How to Send, Receive and Confirm TBCoins Transaction

TBC (The Billion Coin) as the first abundance based cryptocurrency is actually driving me financially crazy. This is a personal testimony and a confirmation to the word of Branson Richard that cryptocurrency has come to eliminate poverty in a sense that, ever since I delved into TBC (The Billion Coin) philosophy and orientation as payment network and open source users currency by becoming a TBCian, I have personally earned huge and unexpected income in a very short while; and that is why I would like to encourage everyone out there who knows little or nothing about TBC (The Billion Coin) to go learn about TBCoins and possibly give it a trial by investing into this life change opportunity.

While I earlier discussed what is TBC (The Billion Coin), how to create TBC (The Billionn Coin) wallet, and how to stop TBC wallet from displaying $0.00 balance, In today's article however, I’m rightly going to walk you through how to send, receive and confirm TBC transaction. 

Although, sending, receiving and confirming TBC (The Billionn Coin) transaction is relatively easy and simple, but however, there is a need to get it written as a directive and guidelines to those newly joining the first abundance based cryptocurrency, and because it appears easy and simple does not mean everyone would be able to successfully get it through.

Send, Receive, and Confirm TBCoins Transaction 

To send, receive and confirm your TBCoins transaction is simple, easy and fun just like I said earlier. Below, each steps are listed as follow:

Sending TBC (The Billion Coin)

To send TBC means you’ve gotten some TBCoins in your TBC Wallet Account. You cannot send TBCoins from empty wallet account with Euro $0.00 kringle. Also, the number of TBCoins you can possibly send to a buyer must correspond with the number of TBCoins you have in your TBC Wallet Account. 

To send TBCoin to another TBCian, he or she must provide you his or her TBC Wallet Address whom you are to send the coins, provided the wallet address is correct, all you need is to log into your TBC Wallet Account which is by visiting your TBC Wallet Url (as indicated in step 6 of creating TBCoin wallet) and including your password to open your TBC Wallet Account, where your TBCoin wallet address is boldly displayed and the total number of available TBCoins in your account. Inside your TBC account look exactly like the image below.

So, all you need to send the TBCoins is to click on the ‘red tab’ that says ‘Send’ for two empty box to open. One empty box for TBC wallet address and the next for number of TBCoins you are to send to the receiver.

Thereafter, click on send to start sending the TBCoins. Immediately, a pop up sending confirmation will show so your can confirm the sending. When you click 'confirm' to start sending the TBCoin, if successful you will immediately see a pop up notification that says ‘TBCoins sent, refresh the page’’. The amount sent will also be deducted from your previous TBCoins balance.

Receiving TBC (The Billion Coin)

There are two seemingly methods of receiving TBCoins and only one method is what I’ve been using, while the others method is yet to be fully tested. 

The first method of receiving TBCoins is simply by providing the TBCoins seller/sender your TBC wallet address, whom he or she will use to send you the coins just like its applicable in sending TBCoins in the first step above. 

There is no harm in giving out your TBC wallet address but rather, it might do you more good by people sending you free TBCoins. The only dangerous mistake is by giving out your TBC Wallet Url and password, which are suppose to be your secret digital bank details and only requirement for accessing your TBCoins account. Your TBC wallet url and password should not be disclosed to anyone for whatsoever reasons. Only your wallet address should be given out for sending you TBCoins. 

The second method of receiving TBCoins is to click on the ‘green tab’ that says ‘Receive’. When you click on the ‘receive tab’, one empty box will also open, whom you are to input number of TBCoin request payment. This method is not fully tested by me, though it might be fully working for others.

Confirming TBC Transaction

I’m quite aware of TBC Technical Wallet Issue with $0.00 balance whereas you have TBCoins in your wallet. In our previous article how to stop TBC wallet from displaying $0.00 balance, we said that the first step to getting that problem solve is by visiting Blockchain Ledger which displays your TBCoin latest transaction and can be viewed from Blockchain Explorer Therefore, with the url above, you can simply enter your TBC wallet address to view all your latest and previous TBC transaction.
Secondly, when you send TBCoin to another TBC wallet (the buyer), provide the transaction was made successfully (sent), you should see below your TBC wallet account the history of your latest and previous transaction (transaction harsh id). 

Simply copy the latest transaction harsh id and send to the buyer as the confirmation link for the transaction.

Thirdly, if you buy from the seller, provided the transaction was successful, you should see immediate changes in your TBCoins balance and also in the transaction history below your TBC account, the latest transaction history with the exact number of TBCoins sent.

In conclusion, if you’re new to term TBC – The Billion Coin and would like to run a profitable online business opportunity in 2017, I will firstly advice you start with TBC. Just imagine if you were told to buy into Bitcoin when Bitcoin price was below $1 per 1BTC in 2009, would you have seen it as an investment and financial opportunity? 

That’s the same opportunity before us today because, in March 2016 when TBC was introduced, it prices was below $1 per 1TBCoin, and today, TBC is over $500 almost half a Bitcoin price and TBC price and value keep rising but never came down a single day. This is because, the Ultimate goal for TBC is to worth 1 billion Euro per 1 TBCoin.

Therefore, by joining TBC (The Billion Coin), you becoming a TBCian enables you to buy, send, receive and also confirm your TBCoins transaction while making your money either in a short term, medium term or the long term.


  1. How long does it take for a transfer to show up in my account?

    1. Takes only 2mins for confirming the TBC transaction. Sometimes on the huge daily TBC new users joining the billion coin community and carrying out several transaction might somehow slowdown the server.

  2. whats the solution to the late tbc confirmation please

    1. There's an upgrade currently going on. All Tbcians were advice to stop transaction for the main time.

  3. The confirmation is pretty slow. I transacted some kringles for about 2weeks now

  4. @ Yomisam, to butress your point, i also transacted some kringles about a week and a half now but it has not reflected in my account.

  5. I can't tell what's the exact problem is, but recently, I sent 1TBC to a client and it was through in less than 5 minutes. While sending TBCoins, make sure you have like 1TBC left in your account to pay for transaction/mining fee. Secondly, make sure you don't sent more than 5 yo 10 TBC at a time.



    To All TBC Members

    Please lets note that the Backlog is the only thing Delaying our FIAT EXCHANGE. The Back up Testers will receive their email ANY MOMENT FROM NOW.

    Please kindly stop all Transactions from henceforth till the Backlog is cleared, because old transactions are being cancelled.

    Some BACKUP TESTERS will be replacing those that Failed the Questionaire any moment and only Backlog will delay the FIAT EXCHANGE Launch.


    Well, the backlog is back up to 20,000 transactions. Some will clear, and others will cancel. This backlog is like a clog, it is best if we clear the entire clog out.

    Some of the backlog transactions are connected to the old code, and most of it is based on the new code. We really need to clear out all of the transactions with the old code ASAP.

    Let me make this simple, please don’t do any TBC transactions this weekend at all.

    Offering Kringle Cash gifts is not a problem at all, since the coins are issued at the same time the wallet is created, so it’s not really like a regular transaction and doesn’t add to the backlog.

    So, give gifts as much as you wish by sharing your link to Kringle Cash. Outside of that, just don’t do any transactions at all this weekend, and we hope to clear this Clog/Backlog by Monday.

    It should be smooth once this backlog has completely cleared. We continue to add more servers to the coin network to increase capacity to complete transactions and have them confirm on both ends quickly!

  7. I bought 1 tbc since 14 August since now it shown 0.00 on my account and the seller keept saying it take time now to shown on my end here.why dis delayed


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