How to stop TBCoin wallet from displaying $0.00 balance

You can only stop your TBCoin  (THE BILLION COIN) Wallet Account from showing $0.00 if truly you made a successful transaction, or have some number of TBCoins in your TBC wallet.

So, if you’re not a TBCians and would like to joined the Abundance based cyrptocurrency, or knows little about TBC (THE BILLION COIN) but wish to learn more, I suggest you head straight to reading my previous in-lined blog articles on ‘Label’- Cryptocurrency; among which includes what is Bitcoin, what is TBC (The Billion Coin), How to create TBC (The billion Coin) Wallet.

However, In today’s post I’m rightly walking you through how to stop TBCoin wallet from displaying EUR $0.00 balance when you’ve made a successful transaction or had some TBCoin in your Wallet..
Sometimes, it’s can be threatening and heartbreaking like you’ve lose all your hard earned money invested into BTC (The Billion Coin), when visited your TBC Wallet Url including password, but only to see $0.00 (kringle) balance in your TBC Wallet Account (whereas, you just made a successful TBC transactions that needs confirmation for either subsequent cash payment, or you are quite sure you have some amount of TBCoins in your Wallet.

If as a TBCian and you’ve never experienced this problem (TBCoins disappearing and showing $0.00 kringle), which is called TBC TECHNICAL WALLET ISSUE, it means you are new to TBC or joined TBC as at when the ‘technical wallet issue’ must have been lifted up because, the TBC Leader – Mr. Jon Tetreault severally reported to be in a close contact with TBC Admins, on solving this TBC technical wallet issue; and we hope that soon, it will be completely solved.

TBCians who had severally experienced this problem knows that it’s just a temporal issue that need no panicking; so you too are expected to relax, provided you’ve funded your TBC Wallet, believing that your TBC goes nowhere, you login to see EUR $0.00 kringle as your TBCoin Account Balance, with an assurance that it just a ‘poor network’ or ‘TBC Technical Wallet Issue.’

Possible Causes of TBC Wallet Issues

The following points outlined bellow are the observed possible causses of your TBC (THE BILLION COIN) Wallet displaying EUR $0.00 balance :

  • TBC – THE BILLION COIN was introduced barely 9 month ago, and already recorded 59,667 verified members world wide as at the entry of this post. Due to increasing members joining TBC daily, definitely, an average TBCians are exited about their TBCoins balance, and would literally love to check their balance frequently. This increase in individual Wallet Account Check by the TBCians is faulted as one possibly causes.
  • Increasing number of TBCoins transaction daily within TBCians and Stakeholders can possibly affect the TBC Wallet Server.
  • TBC Wallet Server Incompatibility.
  • Poor Network service in your area.

Alternative Solution to Solving TBC Wallet Technical Issue.

  • Your TBC displays your TBCoin balance or the latest transaction from the Blockchain Ledger, which can be viewed from the Blockchain Explorer as With the just provided link, you can simply enter your TBC Wallet address and all relevant transaction pertaining to the wallet will be displayed.
  • If you log into your TBC wallet Account to see a zero (EUR $0.00) balance, in your your TBC Wallet Url, change the ‘https’ to ‘http’, and 0.02 or 0.003 to 0.001 when visiting the wallet url for password request. However, this depends on which TBC Wallet Server you are using. The most important thing is to make the change interwovenly. But note, you only make this change when TBCoin not showing on demand, your main TBC wallet url should remain intact at last.

According to TBC Leader - Jon Tetreault who is reported to have been in several close contact with TBC Admins, information reached us that TBC Admins are effectively working to get every thing fixed and possibly migrate to upper server for TBC Wallet. As soon as they’re done, TBC TECHNICAL WALLET ISSUE will be a forgotten issue, by smoothly and continuously displaying every TBCian current existing TBCoins balance, and the list of your previous and latest TBCoins transaction.

Finally, I’ll like you to know that your TBC Wallet Url is the gateway for accessing your TBC Wallet Address, while your TBC Wallet Account is the heart of TBCoins.

Both TBC Wallet Url, Password and TBC Wallet can be known as TBC Wallet Account Details (TBCWAD). But remember, among your TBC Wallet Acount Details (TBCWAD), your TBC Wallet Url and Password are regarded more important than your TBC Wallet Address. WHY? because, you can lose your TBC Wallet Address and track it back through TBC Wallet Url and Password, but cannot recover your TBC Wallet Url if it was not saved in a safe place or bookmarked on your browser; and likewise Password which is your secret KEY to your TBCoin.

All you TBC Wallet Account Details (TBCWAD) are case sensitive, and you show guide them with care.

Please, kindly share this post and let me know if the aboved outline methods helped you stop TBC Wallet from displaying EUR $0.00 of your TBCoins balance, being the TBC Technical Wallet Issue.


  1. I receive 1.00BTC to wallet today but in the course of trying login an option was giving that i should try restore wallet and a successful restoration i didnt see my fund again, any help pls


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