Understanding What is Website Cloning

This is a guest post by Abijah Johnnie Bamanja. He is a Webmaster based on Wapka/SMF (Simple Machines Forum). He start blogging in 2014 and you can reach him  AfricanpointSite.

Website cloning refers to getting inspired from a successful website idea and ‘ copying ‘ that concept to create a new website ‘clone’ that not only has majority of the same features that the reference site had, but adds new unique features of its own. Website clone scripts of popular websites allow aspirant entrepreneurs to create and start their website venture without the need to develop it from scratch. 

Understanding What Is a Source Coded Website 

A Source coded website is also similar to a clone website but technical know-how and coding skills it required. They Use of Source Coding Software or Website is required in Other To Source Code A Website.

When Cloning A Website, they out coming is almost an exact replica of the original website. 

Examples is a Nigeria based forum among the top 10 best forum in the world has many cloned works; Some listed are as follows:



A person who clones can change the font (family, color, size), and some other sections of the cloned script like the contacts, links, images, texts positioning but the original concept/idea is still there so far as it is a cloned work.

Source coding is hard then cloning because you don't have to clone it yourself you can download the already clone script and edit it. When source coding, you need to be careful not to delete, misplaced or replaced an alphabet, number or symbol. 

Source coded work are hardly recognize, not like clone work but with the help of an expert clone work too cannot be easily recognize. You May Be Wondering Why People Clone or Source Code Other Peoples Work. Well, here are some few reasons people clone or source code.

1     1. Many Website owners have little or no skill when it comes to web designing so they have to download or clone scripts themselves, and then edit it to their taste for use. They may not necessarily be the one to edit it - like I said, ‘little or No skill on web designing’, so they hire people that specialize in that to do the job for them.

2     2. There are some projects that can be urgent with no time to start a website from scratch; coding is time consuming so one need to take short cut in such situation. 

3. It is in human natural to copy, as some people are naturally born Copy-cats. They Clone or source code other people’s work and edit just because they want theirs to be like yours.

4. It is not a bad idea but there needs to be uniqueness in it, stand out let other copy you not you copying others. 

5. Laziness contributes to cloning and source coding. The idea of building a website from scratch scares lot of website owners, so they prefers cloning and source coding to creating and building a website from scratch.

In conclusion, it is not a bad idea to go outsourcing. We practically learned from the work others, but it is bad to clone someone else work verbatim. 

What's your take on this? Let hear from you, and, kindly share.

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My name is Abijah Johnnie Bamanja. I am a Webmaster Based On Wapka/SMF (Simple Machines Forum). I Start Blogging In 2014 and you can reach me on my website -

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  1. Thank you for understanding what is web cloning. Cloning is the concept to create a new website clone that not only has majority of the same features that the reference site had, but adds new unique features of its own.


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