How to add featured post widget in blogger

how to add featured post widget in blogger
While monetizing your blog through sponsored posts whereby you get paid specifically displaying advertiser’s content or brand logo on your site, and when clicked upon such link takes the visitor (your site visitors) to the advertiser’s website or blog, is mostly strategy well fulfilled by using “featured post widget either in Blogger or in Wordpress.
Is featured post widget also available for bloggers with other CMS like Wordpress? The answer is “yes of course”. It is generally called “plugin” in Worpress anyway. So, if you blog on Wordpress, you can easily get this powerful blogging tool installed or integrated on your blog, so as to get the most from your blog content advertising, marketing and monetizing strategies. You can “Download featured post widget for WP”.
Featured post widget both in blogger or other CMS can work great because, it’s also can be use for displaying or featuring your previous post/content you deep must read; and that shows live on your blog either in a web or mobile view or both, depending on settings. 
Order than monetizing blog through sponsored post using featured post widget, or using featured post widget to display your previous desired must read article, you can deliberately do more with “featured post widget” specifically in blogger. For example, a popular blogger in Nigeria – Jide Ogunsaya of cleaves to using featured post widget in blogger for showcasing “blog of a month” program on his blog, so you too can cleaves to doing more with featured post widget.

Perhaps, featured post widget in all CMS works the same; in that, it is fully customizable widget that can only feature a single post, either your personal published content or, a guest author’s post; provided such content had been published on your blog. 

Characteristic of Featured post Widget


1. While featured post widget is known as “widget” in Blogger, it is however known as “plugin” in Wordpress. 
2. Featured post widget work the same in both CMS, though, there are differences in settings. 
3. Featured post widget in both CMS can only display a single post at a time. 
4. Featured post widget in both CMS is a great advertising, marketing and blog monetizing tool. 
5. Featured post widget on your blog can only feature a post or content published on your blog either by you or the guest author.

6. With featured post widget you can choose to display the post with thumbnail or not,

7. With featured post widget you can choose whether or not, the post tittle is above or beneath the thumbnail.

8. With featured post widget or plugin do not accept external content (content from other blogs) or content in form of link of any kind. 

Integrating Featured post widget/content


Featured post widget in both CMS is already build-in feature in Blogger, Wordpress or other CMS that needs only installation or activation. In Wordpress, you simply need to “Download the feature post plugin” from the list of other plugins within Wordpress, while in Blogger, you need to upload it from the list of Google Blogger Gadgets. It is already build-in, pre-existing and customizable blogging feature for blogging success. 
However, in this post, I’m only interested in working you through quick step by step processes for getting featured post widget integrated in Blogger

Setting up featured post widget in Blogger


Featured post widget in Blogger is relatively simple and easy to setup. Just follow the simple step by step guidelines outline below:
1. Login to your Blogger dashboard
2. Choose the blog you want to update. 
3. Click on “Layout”. 
4. Within your blog dashboard layout page, on any column section of your blog column you want the featured post be displayed, click on “Add Gadget”. Refer to the image below. 
How to Add Featured Posts Widget in Blagger1
5. On the new window that open with the list of Blogger Gadgets, click on “Featured post”.
How to Add Featured Posts Widget in Blagger2
6. In the new window that open with some number of blog posts and blog labels, from the labels, you choose the post you want to highlight as featured post. You can also set the Gadget tittle – “Featured post” for featured post, and “sponsored post” for sponsored post. You can also set the Post Snippet by ticking any of the settings like - ‘Show post title’, ‘Show text snippet’, and ‘Show image’. And, you can also use ‘the most recent published post’ or use ‘select featured post’ feature to display the post of your choice. Lastly, there is a ‘label tab’ for you to navigate all your published content for a chosen post, and a search box for you to search any particular post, all within the Configure Feature Post. 
how to add Featured post widget in blogger3

7. In the same configuration panel, scroll down and click on “Save”.
how to add featured post widget in blogger4

8. Now, the featured post must have been added to your blog dashboard layout. All you need is to come back to the “Layout” and click “Save settings” as appeared on top of the layout page.
how to add featured post widget in blogger5

Note: you can within the blog dashboard layout, drag the just added featured post widget to either left or right of your blog sidebar or footer area depending on your choice. 
In conclusion, featured post widget in blogger can be a great deal for highlighting special content and that of sponsored post. To get the most of featured post widget specifically in Blogger, place the widget on top of your blog sidebar (where visitors can easily see it) to gain more visibility and clicks. 

That’s that for today, I hope it helps... And, what’s your take on this? Please, kindly let me know using the comment box below.


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