How to Earn free Bitcoin viewing Btcclicks Ads

Who wouldn't want to earn free Bitcoins (BTC) for just clicking on ads and getting paid in bitcoin doing so, when we all knows how valuable is Bitcoin now more than dollar? 1BTC is now over $1,200 and you could start earning free bitcoin just be viewing ads and almost free, directly into your Bitcoin wallet with Btcclicks.

Btcclicks is an advertising platform and Pay-To-Click (PTC) network where advertisers receive quality and targeted traffic, that also pay it users or members for viewing ads. You can choose to advertise your products and services with Btcclicks as one of the best advertising platform because, it reduced the prices for both removing banner ads and demographic filtering which now cost 10% and 50% respectively. 

Btcclicks advertising and ads click paying platform help you earn free bitcoins every second just for clicking on advert and other related BTC ads, viewing advert site for minimum of 20 second, you earn up to 0.00579 mBTC per click and up to 0.00446 mBTC per affiliate/referral click.

Get paid in Bitcoin for viewing ads. Join Btcclicks  now and start accruing real bitcoins by viewing ads and advertising your products and services. Double your earnings in second when you upgrade with 6.48000 mBTC/3 months and earn x2 your earnings. Click on 'surf ads' to earn free bitcoin without upgrade and receive payment in less than 24hrs.

Btcclicks as I've rightly said, cover advertising services and pay-to-click services and thus, entails the following below:

For Advertisers:
  • Target REAL bitcoin users.
  • Choose a duration between 10 to 200 seconds.
  • CPC starts from 0.00151 mBTC.
  • No sign-up required!
  • Your audience will view your ad for the whole duration; time spent on another tab/window does not count!

For Pay-To-Click (PTC) members:
  • Earn up to 0.00579 mBTC per click.
  • Minimum payout is 0.10000 mBTC.
  • Earn up to 0.00446 mBTC per affiliate/referral click
  • Affiliate/referral program with a 40% to 80% commission!
  • Premium membership costs 6.48000 mBTC/3 months and earn x2 your earnings.

Btcclicks advertising and PTC web-portal is cool and effective site for getting Bitcoins with little effort, and more offer like affiliate referral commission. You can sum up your PTC earning with affiliate referral commission to cash-out hugely, bitcoins into your BTC wallet.

Tip for success with Btcclicks

Here are head start tips as guidelines to ensure you attain success with Btcclicks.

1. Visit Btcclicks here.

2. You must have your bitcoin wallet ready, though, not mandatory you should fund in the BTC wallet. So, to get started, enter your bitcoin wallet whom you'll use to accept payment. See the screenshot below.

3. When you enter your bitcoin wallet and hit 'go', you will be required to confirm your registration by clicking on a link in the email sent into your inbox bi Btcclicks.

4. After confirming your registration is to login to your Btcclick account home page.

5. When you logged in to your dashboard, it should look exactly like the one in screenshot below with all your affiliate tracking tools. All you have to do is to click on 'surf ads' to begin earning free bitcoins.

6. When you click on 'surf ads', it will open an advertisement page containing list of ads you are required to click. The rule of thumb is to stay on each ads viewed for 20 minutes minimum.

7. While viewing a particular ads, you'll see a counter counter from 20 to 0 on the same ad page. All you have to do is to wait until the counter hit zero. See image below.

8. When the counter hit zero, the next thing will be spam verification. So, you have to tick the spam box - meaning - I'm not a robot. And, stay on the page and make sure your internet connection is on.

 9. As soon as you passed the spam verification, you are instantly credited with a certain amount you mBTC. It could be 0.00068mBTC, 0.00053mBTC etc. It has no fix amount of mBTC you can earn.

Finally, Bitcoin is almost the most hottest products on earn today, and everybody yield to owning bitcoin. Because bitcoin prices keep increasing now more valuable than dollar, there is this speculation that bitcoin will soon hit $2000 for 1BTC. The earlier you start accumulating Bitcoin the earlier to your financial breakthrough. So, I guess you won't be like those who wait expecting manner to fall from heaven? You can start earning real bitcoin to your bitcoin wallet using the great advert and PTC network in your favor.

Ensure you enter your bitcoin wallet to sign up immediately. Have any problem along the line? Use the comment box. And, please, kindly share on social media using the social button found on site. Thanks


  1. Pls I can't withdraw my earning on btcclicks i need help

    1. Yes.. it is possible to withdraw your BTCCLICKS ads earnings. All you have to do is to login to your Btcclicks account.Within the dashboard, you should see "Withdraw Balance". Provided you've earned up to the minimum withdrawal 0.100mBTC, the 'withdrawal balance' tab when clicked on should take you to a withdrawing page where you are to enter your Bitcoin wallet address and the password. Remember, the password here is the one you used to signed up with Btcclicks, and not your real BTC password. Thereafter, there will be a pop up for you to confirm you want to send that amount of btc to the designated BTC wallet address. Just click "OK" to send your earned Bitcoin to your bitcoin wallet. Note, it might takes few minutes for the bitcoin to reflect in your btc account. Hope this helps. Good-luck.

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