How to Make Money Online Serving as a Virtual Tutor

Bravo!!! What does internet mean to you? Much kudos to the internet for turning our life dreams into realities. Internet has turn out our sorrows to joy by fulfilling our dreams and bringing us to the rhapsody of reality. Many people hold a lot of useful dreams with them, may be a dream to build that dream beautiful house, a dream to own that terrific car, a dream to travel to that dream country and achieve many other things more. The gigantic of all is that we can give tutors to people online while we get our money delivered to our accounts.

Many Students do not have educational materials to boost their learning proficiency. Internet has offered us solutions where every predicament regarding our educational life becomes a thing of the past.

Education they say is the "best legacy you can give to a child" without destruction.
Don't you see today how many people have gained enormously from the internet by searching for knowledge through the internet? Knowledge is the finest pride you can ever have, if you have a lot of material wealth and pride without knowledge you have nothing.

It is through the power of knowledge that a lot of things which we use in our day to day life are been produced. Knowledge itself deserves a great hand of thanks for its positive contributions to our moral, social, economic, political and socio-cultural life.

Importance of sharing knowledge online as a Virtual Tutor.

 The following emphases are laid on importance of sharing knowledge online as a Virtual Tutor.

    1. The grace – The greatest thing online tutoring has given us is a grace we can never pay back, through online tutors we are able to be directed about a particular area or street. Placing of a lot of information on several websites like about searching for a particular district has indeed saved many people from been lost while they are embarking on a journey to a place like if you are traveling from Abuja to Lagos, you can easily search online for the roads that lead from Abuja to Lagos if you don't know and it shall be revealed to you, indeed it has saved our stresses.

If those things are not there how can you be directed? Even if you are directed they can never describe everything to you.

2. Ability to share knowledge – We are able to share knowledge with others online and thus, lead to increment in knowledge academically and socially. As importance is gold in terms of its value so is opportunity to us in terms of knowledge, never lose it. The web today has given us a new life and a perfect beginning due to its technological power and advancement. Many people are now able to extend their educational tutors online.

There is a university in USA (United State of America) that is delivering free educational study online by offering free education to people who are willing to learn. Knowledge is your power deposited in the books and other things so that you may learn. If you keep searching you will keep gaining for surely the successful person is the person who is contented with the wealth of knowledge.

We are able to ask series of questions that is beyond us through online tutoring.
Online tutoring allows us to be freed from ignorance about a particular topic or an aspect of life we don't know. We are to gain a lot of things from the internet through searching for it through the Google search engines and other search engines or websites

3. Availability of resourceful information and demonstration – Through acquiring knowledge online we are able to hold good information and informative videos or resourceful applications that will make a particular line of study easy for us. We are able to get videos, PDF (Personal document format) on some materials for learning where learning is made easy through demonstrative explanations by watching videos and reading the personal document format to explain vividly on the subject we want to learn. Thanks to youths and children of the 21st century, we have everything at our disposal that makes learning easy for us.

4. Availability of online Assessment – Through obtaining knowledge online we get our tests and examinations online and at our convenient time. We are allowed studying hard on a topic, and are given the likely questions and answers so that whenever they give us the Assessment we will always come out in flying colors.

Don't you know how online tutoring has made things easy for us today due to the power of Computers and internet technology? In countries like America, Japan and China they do most everything regarding their student educational life online even from the registration to securing admission into school and graduation.

In low technologically developed countries, many students have to visit Teachers or Lecturers in some other environments to receive knowledge about a particular course.

5. Free of cheating – Usually, most online tutors that are offered on educational grounds are free of cheating. What I’m I insinuating? Since almost everything information on earth can be found online, there are absolute truth and no corruption of the students except for the students who want nothing doing and sluggard. If you look at our educational system in the university as applicable in Nigeria, some lecturers will be the one supplying students with expos for examination and tests but online the rate of crime is low than offline tutoring.

In other to make money online by serving as a virtual tutor, you can develop a good website where different subjects can be offered like English, Mathematics, Biology and some other subjects or courses. You can offer them for a low fee delivered to your bank account. You can create topics that are new to people either free or paid and safe people from their ignorance or problems.

Make money online through virtual tutoring

Here are the following ways you can make money serving as online tutor:

1. Create eBooks – Create eBooks and materials in the personal document format and have it delivered to your students for a low fee, give a link to them where the materials will be downloaded subject to their payment or payment receipt or the details of their payment forwarded to you.

2. Design bulk sms code – You can design bulk codes where you can also offer bulk sms services to your readers by supplying them with particular information. You can send an sms to all your students to subscribe for the code where they will be getting messages charged for a particular fee revealing to them your period of lectures, venue and time if you are also offering the business offline and at the same time you can also program a software that will mark your students results online.

If you cannot provide a suit or software that automates these tasks for you, then consult a programmer who will aid you out at programming the software.

3. Advertise – For you to make money online through online virtual tutoring business, you need to advertise your job online and win a lot people’s interests so that you can be earning much money from it. The reason is because one customer will know that you exist unless you bring yourself to their awareness.

4. Make a Forum – Forum is just like a library where student going for reading. Make a forum where students can also chat with their fellow students by asking series of questions and getting answers so that even though you’re not there or there is no tutorial going on online students will keep learning.

Make it in such a way that those people who are not students can also benefit from your tutoring advice and tutorials so that you will be able to have large number of targeted audience and increase your pocket of income by making big money and keep smiling to your bank account.

5. Educate yourself and intellectual – For you to start online tutoring business you must constantly learn to show yourself approved. Be a person of highly intellectual who can be educationally challenged and who can educationally challenge someone. I mean you should be able to answer the entire question directed to you within reasonable amount of time.
6. Proper research – Proper researching should be the watchword of anybody who wants to partake in this business educationally. The more you are researching the more you are getting to know many things both the ones your student will ask you and the ones you will ask them. If you keep learning you will know and you will never fail because failure is for those who refused to learn.

The technicality in this business is that it involves sound education. An uneducated person can never do this business because it involves intellectualism and education is intelligent. Though, there is a saying that “no knowledge is wasted” but the most advanced knowledge today is English knowledge, Arabic and French knowledge.

As you begin expanding your business and sees that a need is required for you to employ more staffs so that the work will not be too tedious for you because you need to furnish your website with adequate learning information regularly. 

In most socialized and civilized countries like America, these have been the major source many people are depending on for their survival because everything in this life requires learning even the person who created computer need to learn it from someone before he can actually develop it and if he does not learn it he needs to think deeply before creating it which is part of learning.

Do you know who are the richest people in the society today, the thinkers are the richest people in the society so keep thinking and your thoughts will surely land you into an ocean of desirable success.

7. Making money online serving as online tutor Can be lucrative if done right and leaves no stone un-turned. Doing it the right way ensures you succeed as others do. If you are looking for the business which hold the ace of the time look not far because you are in the right one, for online virtual tutoring is the best business beyond reasonable doubt which you can do to become reputable famous in life.

For you to be successful in this business, learn from those who have started it for long, ask them which strategies they had employed that give them nice and successful results.

Determination is the greatest sword that will keep moving you ahead in this business since whatever the mind can conceive the mind can achieve it.

There many websites offering this kind of services online but the major ones without scam and fraud are listed as follow:

These are the three major sites that offer online tutor, but there are many of them on the internet offering it, the sky is not the limit but just the starting point. If you must excel in any business online, online virtual tutoring is the right online business that can make your real legitimate money online. I wish seeing you there for a perfect beginning. You have any question or reason to compliment this article? Please, use the comment box below.


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