therefore, the most important aspect while creating your TBC wallet.

If you loose your TBC wallet url, you will loose all of your coins forever. And, remember that your TBC wallet url and password are case sensitive, and if you misspell it or replace capital letter (A) for small letter (a) for example, it will not be able to display your password request page so you could enter your password and open the TBC wallet.

7. Now, it's time to track your main TBC wallet, which is boldly displayed inside your TBC wallet account after you've visited the bookmarked or saved TBC wallet url and entered your password to open the TBC wallet. See the circled image in the screenshot below.

Remember: your TBC wallet url is different from your TBC wallet. You track your TBC wallet url in step 6 after you've entered the second password and confirmed as at when creating the wallet. And note that you are required to saved and bookmark the very step 6 page, which is your gateway to accessing your TBC wallet. 

You also note that your main TBC wallet is the one outlined in step7 above, which is displayed on the platform after you've visited your TBC wallet url and entered your password to open the TBC wallet.

Most importantly, it appears that TBC wallet as boldly displayed on the platform includes an hyperlink when you hover your mouse on it or point an right click, you should disregard the hyperlink link, but just highlight and then copy and bold written TBC wallet as circled in step 7 image above in a save plan. Refer to step 7 screenshot above to clearly figure out your TBC wallet.

Finally, carefully read through the process of creating TBC (The Billion Coin) wallet because, any mistake may cause you your TBC wallet and possibly the TBCoin, which may result in creating new wallet. Although, this process look quite technical to the first timer, but its relative and pretty easy to go by. Remember to save and 'test your TBC wallet url' to make sure it 'open the password box' where you can enter your secret password to open your wallet. There's also 2017 new web wallet for TBC.

TBCoins is soaring to becoming one billion euro per coin as the price keep rising at 4 to 5 percent daily that never came down a single day. So, you need to guide your wallet and coins perfectly like they already worth that price today, because for sure, TBC is changing lives and creating more millionaires, and could make you an overnight billionaire.

That's that for today. You have any question or need my help? kindly use the comment box or contact me through My Contact Page. Please, kindly share on social media.

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