How to Add Popular Posts Widget in Blogger

Popular posts widget in Blogger when added to your blogger blog, performs function quite different from related post widget, latest post widget, random post widget etc; and, while other Blogger widgets may performs their respective function, popular post widget as it rightly sound, displays most popular blog posts (most read blog topics) in Blogger blog, based on number of most popular posts allowed in the most read blog content hierarchy.

Popular posts widget is a great choice to fill your blog sidebar and thus, gives you a nicely and good looking blog. Because popular post widget when integrated, fill some part of your blog empty sidebar, this brings about increase in click through rate CTR and users time on site because, it enables new and return visitors an insight of the most popular and the most read of your blog content, which could also be of highly important in helping them achieve some goals.

Blogger Popular posts widget when integrated into your Blogger blog, work perfectly because, it fit your blog sidebar due to it vertical nature in displayed, and its a great blogging tool for building user experience through provision for alternative content for users and blog navigation since visitors can now move from one page to the others, potentially for reducing bounce back rate and increasing page-views, time on site, ctr, traffic and improved ranking. 

With Blogger popular posts widgets, you can choose to displays the most popular posts of the entire blog posts, or popular posts of a specific year or month, all right in the popular posts gadget found in the lists of Blogger gadgets when clicked on “Add a Gadget” as appeared in all section of your blogger blog layout Template Element. It’s can also be set to displays a specific desired number of popular or most read of your blog posts. 

Perhaps, displaying popular widget works best on Blogger sidebar due to it default nature of displaying most read content vertically in a descending order. Below therefore, I shall walk you through a simple step by step procedure for adding popular posts widgets into your blogger blog.

1. Login to your blogger dashboard.

2. Click on ‘Layout’.

3. In the Layout Template Element, click on ‘Add a Gadget’ appearing on each section of the Template layout.

4. The ‘add a gadget’ link will open a pop up window containing lists of Blogger gadgets, scroll within to locate ‘popular posts’ gadget. When found, click on it.

5. The popular posts gadget will open another pop up configuration window, with options where you can choose the number of popular posts you want to be displayed on your blog sidebar. You can also use the year or month of the most read posts.

6. Thereafter, down the same window, click on ‘save’ to save changes.

7. Finally, you have to come to your blog dashboard, on the same ‘Layout’, and the click “Save Change” on top of the page to ensure you successfully add popular posts widget to your blog sidebar, using the layout template element.

Hence, when you visit or refresh your blog pages or post, you should certainly see the most popular posts widget displaying the most read of your blog posts, depending on number of post set.

In conclusion, popular posts widget for blogger is a great and important content advertising tool that brings about navigation, user experience, increasing page-views, time on site, traffic and increasing Alexa ranking especially, when set to display on both web and mobile view. Kindly let me know if you were able to successfully integrate Blogger popular post widget for displaying the most read blog content to your new and old blog visitors.

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