Importance of links in blog comments

Links and comments are important blogging tools for blogging success of which without, you may be blogging without reliable improvement; and in this article, I’ll be discussing importance of links in blog comments targeting users blogging specifically on Blogspot or Blogger blog.

A wise and smart bloggers or digital marketers knows the importance of blog commenting, and that’s why they choose to allowed blog commenting and ensure quick response (reply) each time there's new comments made on their blogs; they also comment on other niche related blogs and that breed a perfect chances for them to leverage links in comments by adding quality links that helps readers further on the subject title discussed. This concept of links in comments works specifically in blogger blog, as one strategy to get the most of your blogging businesses.

If as a blogger, you’re yet to see reasonable improvement on your blogging for success, provided you blog with blogger blog, you can choose to leverage links in comments for building backlinks, traffic, brand exposure and as well as acquiring new customers. Therefore, haven’t known the importance of blog comment, how to add links in comments and what is in there for you, I’m rightly exposing to you, the importance of links in blog comment, or what links in blog comments can do for you. Ride on....

Links in comment preview.

Before outlining what links you add in blog commenting can do for you and strategies to get the most of your comments links, I’ll like to give you a preview of links.

Links are open source, anchor texts (hyperlinks) added in a certain webpage directing visitors (whoever clicks on it) to the next page. Links can direct clicks from a webpage A to the next webpage A, or from webpage A to a different webpage B. All links depends on which webpage the link is set or point to.

There are two major types of links and these are:

  •      Internal links – Internal links are links (hyperlinks) that point clicks (visitors) to the next page of the same website domain name.

  •              External links – External links are links domain (website) that point (direct clicks) to a different domain webpage.

Links can be high-quality, low-quality or spammy. Google nowadays, based on the 2012 penguin update, can penalize website that pursue spam links or low-quality link building techniques. So, while adding links in comments, you should do it with caution and make sure you target sites with high PageRank, implementing links in comments.

Strategies to leverage links in comments

Because blog commenting is important by given readers chances to express their views regarding subject topic discussed, enables you to build backlinks , gain targeted audience, build brand and improve search engines, adding links in blog comments specifically for blogspot or blogger blogs can make the whole difference that stand you out of the crowd, if done well.

Bellow, I shall mention some of the strategies to manipulate your links structure and placement while commenting on a blog posts.

1.     Comment on the same niche blog – Many a times, we bloggers and webmasters go about leveraging links in comments the wrong way. Imagine adding links that’s says “how to lose weight” on music or entertainment blog. It doesn’t just work like that because the niche is not related, and same will the audience not matched or targeted.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comment on other blogs outside your niche blog because, sometimes readers may read through some blogs and found information trilling and thus, get stimulated to drop comments. However, there’s no offense to advertise unrelated contents inform of links in off related niche blog. The points is that’s such do have very few clicks, though, the backlinks might be counted. 

2.     Drop supplementary links – Supplementary links means a link on the same or similar keywords that further elaborate the context of the article subject title.  For example, I’m commenting on a blog post title that says “how to reduce bounce rate”. After giving oppose or supplementary comments on the on the post, you can then drop your own link that says “10 solid ways to reduce rate”.  

You can see that the supplementary link is on the same topic or keywords, and in essence, giving readers option to learn more about the topic. Such related links in comments often have a higher click through rate of bring you more blog traffic.

3.     Use keyword rich contextual text – For example, I want to rank higher on a keyword “External guest blogger”, the rule of thumb is to publish a well optimized blog post on that keywords and then key into dominating the keywords (through strategic placement) through top rank blogging or forum platforms.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t comment or add links in comments with blogs with low or zero PageRank, but it makes more sense to links top PR sites with targeted keywords you want to rank higher, especially blog with dofollow comments links.

To keep high dominating your keywords, you need top PR site for comments, and must displays contextual keyword rich links in high places, whereby, instead of the targeted short or long tail keyword post or page url, you are rather hyper-linking the post or page url with a confine keywords you want to rank higher.

Why adding links in blog comments

Bellow are what related or supplementary links in comments can do for you:

  •       Links in comments increases your backlinks.
Backlinks is still one Google ranking factors, and one simple way to increase backlinks is through blog commenting. You don’t need leaving quality comments on high PR blogs only; you also need leaving related or targeted links as well.
Link in comments order than link in comment author’s profile can make the whole lot of differences that stand your business out of the crowd based on its huge potential behind generating more traffic, subscribers, backlinks and more of sales. 

  •       Links in comments increases traffic.
Just like links in comments increases backlinks as important ranking signal, links in comments can give you a consistence traffic being the life blood of every must succeed online business, when the information you provide is helpful, related and unique. By doing so, readers are eager to click on your links to learn more of you, and of which if found your contents, products or services valuable, they will gladly stick to you by reading, subscribing, commenting, sharing, buying and referring other to your site.

  •       Links in comments promote brand.
Yes, if done right, links in blog comments will get other to know about your products and services, which is simply brand exposure and increase awareness; although, you’re not to advertise your website but to concentrate on quality and supplementary comments with links. 

When visitors read through your comment and found it interesting, or found your link as further assistance for them on the same or related topic, there is greater percentage that your links may get clicks on, thereby, redirecting readers to your blog. This could be a great source to increase your brand, as more new visitors will come to the knowledge of you, your products and services, and if in love with your offerings, would lead to bookmarking, subscribing, revisiting, commenting, and more.

  •       Links in comments increases target audiences.
Targeted audience in essence, is difference from raw traffic, though are traffic too. Targeted audiences are audiences that are interested in exact or similar information, products or services of offered in the market place.

The role is to add quality comments and links that target exact or related subject topic in discussion and not something otherwise. This ensures higher CTR of links simply because readers are targeted and are thrilled to find out more.

For example, a blog post is about “how to make money online” and the comment or links is about “fastest Nigeria athlete”.  It doesn’t work like that because, the niche is not correlated, and readers may just be moping at it without clicks since post topic and links dropped are two different set of interests.

  •       Links in comments boast adverts and marketing arsenal.
Related links on comments are supplemental to blog post because it gives the readers option to read and learn more in a different platform. Personally, I love adding relevance links in my comment while commenting on other people’s blog because, I want to dominate some keyword, build backslinks, generate traffic, get new visitor, subscribers and potential customers. You too can choose to do same especially if you blog on Blogspot or Blogger and Google will love that if its relevance.

With links in comments, you never could tell how many clicks it might generate by redirecting visitors to your site since the link remains live on commented blog, and could be great source to advertise and market your contents, products and services. That’s why you must target high traffic rank and PR site with comments as dofollow.

  •      Links in comments improves SEO.
Links in comments is a great way for dominating keywords and that’s help income your site search engines optimization. This you can do by manipulating links text structure (contextual link structure) and make sure that there are no more than 20 OBL (outbound links) on the page your comment will appear as link juice is quite diminishing the more OBL a page has.

Also, ensure the blog are indexed in search engines and have positive social media signal with some search engines authority like PageRank (PR), Page Authority (PA), and MOZ domain authority with some backlinks to that page. Use your keyword(s) as anchor text links while commenting on top ranking website.

  •      Links in comments increases trust and credibility.
Provided the comments or link in are supplementary than assist the readers to learn more, or mention other aspect of the post that was not added in the first place, readers would be curious about you, your links and what you do. 

When readers found your comment or links in comments as additional tips or supper aid to the context of the article, it increases brand and thus, build bust and credibility. That is only when the new visitors would love to bookmark your site, subscribe to your list, comment on your posts and even buys from you. Why? Because, there already concluded that you know your onions well, and regard you as authority in your field.
This concept breeds retain visitors, social share, referrals, and setting your website as a place for go get quality articles.

Finally, links in comments is more important as applicable in Blogspot or Blogger blog, especially when optimized comments in Blogger. Wordpress on the other hand, regards links in comment as spam, and thereby drops the hyperlink text at the end of posts url. Example, posturl/linktext.

Therefore, if you blogs with Wordpress CMS, adding link in comment may not be applicable to you but only for bloggers on Blogpost or Blogger blogs. I’m yet to check availability of links in comment in other CMS link Weebly, Tumblr etc.

That comes to the end of this article on importance of links in blog comments. If there seem to be anything I forgot mentioning while listing out why links in comment are important, kindly let me know by using the comment box bellow.

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