TBC Exchanger: Vote In TBC at C-cex exchange platform

 And finally, there is good news for all TBC Holders; TBC exchanger is at the corner. All TBCian are expected to come out and vote in TBC into C-Cex digital coins exchanging platform

Well all knows that the price of TBC (The Billion Coin) goes up and never came down a single day. This is according to TBC Ultimate Goal and formula that is set for the price of 1 TBC coin to reach 1 Billion euro. In spite this formula and the continuous rising price of the TBC coin, the problem remains that TBC (The Billion Coin) has no exchanger that can accept and exchange TBC or the Kringle, with the other crypto-currency.
It would be of a great financial breakthrough to all TBC Holders and truly abundance crypto-currency that came to end poverty as postulated by TBC custodian, if TBC only TBC coins can be exchanged for other decentralized virtual and encrypted crypto-currencies out there like Bitcoin, Altcoin, Litecoin, etc. No hope is lost, especially with the interesting facts about TBC when compared to the parent coin – Bitcoin.

Except you’re new otherwise, we all TBCians (TBC Holders) have all heard of several promises that TBC exchange platform will be launched. I could remember precisely, of TBC Amazon that was said to be launched in 60 days and all TBC Holders (TBCians) will sell and shop for goods using TBC coins. Afterward, all seems to had been a mere promises. As results, TBC Holders are beginning to get worried and tired of TBC continuous price rising update, but with no exchanger. Many are beginning to accept the Bitcointalk and other speculations that TBC is a SCAM. 
Here comes a seeming light in the tunnel, as in the mid February 2017, there comes a good news for all TBCians regarding exchanging the TBC coin with other digital coins. C-cex is a public trading platform; a popular crypto-currency exchanger that trade a lot of digital coin. And, the good news is that C-cex is voting in new coins and TBC is in the lists

This is a brilliant opportunity for TBC Holders (TBCians) to boldly come up to vote in TBC into C-cex digital coins exchanging platform. Note, there is a limited time for this voting and I can't assure you how long the voting is going to last. So, if you’re interested and would like to join the movement of making TBC all great, all you have to do is to follow the simple steps listed below to vote in TBC into C-cex digital coins exchanging platform.  
1. Go to 
2. Click on ‘Register’. If you’re already registered member, you can login to proceed.
3. Click on ‘Vote’ tab in the list of tasks as displayed on the left-side of the C-cex site screen.
TBC Exchanger vote for TBC at C-Cex

4. On the vote page is a search box. Just type in ‘TBC’ in the filter box to simply stumble on TBC from the list of other listed coins.
TBC Exchanger vote for TBC at C-Cex1

5. You can cast a free vote to make your vote count. Just click on ‘cast vote’ button and your vote will be registered.
TBC Exchanger vote for TBC at C-Cex2

6. Register your TBC vote by sending at least 0.001BTC to a designated BTC wallet address as provided and attached to TBC VOTE - (Recommended).
TBC Exchanger vote for TBC at C-Cex3

7. As more and more BTC wallet address that send 0.001BTC to the dedicated and designated BTC wallet address for TBC voters, the more and more TBC number of voting will go up in ranking, and the more the chances that TBC can win and get listed at C-cex for trading. The C-cex trading exchanger seems to approve 10 different coins as winners in each voting contest. 

 TBC Exchanger vote for TBC at C-Cex3

There are many digital coins springing forth in increasing manner, and if you can introduce any, feel free to introduce or suggest any one into the C-cex exchange platform.
TBC Exchanger vote for TBC at C-cex4

In conclusion, this is an opportunity for us TBCian and the entire TBC Stake Holders to all come out and take the bull by the horns. Therefore, inform your friends, fellow TBCians, and spread the news to everyone using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Whatsapp and any other social media network available within your reach. You never could tell who also knows about TBC and would like to cast his or her vote for TBC.

This is just an indication that greater opportunities are coming to TBCians. It would also cost you nothing, if you to spare your time and spent the 0.001BTC of your hard BTC to vote in TBC into C-cex digital coins exchanging platform. Please, kindly share this article on various social media platform available within your reach. Thanks.

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