7 proven importance of blog commenting

As a season blogger, part of your aim is to make money blogging, and as well create community of connections, backlinks, traffic and sales nurturing comments (feedback) as inevitable important practice especially for full time business website or blog on the web.

Comments, both in Blogger and other Content Marketing Services (CMS) like Wordpress or Self Hosted websites or blogs is an important blogging features for success. In fact, if you want to kill your blog, one of the highly recommended practice is to turn off your blog comment box

If you want to succeed in the blogging minefield, you must understand the importance of blog commenting, and as well mapped out strategies for increasing blog comments. The reason because, to keep your blog alive by increasing fans base, build relationship with visitors and other bloggers, increase backlinks, generate traffic and search engine rankings, there must be blog comment box allowed on your blog for others to comment, just as good as you are required to comment on others people’s websites or blogs.

It is a wish of every must succeed blogger to see a continuous inflow of new comments on his or her blog. But, unfortunately, some bloggers finds it difficult getting new blog comments in spite the fact that, they had the blog comment box fully integrated and displayed on blog in both web and mobile devices. There could be many wrong practices limiting against silent blog syndrome but that’s not a topic for today. 

Perhaps, I’m rightly aware of the percentage number of comments and differences that can vary in different niche blogs. Most niches like entertainment and school niche blogs are more likely to get less commentary compare to tech blogs and make money online blogs. Also, gaining blog commentary is a process over time, as much as commenters are by nature, people mentally dedicated to your blog. It takes time to build and develop such a commentary bond in your blog with both audience and bloggers in your niche. 


Blog commenting are important for relationship building, traffic, backlinks, content ideas, SEO, engagement etc, and are calculated as part of your post content – the more comments your blog post receive, the more improvement in overall ranking of your content.

Why Blog Comment Is important

The core idea behind why blog commenting is so important and various strategies to increase commentary is categorize as follows:

Blog commenting boost blog livelihood $ connection.

Just like if you want to kill your blog, one thing you must do is to disable blog commenting system, so is indifference that if you want to keep your blog alive, you must turn on commenting box on your blog. The fact is, blog comments increases your blog interactivity and could even help you build engagement and conversion.

Comments are important to your blog because, it create a central home base of activities right on your blog, and create even more useful tips and clues for future readers through ideas generated from the comments made by others on your blog.

Sometime, readers can disagree with the tips your share in your blog posts. This gives you chances to defend yourself and prove to them as expert in your niche industry. You can also reply to comments on posts from questions or appreciation made by readers, which can help your content in ranking and building you trust and credibility before new visitors.

Perhaps, a great blog with open dialogue of ideas is a great contributory to blogging minefield. People (targeted audience, new visitors and prospective customers) will come to trust and believe you as expert and authority in your field; which could lead to more likes, social media shares, reduced bounce rate, more comments, bookmarking and even trigger buying your products or services.

Social media signal of a lively blog resulting from interaction with visitors and other bloggers are now important search engine ranking factors. Therefore, by replying to most commentary made on your blog, people will feel like they’re getting recognized, and with time, this will build you a chain of connection and thus, turn your blog to a community of active users.

 Blog commenting gives chances for reader’s view.

Sometime, readers disagree with your content, tips and suggestion. Now, let me ask you, what value would you get from only reading my side of the argument? Apart from the influential power of interaction and livelihood of integrating commenting system in a blog, blog commenting provision also gives chances for readers to air out their views. This is inevitable blogging practice for success.

By allowing blog comments, visitors and other bloggers will love to share and contribute their thoughts, ideas and suggestion especially, if such content is 'opinion based' rather than 'factual based' and how to’s. These discussions could enforce trust and credibility, and a highly content relevancy, as regarded by search engine.

Also, a blog isn’t really a blog without comments, since blogging is not all about publishing content, but also the two-way communication and community building aspect behind it. Giving a chance to readers so they can let their voice heard is far better than self righteous and smug to simply publish content and disable the ability of people to voice their own opinion.

Severally, this works that by allowing comments on your blog and also reading comments on other people’s blog, you can find comments from the readers as actually more interesting and more informative than the post itself.

Blog commenting generate Blog content ideas.

Other people’s comments and much more useful tips on okongeorge blog even makes more sense and important for future readers. Have you ever visited some sites and forums only for you to see a lot thread and huge number of comments? That’s usually like a stimuli because, it’s usually get people eager to read because, they see it as “it must be something good”.

One of the outstanding criteria for generating blog content ideas and avoiding writer’s block is to allow your blog commentary and as well as paying attention to comments on your blog and from other people’s blogs. 

When you write quality and epic content that pique the reader’s interest and solves their problems, it is certain that from time to time, there will be comments coming in from both visitors, experts, consultants and thought leaders. 

Also, reading comments on your blog and other people’s blog can be an easiest way for a blogger to understand what else people want to know. This could be a great source of discovery another new content ideas of what next to write about.

The top places for generating blog content ideas is your related niche forum and a popular site like Quora or Buzzsumo. Just visit any of these site to search for interested keywords and you’ll see all related questions asked, and the contributions made by thought leaders, experts and author’s in that niche. 

By their answers (comments), you’ll certainly learn and discover more to write about, since no one knows absolutely everything about a particular subject.

Blog commenting Increases valuable backlinks.

You may have heard that blog commenting is horrible link building strategy and I’m here to prove speculators wrong and equally show you how to use blog commentary for building relationship and authority in your niche industry, which can ultimately leads to organic link and inbound traffic. 

The idea here is to generate more valuable links to improve PageRank, domain authority and MozRank. This you could do by targeting dofollow forums and related niche blog to comment and leaving links on their blogs.

Order than optimizing comments in blogger to act like categories and tags in Wordpress, or allowing comments as dofollow, using keywords in comments and targeting high PageRank blogs on your niche, there are also what you can do for increasing backlinks with good amount of traffic and engagement with commenter’s already. This is where a community livelihood and blogging connections are fused, outside the social media.

On how to find related niche site and forums for commenting that in-turn generate you backlinks and traffic, refers to the follow external articles:



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Once you find some great blogs and forums to comment for building backlinks and traffic, you can follow the commenters to their blogs and take some actions like subscribing, commenting, or even joining their community as well, since they are already in your industry.

One great site to find relative niche blog for links and authority is Sphinn and PostRank. Example, visit the both sites and search for niche keywords like “Cryptocurrency” or “Wealth Lose” or “SEO”. You’ll find various search preferences of top blogs that topic based on number of social shares and comments on those blogs.

Blog commenting increase blog traffic.

People commenting on your blog or you commenting on other people’s blog could be a source of huge traffic since that also important content ranking factors. 

When you comment on people’s blog that’s related to your niche, provided such comments are tips and supplementary, and mostly if you’re fun of leaving related content link (in form of signature) behind the comments. There are chances that visitors will check out your blog and even perform one or more action on your site, which could lead to link acquisition opportunity, brand exposure, traffic and ranking.
One KEY trick to be mindful of while striving to increase traffic with blog comments is to use your real identity (name or brand) which could be the fact differentiate you from scammers out there, which also could improve trust and useful tip as contributory comments you drop for targeting back audiences back to your site.
Google also value blog articles with huge comments on a specific topic/subject, because it’s presume relevance to target audience needs, improving organic search, engagement, traffic and ranking.

Blog commenting improves blog SEO.
There are widespread speculations that blog commenting hinder blog SEO and I’m here to prove it wrong. The fact is, most comments create more contents which search engine love. Comments with relevant keywords that can be searched, will lead to freshness of the site/content, leading to great site authority.
Having posts on your blog with lot of comments is an indication to search engine that your content is worth talking about and for sure, would also help SEO. Also, increasing number of comments in a particular post can increase such article ranking on Google and bind specific keyword search. The reason because, the more comments receives, the more value and relevancy is being attached to such content, which also improve search engine ranking.
Most precisely, if you have real comments and not spam on your blog, especially, commenting that add value inform of questions, tips, opinion etc, will help your site because, more people will willingly bookmark, subscribe, etc.

Blog commenting builds blog engagement.
The best way to measure engagement is by blog comments. This means that audiences are engaged in your work that they begin to interact with you directly and could lead to conversion and more sales.
The KEY here is to write fresh, high quality and epic content that pique the readers interest to take one action (comments) or the order right on your blog; The reasons because, boring content will always get you zero comments. You should work hard to make your content of high quality and unique for both search engine and readers, for boasting engagement and outranking competitors.
Also, in building engagement and conversion with increasing community tired down your blog, make your content opinion based and at the end of every blog article, always ask your readers question and request they use the comment box.
By also nurturing comments responding to readers questions and contributions can trigger more sharing, faster SERPS, engagement, conversion and sales. Comments, likes, links, shares and up-vote are all demonstrating signal for engagement.
In conclusion, with the above mentioned 7 proven importance of blog commenting for blogging success, you can rest assured of increasing valuable comments, if not constant, but from time to time.
Note: since generating huge and valuable blog commentary are important but takes process of time to develop, therefore, focusing on sending visitors to spend time on your site reading your content, navigating your website and clicking on call to actions will be much more important measurement of blogging for success than comments.
Finally, since blogging without feedback is like talking to the sea, you’ll definitely need the above listed 7 proven importance of blog commenting for blogging success, that help you creates community of connections and backlinks, generate traffic and sales by nurturing comments (feedback), which all gears toward standing you out of the crowd and staying ahead of your competitors.
That's that for today. Kindly let me know what your take on this article. And, please, remember to use the social media share buttons.


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