Feedburner: show posts titles in subscriber’s new posts notification update

If you’re a blogger, digital marketer or a savvy entrepreneur, using Feedburner rss feed subscription services to send new post notification updates to your subscribers, this post is for you; and that’s why you need to show post title in Feedburner new posts notification update to your subscribers for increasing click/open rate of your subscribers, instead of the default feed titles that lowers opening rate of your subscribers.

So, haven’t created Feedburner rss feed subscription box and get it embedded into your blog for generating subscribers, you’re set to go, but ensuring that subscribers receive new posts notification update directly into their mail box can sometimes breeds limitations that made your post not delivered notification update to subscribers; and that was why I discussed “Feedburner not delivering new post notification to subscribers? Do this to ensure that all your new blog posts are getting into subscribers mail box.

I personally use Feedburner as my rss feed subscription mailing list, that sent new post notification to my subscribers each time I hit the publish button. That was why I invited my friends, readers, audience, followers, social media fans and well wishers to email subscription invitation to my Feedburner mailing list.

In order to get the most of your subscribers, making sure you convert them to traffic and even sell products or services to your subscribers. How do you achieve that? You have to ensure summary or excerpt new posts notification  updates to subscribers so that they can clicks on the html link or ‘read more’ link that redirect subscribers to your website to read the full post, being traffic to you website.

Therefore, showing 'post title' or 'subject title' in Feedburner new posts notification update to subscribers is sure core factor that can improve your brand and click/open rate of your subscribers especially, when you include your your domain name in the 'post or subject title'.

By default, Feedburner shows 'feed title' in the 'email title' of the new posts notification sent to subscribers, which is normal but, also shows the same 'feed title' in the 'new posts subject titles sent to subscribers, which is abnormal. This can reduces subscriber's click/open rate, and the new posts notification update is supposed to display the latest post or subject title so subscribers can easily know what the new post (by it title) is all about, respective of the feed title. 

So, in order to get rid of the feed title in new post/subject title, you'll need to embed a certain command provided by Feedburner - ${latestItemTitle} , that automatically displays each and every upcoming new post notification with it post or subject title. This ensure quick response and open rate of the subscribers because, they are shown the post or subject title rather than the default feed title in both email heading and the new post title.

Get rid of Feedburner feed title in new post/subject title

1. Login to your Feedburner account.

2. Click on your Feed. In my own case, my feed title says "Digital Wealth & Empowerment". Refer to image below.

3. In the next page, click on "Publicize". The publicize tab should display a page like one bellow.

4. By the left of the page, click on "Email Subscription". The next page of the same publicize tab should look like the one bellow.

5. Click on the "Email Branding". The email branding tab should display exact image bellow.

6. Now, enter ${latestItemTitle} in the Email Subject/Title of your Feedburner as indicated on the immediate above image/screenshot to display new posts with their original subject titles.

 7. Thereafter, scroll down and click on "Save". 

Finally, it worth improving  your brand by instilling brand awareness in your subscribers, including your branded domain name in the email subject title along with the required - ${latestItemTitle}. For example: ${latestItemTitle} - 

I hope this post has been of help to get the most of your feedburner subscribers? Do kindly share with friend or using the comment box bellow. Cheer..

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