Feedburner not delivering new posts notification to subscribers? Do this.

I know when it comes to email marketing which centered on reaching subscribers with newsletters, tutorials and promotions, which in turn build traffic, conversion and sales, Feedburner as a free tool, save time and money unlike those hugely charged monthly email subscription and marketing services out there. 

The truth is that, Feedburner as a custom rss feed and management tool for bloggers can only send new blog update, unlike the availability of wide range integration and suites in premium email marketing services, marketing automation, and small business CRM like Getresponse, Aweber etc. 

Now, I believe you must have earlier had the Feedburner rss feed subscription box on your website or blog so as to get visitors subscribe to new blog post? The fact is, you cannot be talking about Feedburner not delivering new post notification to subscribers without firstly having the subscription box already integrated for targeted audience who might be willing to submit his or her email by subscribing..

By integrating subscription box for generating subscribers and get them notified each time there is a new blog post, it is certain that your most concern would be the click through rate/open rate of the subscribers so as to be taken to reading the entire new article or buy your products, or to complete one function or the other which all could lead to blog traffic, potential sales and rankings.

I personally had this experience of feedbburner not sending new posts feed to subscribers, though; it was not reported by any of my subscribers, but I was lucky to have been monitoring my rss feed subscription health and performances, then I was able to noticed the fault on time. 

That I did by subscribing to my feedburner mailing list, using my second email and acting as one of my subscriber. So, each time I made a new blog post, I also get the notification right in my second email inbox. I got the clue because I positioned myself in the midst of my subscribers, and was able to identify what works and what does not of my Feedburner email subscription settings.

Along the line of my person findings and settings, I came to realized one important factor regarding the use of email marketing for traffic and sales. That all boil down to the following questions:

  •        Do you have to email your subscribers the full blog post?
  •        Are you supposed to email them the half of the new entire article?
  •        Are you supposed to email them one quarter of the post?

Kindly check this out….

Therefore, haven integrated Fedburner rss feed subscription box for subscribers, and also ensure you configure the send post settings in excerpt for subscribers, the question now is… 

  •      Are your subscribers receiving the new posts notifications?
  •      Is your Feedburner delivering new posts notifications to subscribers?

Without subscribers receiving your new blog post notification update in their mailbox, the aim of you integrating subscription box (generating subscribers for traffic, conversion and sales) is bound to be a failure. 

In this post therefore, I will be walking your through a complete step by step approaches for making Feedburner successful deliver new posts notification to subscribers.

Possibly solutions for Feedburner not delivering new posts notification to subscribers.

There are difference possible ways to get the problem of Feedburner not delivering new posts to subscribers solve. Below, I shall take them one after the after.

Activate Pingshot

Pingshot is a feed delivering in-build features use by Feedburner and a perfect tool for you as a blogger, podcaster and even a large commercial publisher. There is an empirical evidence that both impatient and patient people seems to like pingshot due to the fact that, Pingshot do not just ensure fast and immediate delivery of new blog posts notification directly to subscribers mailbox, but also takes the responsibility for informing aggregate search engines, and directories whenever your content is updated.

Pingshot as Feedburner in-build feature for quick notification service that enables your feed to be published in the widest variety of places as quick as you add new content (publish new blog post), also helps you and your subscribers to have immediate access to each of your new content whenever there have been published. You therefore need to quickly activate pingshot in your Feedburner rss feed account for ensuring your subscribers do not miss out of any of your new content, which could be potential traffic and sales. 

To activate your pingshot, do the following:

  • Login to your Feedburner
  • Select the feed you want to activate the pingshot.
  • Click on “Publicize” tab.
  • In the left column, click on “Pingshot” button.
  • Click on “Activate Pinshot”. 

Employ FeedMedic:

Sometime, our blog Feedburner feed can be out of service, broken or down; and that could be one possibly factors limiting Feedburner feed delivering new post notification to your subscribers. 

Luckily, Feedburner has this in-build feature that can track any problem associated with your feed delivery health system. That feature is called “FeedMedic” and it officially alert and occasionally displays messages (feed), which itemizes your feed’s health or status update.

To get to your Feedburner FeedMedic,
  •  Login to your Feedburner
  •  Below the page is where you can locate the FeedMedic. See Image below.

So, when you click on the FeedMedic link, it should take you to a page where you can identify the problem associated with your blog Feedburner feed.

For example, if your feed is out of service, down or broken, then a new item titled: “PROBLEM: FeedMedic Alert for Yourblogname”

The content of such feeds usually contain two sub-headings, one for the list of errors and the second one for the steps needed to be undertaken in order to solve those errors. 

The second one being the step need to be taken is usually, validating your feed.

That you can do by simply clicking “Validate your Feed”.

When your feed’s health is back to normal, a similar feed item is created with the title “ALL CLEAR: FeedMedic Alert for Yourblogname”.  The whole thing is actually named as FeedBulletin where-in FeedMedic plays the all important and major part.

Validate Your Source Feed

This process helps you validate the health of your feed. So, all you have to do is to edit your feed by following the process below:

  • Login to your Feedburner
  • Click on the feed to validate.
  • Edit Feed Detatils

  • In the “original feed”, paste the following code

  • Click on “Save Feed Details”.
Note: You are to replace “” in the link feed above to your own custom domain name url, while "/feeds/posts/default?max-results=3" follows and remain intact.

In conclusion, Feedburner not diverging new posted posts notification to subscribers can sometime be a huge problem especially for bloggers who depend largely on mailing list subscribers and not search engine visitors for traffic. But, with the above listed and outlined strategies, you can firmly rest assured that your new blog posts will be henceforth, get to your subscribers mailbox.

You equally experienced this problem and now have a solid solution for getting it solve order than what I've just outline above? Please, kindly let use know through the comment box below. Thanks.


  1. Okon , thanks for sharing this. Its really insightful but my own case is totally diffentnt now . At the onset, feedbirner delivers all my published post for that day but for almost a week now I discovered that it only deliver just 10 posts out of may be 40 posts . Its really worrisiome and I don't know how to fix it. How can this be rectified please

    1. James, on the onset, I made a post update and it delivered before I noticed the stops. Same could be the similar case you're facing now. Just follow the complete processes outlined in this article first and get back to me with your report.


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