Change Default Linkedin Profile Url to Custom

By default, LinkedIn and other social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube etc, usually produces a long tail, ugly and hard to remember profile url structure whenever a new member is signed up; and there’s need to change the default LinkedIn profile url structure to a customized web (address) url of the promoted brand or keyword.

As an online business owner, the power of social media platforms for business promotions and attaining success can never be underestimated; and one such great social media platform for marketing businesses, generating targeted audience and prospective customers is LinkedIn – a professional social media networking site with over 600 million members in many niches you can share your information, products and services to your connection.

By ensuring your social media (marketing arsenal) profiles attain full potentials of consciously and subconsciously instilling brand awareness needs optimizing and customizing branded domain name or keyword links profile urls to an easy to recognize and remember web urls. Therefore, in this post specifically, I’ll walk you through how to change your default Linkedin profile url to custom (name or keyword of your choice).

To customize your social media profile (address) urls irrespective of Linkedin, you need to set your custom profile urls the way you want, and most importantly, use your branded business name or keyword in the profile url, since it usually, a public profile urls and what users or customers would be acclimatized and be searching for.

By customizing your LinkedIn social media profile urls from the default state which is optional, you help project your business name, make it easy for people to fine you either by name or keyword, and also portray a standard of professionalism.

One thing with social media profile urls you must know is that, in each social media platform, custom public profiles are available in ‘first come, first served’ basic because, 2 members cannot be sharing the same custom public profile url at the same time. So, you need to take chances of your social media link profile urls on time before someone else does. This concept applies to choosing domain name while relying on domain name in free CMS.

LinkedIn social media profile link url as the case study, provides you an option (profile setting tab) and also encourages people to enhance their personal brand by creating a customized profile url as a public profile, though, they do not details its importance or make it obvious when creating new account. 

So, as an online business master minder who would like to get the most of your social media link profile (like adding  your custom social media urls into email signature, ebusiness cards and marketing materials) such as promoting  brand and gaining exposure through profile links urls, you need to need to customized your Linkedin profile url from the default among others platforms as well.

For example, the Linkedin default profile url normally looks similar to this –, which is not optimized and difficult to remember compared to a fully customized Linkedin profile url structure like

Customizing your linkedin (social media) profile url to your branded name or keyword can help you better appeared on the search engine result when searched for such branded name or keyword. Just like search engines loves optimized and customized social media links profiles urls, so can readers fine your branded name or keyword and sticks around you and your content when simply fully customized.

Since your LinkedIn personal name might be different from your business name or keyword, it worth using personal name as your customized profile url when creating personal account, and using your branded business name or keyword as a customized Linkedin profile (address) url for your LinkedIn business page.

Setup Your Linkedin Profile Url to Custom

Since it makes more business senses to change your default, ugly and hard to remember LinkedIn profile url to a customized structure with your branded name or keyword, the following processes should be of guides:

1.   Login to your LinkedIn account. Basically, you need to add information like name, photo etc.

2.   On your ‘profile account’ check by the right side of the page (sidebar) to 'edit your Linkedin public profile'. See image below.

3. The Edit Linkedin public profile tab will take you to a next page where you would need to edit the default Linkedin profile to a custom one of your choice. See image below.

        4.  In the circled area on the screenshot above, I'd already customized my LinkedIn profile url. In your own case, you should see a url that is yet customized which includes string with long tail number. Click on the pencil icon to open a pop up field where you are to change your public profile Url. 


       5.  Now, enter you branded name or keyword in the pop up field to change (customize) your default LinkedIn address (url) and click on 'Save'.
If the chosen username, branded name or keyword has already been taken by someone else, you can fine something close or similar for your LinkedIn profile (address) url. This customized LinkedIn profile url is often public, and you can leverage it among others anywhere on the internet in places like ‘author profile widget’, ‘email signature, ‘forum signature’, ‘business card’ and other social media site.

Finally, your customized Linkedin profile (address)url unlike the default state, should be made simple, easy to recognize, memorable, contain 3-20 letters, and should not include space, symbols or special characters.

As at the end of this post on changing default LinkedIn profile url to custom, should you have any unclear issue, kindly let me know using the comment box below.


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