Email Subscription Invitation to My Feedburner Mailing List

invitation to subscribe to mailing list

Hello my great readers, new visitors, potential audience, followers, business people, supporters and friends on social media, I’m cordially inviting you to subscribe to my Feedburner Mailing Service.

Feedburner is rss (rich site syndicate) feed management tool provided by Google for users that let you stay on top of the latest from your favorite websites, blogs and podcasts.
Unlike Premium Email marketing services out there with large range newsletter services, marketing automation and small business CRM, Feedburner Subscription Services (when subscribed and confirmed subscription), will only centered on sending you notification of new blog update directly into your mailbox. 


Why You Should Sunscribe to feed


Subscribing to my feedburner email delivery service is a short and simple way for me to continually reach you and get you notified of my latest blog post, each time it’s published. 

Subscription is never mandatory but an optional, and that’s why I’m cordially inviting you to subscribe to my mailing lists by simply entering your email and then hit the ‘subscribe’ button (and confirm your subscription).
Interestingly, in-spite my tide schedule for juggling my 5-9 day job and running my business, it was an applause to realize that I accomplished my planned goal of reaching first 100 posts before is 1 year old; and that I made it in 10 months. Why telling you this? Reason because, it's a strong indication that this is just the beginning, and more can be achieved. 

My Promise

Haven’t considered the keen desire and endless passion I have for blogging, digital marking and entrepreneurship, I can firmly promise you that (Digital Wealth $ Empowerment) as more to offer in the present digital world, that could help and lead the upcoming youths, newbies, small business owners and digital marketers in solving problems and reaching goals. 

Pls, kindly refer to my privacy policy, I hate spam too.
Basically, my segmented niche market is Categorized and Label as follows:
  • How To’s
  • Blogger Tutorial
  • Wordpress Tutorial
  • Free Blog Traffic
  • SEO
  • Internet Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Make Money Online
  • Crptocurrency
  • MLM
  • Blogger Template
  • Blogger Widget
  • Webmaster Tool
  • Feedburner
  • Sale’s Tip
  • Job 

How to Subscribe to Feed


To get your email in the lists of my blog rss feed subscription and stay on top of my upcoming and regular update, you must ensure the follow:
1.  Have an active email (email you can login, access inbox and spam folder etc). If you have an active email, you can subscribe right away by clicking HERE. You can also subscribe and confirming your subscription by using the Feedburner Subscription Box bellow.
2. Enter your email in the subscription box bellow and then hit the subscribe button.
Email Subscription Invitation to My Feedburner Mailing List
3. Check your inbox and the spam folder to make sure you find the automatic email sent by Feedburner, so you could confirm your subscription by clicking on a link inside the email. 

What Is In It For You?

Perhaps, regardless of not missing out on my digital wealth and empowerment blogging updates with a contemporary Internet Marketing theories and practical tips and power aids, I’m also very much in-line with ‘What’s In It For Me(WIIFM) of a subscriber.
By offering me your email so I can reach back to you with my upcoming new blog posts on my blog, you are rewarded (I SAY THANK YOU) with my FREE EBOOK title “Online Business Simplified”.

Email Subscription Invitation to My Feedburner Mailing List1

There is an instant downloading of Online Business Simplified on a page immediately you’ve clicked on the “confirmation subscription” email sent to you doing subscription. 
You didn’t receive the subscription confirmation email? Then, you can re-subscribe as it all boiled down to confirming your email subscription, so as to both download the ebook and receives various upcoming new blog post into your inbox.
My Big Thank You.

I would like to say a Big Thanks to you for giving me your email because, you believe in me, my business and my expertise. I really appreciate the time, trust, faith and response of honoring my invitation to subscribe to my Feedburner Mailing list. You can as well share on social media, and ask interested friends to subscribe too. 

Thanks. God bless you.

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