How to add links in comments in blogger blog

Blog commenting is an inevitable tool for must succeed blogging businesses on the web, and that’s why I discussed 7 proven importance of blog commenting, that as a result, trigger strategies for leveraging blog commenting such as adding links into words, while commenting specifically in blogger blog.  

I was always moping at the comment box – like ‘of what use, should I waste my time commenting on a blog post’, not until I figured out the importance of blog commenting for blogging success and was keen to leveraging strategies to get the most of my blog commentary effort such as adding links in comments specifically in Blogger. Similarly, even as a blogger, having time to reply to comments on our blog can sometime be a swift, and only few care about that.

Strategies for Leveraging Blog comments.

For the purpose of this article on adding links in comments specifically in Blogger or Blogspot, let look at few strategies available, and which you can use for your advantage.
  1. Drop quality comments

Quality comments are comments on blogs that add value to the context of the discussed article title, which can either supplement the article or provides additional aid or information to the readers.

When you provide quality and supplementary comments on blog post, readers would be eager to click on your link profile to know more about you. This could lead to more traffic, new subscribers and potential customers.
  2. Drop links in comments 

When bloggers, especially in other CMS are unable to drop links into words when commenting on blog posts, they simply change their link profile into promoted links - Lol. Inverse, inserting links in comment in Blogspot/Blogger isn’t a problem it users.

By adding links in comments provides you opportunity to share something helpful and chances to redirect visitors back to your website or blog. By so doing, you’ll get more blog visitors who are targeted, increase business brand exposure and gain more backlinks and momentum. 

Dropping links in comments are most time contextual or hyperlinks; it could be in anchor text, of which when clicks upon, takes the visitors to the targeted third party website.

While I tried leveraging blog commenting by adding links in comments in Blogger blogs, I deployed the same method to ensure I got my links added between words in comments in being a Wordpress blogs; the result was a malfunction.  The anchored text I was using – “” was actually hyperlinked, but when clicked upon, instead of taking me to the third party hyperlink site (, the result of the hyperlink text was rather

So, I was like how the heck are Wordpress users able to successfully add links into comments? For instance, according to the malfunction hyperlinked result of the link I dropped in comment on, it’s like whatever link you leave in comments on Wordpress blog, the anchor text seems to appear after the ‘/’ of the post url. Get it? Read on…

After searching the web to figure out accurate way of adding links in comments in Wordpress blog, I stumbled on what seem similar from a popular website – Wpbeginners, which emphasis on the comprehensive whole, but could not provides a simple solution to adding links in comments in Wordpress blogs. I had to post on Facebook and after some few respond, I found out that “any link add in comments in Wordpress blog is regarded as spam link”.

Bad Practice of adding links in comments in Blogger and how to add them.

Sometimes, we bloggers in attempt to generate more blog commentary, feels okay approving spam comments and even those comments openly inappropriate or related to the posts titles.

In-spite how you should optimized comments in Blogger for better SEO, approving spam comments either with links is a bad practice and Google can crack down pages with bad links. So, how do you know if a comment or link in a comment is a spam comment or link? Although, that basically depends on the blog admin, but here are few head starts tips to identifying spam comments or spam links in a comment.

     1. What’s your settings?

This depending on the platform, but specifically for Wordpress blog, would you allowed link as the comment author’s profile link, or allow extra links between words in comment and be regarded as spam links? In Blogspot or Blogger blog, there could be commenter profile link and hyperlinks text that can be dropped within words while commenting especially, when you Optimized comments in Blogspot or Blogger Blog.

     2. Is the commenter using real names or keywords?

Ever received a new comments notification, and when you check who are the commenters, you discovered a keyword or a domain name in the commenters name field? The practice of using keyword in the name field of the commenters without the use of real first and the last name always shows a sign of an SEO spammer, even when you have a good intention.

      3. Is the commenter linking to several different web urls?

If Maxwell John comment on your blog the first day linking to entertainment blog, the second day linking to Tech blog and today, linking to an e-commerce website, there’s every tendency that he might just be a SEO spammer.

      4. Is the commenter using deference email address?

Sometimes, some SEO spammers could get involved in using deferent email accounts for commenting on the same blog article for purpose base known to them. This is a simple way of identifying spam comments.

     5. Is the commenter specific to the content topic discussed?  

Ever noticed some blog commenters going off the context of article topic on your blog either through his or her comment or links in comment? For example, you wrote and published a blog post about ‘search engine optimization’ and the commenters are here commenting about football betting or entirely something different from the blog topic/title. 

This is another way of identifying spam comments on your blog because, they commenters are not for the purpose of adding value to your readers but for his or selfish interest.

Do third party commenting systems allowed links in comment?

There are few top third parties commenting systems that are mostly used by some bloggers on the web. This include Disque, Commementluv/Intensedebate,  Livefyer and Facebook, which they both support comprehensive comments management background, spam control, blacklist/integration with social media, them customization, centralized dashboard, and required login before commenting features.

Since the third parties commenting systems are ways that can help reduce spam or links in comment, this does not necessarily means that the comment spam problem is solved and over. Some spammers can choose to enjoy the login before comments because, they believe that once they comments, they will be approved simply because they have an account.

Third parties commenting system allow/gives out dofollow links but sometimes, they s can slow down your site loading speed. Another thing outside using default commenting system is the fate of what happened to your comments if for instance; the used commenting platform is changed or down.

The third thing is to decide how user’s friendly is the comment system.
I remembered using Intensedebate/Commentluv commenting system on my blog – the same blog, and I was not comfortable and then decided uninstalling it from my Blogger blog.

Adding links in comment in Blogger blog

One of the simplest ways to gain brand exposure and drive targeted traffic to your website or blog is leaving comments on other people’s blogs, and the ability to leave supplementary or related links on other people’s blog while commenting. This is a win-win situation because, the authors get nice contributory comments and you get the traffic to your site.

Now, since it is a bad practice to make comments on posts with the sole aim of leaving links between words in comments, how do you then leave quality links in comments outside the link in the comment author profile?

Remember, we said the comment must be supplementary and add values to the readers, and the links must be related to the content discussed; therefore, just leaving links in comments in Blogspot or Blogger in form of will not work. Surely, it will show but not in the hyperlinked form. You’ll need a simple bid of html anchor text code so as to be able to hyperlink the desired text word in form of contextual link or anchor text link. 

Adding links in comments in Blogger or Blogspot is pretty easy, simple and fun. For example, I want to hyperlink the word “okongeorge” and get the visitors directed to my blog So, what I need do is;

<a href="">okongeorge</a>.

This will now show ‘okongeorge’ as hyperlink or the anchor text here.

Another example is, for instance, I want to make the word “SEO Tips” a contextual link, anchor text or hyperlink within words while commenting; so what I need to do is to determine the blog where I want to direct the visitors who click on the anchor text “SEO Tip”. Now let say I’m directing visitors who clicks on “SEO Tips” to my blog labels – SEO so that it displays all the post about SEO. Now, what I need do is to locate the comment box I want to comment and add links within words. And that should look like this:

<a href="">SEO Tips</a>

This will now show ‘SEO Tips’ as hyperlink or the anchor text.

In conclusion, its not about adding links in comments in Blogspot or Blogger blog could help you get more of brand exposure, backlinks, targeted audience, traffic and new customers which I really advice for any one blogging on Blogspot or Blogger blog, but targeting commenting on high authority site that offers dofollow backlinks.

Still having any pending or related issues regarding adding links in comments in Blogger? Please, kindly let me know by using the comments box below.


  1. There are some blogs in which when i leave a comment with a link back to my site...the site then modifies the link by putting its url before mine e.g ...I'm still searching for the cause of the priblem..Do you have any solution for me?

    1. I'm quite sure that issue is pertaining Wordpress blog. I'd earlier discussed the same or similar malfunction link comment issue on this article. You can confirm that on this hyperlinked Brainnewsng article. Or, if you experienced this issue in Blogspot or Blogger blog, kindly profile the post url.

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