In the global world we are today, it is possible to make money online selling fishes; especially that we are provided with different bodies of water which housed different varieties of fishes which are good sources of protein to our body system.
Apart from daily consumption of fishes in our meal, some fishes are used in the production of medicine like the GNLD OMEGA 3 which is used to prevent low sight.

But before we proceed, let us look at the varieties of fishes which are present in our immediate environment. The most popular ones which are mostly available are the Tilapia Fish, Cat Fish and Sermon Fish, also Lung Fish but the one which has long life span is the Cat fish.

Do you know that Fishes can be traded online? Before you can start selling the fishes online, you’ll need to provide them the Aquarium where they can be housed so that anytime people are demanding for them they can be easily provided for offline sales.

A suitable environment is necessary for healthy housing of the Fishes so that they can easily move about from one corner to another within the Aquarium. The necessary requirements for rearing Fishes are good Water bodies, different varieties of Fishes, Fish feed and small house where they can be kept made of blocks.

Good drugs can be administered on the Fishes so that they will continue to live healthy. In as much as good drug is administered on them they will be able to increase in number.

When the house where Fishes live is provided and you start selling, you can supply different homes and places where the number of those who will consume it will be very high so that you can make large sale.

When the Fish aquarium is dirty always make sure you wash it neatly. Developing of a good website where the pictures of those different categories of Fishes can be viewed online is mandatory so that you will have large number of customers patronizing your product both online and offline.

It is hereby necessary to provide an online presence so that you can reach large number of customers whom due to your description of those Fishes and the picture of the Fishes which you put online will be willingly surrendered to procure the Fish from your website so that it can be supplied easily.

You can not only trade on fresh water fishes but you can also trade on salt water fishes such as sandine, titus and mackerel. Fishes that cannot be consumed for the day can be kept in the refrigerator so as to prevent them from been spoilt.

This business requires large capital but it can be started small. With one hundred thousand Naira you can start this business without much stress.

The more you are creating the awareness about your product the more people are getting to know you and your product more. With the power of the internet you will be able to reach large number of targeted audience.

Another most crucial thing is the availability of the product at all times. You should never by any chance be scarce of your product. Many people have ventured into several businesses and failed because they don't carry it with passion that is why they were not successful but this Fish selling business is proved beyond doubting thomases that if you get yourself involved in it you will never experience failure.

Come to think of how you are going to win many people's heart by providing them with live fishes? If your business expands further you can employ more staffs to make the business easy for you so that as you are answering your
customers your Staff members will also be able to answer to other's demand too.
Keeping to people's demand is always a way forward, and that’s by always making sure that you give the right satisfaction to your customers. You’ll have to make sure that you check the health status of the fishes always so as to keep them healthy.

If you want the business to grow fast you have to prevent yourself from selling credits. People near and far can be supplied if you have a vehicle that is mobile so that you pack plenty of fishes inside when people actually demanded for it.

You can make your website in such a way that people can be able to place their orders online if they demanded for bulk so that you will get it delivered to them on time. Payments that can be accepted online for example, Paypal, MasterCard, VisaCard and other payments method so that those who demanded bulk will be able to pay you instantly to your bank account and you will get the product delivered to them as soon as you can.

This business requires patience so as to watch your income grow overtime. The more people are patronizing you the more you should provide more aquariums so that your business will keep on expanding and it is going to be a surprise to many people's eyes on how your fortune has suddenly grown. Others will also be looking for a way to join your business because of the business that has changed overtime.

The first strategy to keep you moving in this business is your endurance which paves out way for your continuity. Watch your business grow by knowing your start-up capital which you used in starting the business and how much you have realized from the business after making your first sale.

As your business keeps expanding, you can decide to have many branches in different states or part of the country. In other to make fast money  put a link  or a banner in Google and other sites so that whenever people are visiting Google or other sites they will be linked to your site and you will also be getting your commission through Google adsense and other affiliate sites which you are registered with.

For you to realize the improvement of the business of selling fishes online and making money way home, you have to give it little time so that you can monitor the business as it grows so that you will be able to realize how much you have gained from the business so as to know if the business is favorable or not.

Always make sure you give your business the right satisfaction so that it will keep scaling high with your passion about it like a blogger Warren Buffet says that "passion is what keeps you going when the going get tough" so does your willingness to continue in this business keep taking you to the end of success which you deserve in this business.

After creating a website for this Fish selling business online, you should keep updating your websites with different fishes and their prices so that anyone somebody wants to buy will be easily ordered for.

Another thing in this business is the time which you have to devote because anything desiring success must be accompanied with time worth spending for. Like Elhamad says that “time is worth to have proudly, pleasing a love partner without pleasing time may lead to the cease of the relationship."

Some people may try to discourage you coming with a lot of excuses but you are the one that knows where you are going with the business. Dream achiever says" steps into it and never goes back. Keep pulling yourself up in this business and never look back for all it cost you, you will eventually succeed.

Give yourself the assurance that you will succeed making money selling your fishes online no matter the obstacle you meet in this business. Say to yourself that you will keep seeing possibility as you move to the zenith level in this business.

No business indeed is easy but with the killer instinct and the right mindset, you give yourself the assurance that after all hustling and bussling in this business of selling selling fishes making money online, success will be your name.

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