How To Add Email Signature In Gmail

How To Add Email Signature In Gmail

In a traditional form of transacting business or corresponding with others, there’s always a room for signature, and that’s indifference when it comes to online, which is usually get done within email account and in a forum post. So, in this article, I'm walking you through how to add email signature in gmail so as to automatically get it append to every email sent or post made within forums.

Adding email signature is never mandatory but optional, and since internet has no paper head or signature space, integrating a customized email signature is therefore necessary and thus, provides an opportunity for business people to build trust and credibility, brand themselves, get visual, and market their businesses effectively.
There are various email services providers such as Outlook, Yahoo, Mac, etc, and it pretty easy to add auto email signature that is append in every email sent, but I’m basically concern about adding email signature in gmail (Google mail), since it is a great content advertising and marketing strategy just as applicable in forum posts.

Email signature is more or less like a digital business card that portrays and convey your business image professionally, communicate your business to world at large, project your brand and catalyzed your advertising and marketing arsenal. it is therefore important for online business master minders to cleave on making the most of their signature either in every email sent, or in forum article post.

What is Email Signature?


For better understanding of email signature, let firstly look at the real meaning of the word “signature”. 
According to Wikipedia, 
“Signature is a handwritten (and often stylized) deception of someone’s name, nickname, or even a simple ‘X’ or other mark that a person writes on documents as proof of identity and intent”.
What does Wikipedia signature’s definition mean to you? It means that: 
“Signature could be anything such as name, symbol or mark that accompanied written document as evidence of the provenance such document (identity) and intention (will) of an individual with regard to that document”.
The concept of signature and email signature is indifference in real fact and application. So therefore, I can simply put it that: 

Email signature is a stylized and personalized handwriting, mark or symbol, representing the email sender’s identity or intent”.
In more broadly, we can say that:
“email signature is the last impression leaving behind every email sent, which can be stylized handwritten of an author or sender identity or intent, usually accompanied with names, company and contact detail.”
Email signature could be a brief portfolio that tells people little about you, your company, phone number and contact, and can easily let you promote and market your business in every email you send.
Now, adding auto email signature to your gmail account is a great way for building brand exposure and growing traffic. In-spite branding and generating traffic, it can also be a great way for gaining new leads, back-links, and even generating new sales particularly, when integrated related signature in a related forum posts. 
It makes more sense to craft a strong email signature that is attention grabbing, not just flashy or bland. For internet marketers, Warrior forum is a recommended web portal to get the most of your signature.

The do’s and don’ts of email signature.

While email signature can be help build your brand, gain target audience, generate more leads, increase traffic and potentially get you more customers. There are certain ways to get the most of your email signature; and inversely, there are certain practice that can tarnish or decline the potential productivity of your email signature. Below we shall discussed the do's and don't of email signature.
The do’s of email signature
Since email signature has now gone advanced such that it can be used in forums, and can be customized beyond doubt, here are practical tips to help you get the most of your email signature. Below are the following.

1. Keep it brief and simple
Sometimes, content marketers and webmasters on the quest to get better clicks on their email or forum signature, over-think and thereby, over-stacked their signature with texts, links and all that. It is better for attention grabbing to make your email signature brief and simple such that it is limited to three to four lines like:
Your name.
Title (optional), Company (linked web).
Phone number (contact).
How To Add Email Signature In Gmail1


 2. Make it a little advanced:

In the same vain, some webmasters and content advertisers prefers going beyond limiting signature to few lines by making it a little bid advance like adding social media profiles that show their professional brand and expertise.

Exception of traffic and backlink generated from email or forum signature, social media profile links added to email or forum signature can be the best channel to connect with target audience and potential customers due to ability to build your trust and credibility, customer’s acquisition and easy point of contact, which all leads to increasing your business momentum.

In advanced email or forum signature where social media profile can be added, it is better to limit your signature to four to five lines such as listed below:

Your name.
Title (optional), Company (linked web).
Phone number (contact).
Social media profiles (social share button).
How To Add Email Signature In Gmail2


3. Share promoted content in your signature:

Some gurus, experts, authors, advertisers and webmasters rather prefers to further advance their email or forum signature with promoted content, or stellar content that showcases their expertise.

Do you have any problem solving products you would like the whole world knows about? What about a killer content that covert visitor to customer? If you have any and would like to get the most of them, then promote them in your email or forum signature.

This is one way to generate more sales as call to action or e-store can be leveraged by using promoted content in email or forum signature. To get the most of such more advanced email or forum signature, it is better to limit signature to five to six lines such as:

Your name.
Title (optional), Company (linked web).
Phone number (contact).
Social media profiles (social share button).
Promoted contextual hyperlinked anchor text.
How To Add Email Signature In Gmail3

 The don’ts of email signature
To get most of your email or forum signature, below are practical power tips of what you shouldn’t do while crafting your email or forum signature. 

1. Don’t include email address in email signature: 
It is a bad practice to include your email in your email signature. Some scammers are there trading people’s email, and this could simply leads to increasing your spam mail.

Secondly, Christine Georghiou – the author of 9 professional email signatures says that: 
adding email address in your email signature is like placing two return address sticker on envelop. Or, at the party, reintroducing yourself after the host has already done that”.

It could be a s waste of space since you need to make your email signature both in forum, brief and concise that covers your name, company contact, social media profiles and even promoted content.

2. Don’t overstuffed your email signature: 
Do you remember the paradox of choice – “the more the less” written by Barry Schwartz? The concept is indifference when it comes to your email signature.

Remember, in the rule no.1 our do’s of email signature, I said you should limit your email signature to 3 to 4 lines for attention grabbing. Over-stuffing of text, links, social media profiles, promoted content and more likes can sometime be an over skilled. The fact is, the more text and links in your email signature, the less likely that it will grab reader’s attention and clicks.

Adding signature to every gmail you send


The following step by step procedure will help you successfully craft out your auto email signature for every email you send out within gmail account.
1. Login to your gmail account inbox. 
2. On the top right of the page, click on "Setting".

3. When clicked on the 'settings' tab for a drop-down menu to appear. Within the drop-down list is settings, click on th‘settings’.
4. The settings tab in the drop-down menu should take you to a complete settings page.

5. Craft your signature the way you want it. Remember to use html function to customize your email signature the way you want it.
6. Scroll down and click on 'save' settings.

Note, I've personally tested the mobile version of adding email signature in gmail such as to get the signature append to every email you sent to the recipient, target audience and your business partners while directly or indirectly advertising and marking your business, brand, products and services. There was nothing like setting button/tab in the gmail (Google mail) mobile version, though, it might be there on device like smart phone. 

To be at the safer side of setting up your email signature specifically for Google mail, I advice you use a desktop computer or your Laptop. Not just for full accessibility, but for talking advantage of the html functions editor to customize your email signature the way you want it.
In conclusion, adding a brief, clear and concise email signature (usually appeared at the bottom of the context of the email sent) can be an opportunity for showcasing your brand and expertise, which can in turn build you trust and credibility, backlink, target audience, leads, traffic, and potential sales. 
It is an opportunity for prospective customers or email recipient to contact you in effort to inquire more about your products and services. Tips – considering putting your real face (image) in most of your advanced email or forum signature so as to get you the most of your email signature (grabbing more attention and CTR), helping you stand out from the crowd..
That comes to the end of today's article on how to add email signature to your gmail account, that automatically get white-listed or appended (at the bottom) in every emails you sent within your gmail account.

Was there any crucial point I forgot to mentioned in adding email signature in gmail account? I’ll like you outline them below in my comment box.

Still having any pending and unsolved issues with adding auto signature to your gmail? Pls, kindly let me know through the comment box below.

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