Creating a Stylish Author’s Comments Background in Blogger

A stylish author’s comment background in Blogger unlike reader’s plain background color while commenting, can add to your elegance, colorful, beautiful and exceptional professional features that differentiate your blog from others, and makes you standout of your competitors.
Ever read through a blog post with huge comments, and you begin to imagined if the author actually responded to those comments, since you found it difficult differentiating the author’s comments from the lists of reader’s comments simply because both the author and the reader’s commentary maintains a plain or same background color?

It is a usual occurrence especially with organic search audiences, whose most time, are not interested on who wrote the post, but on the information therein; and checking the post author name (if at all) is often a secondary issue especially, with readers visiting your blog for the first time, since there are yet to be conversant with the blog author.

In the other hand, readers visiting popular sites like or knows that content from such sites often came with multiple author, compare to sites like mine that’s just starting out with accepting articles from guest authors. So, readers reading content from such sites may care to scroll up to check who the post author's, and not concluded that the article was written by the same site author.

Even when knowing the post author's, it is often difficult differentiating author’s response to comments, since both author and reader's comments background are often the same plain or no color comments background, which  is usually a case in Blogspot or Blogger blog (and even in other CSM). 

Therefore, in order to get the stylish author’s comment background embedded to each multiple authors response to comments, you need to integrate author bio box otherwise known as internal guest bloggers profile widget so that their profile (author's bio) can get white-listed beneath each and every posts they guest posted on your blog, provided the stylish author's comments background widget has been actively integrated into your blog.

By all things being equal, internal guest blogger (bloggers from the same platform) can guest post on your blog, response to comments with the stylish author’s comments background automatically embedded within each and every response to comments made on your blog, irrespective of if the stylish author’s comments background widget has been integrated into their own sites of not, since they act on your blog as author or admin.

Stylish author’s comments background is a good choice unlike the default plain or no colored author's comments background that’s usually difficult to differentiate the author’s response to comments from the reader’s comments just because of the plain or no colored author’s comments background that's both cases in Blogger, Wordpress and other CMS's.

This can make more sense instilling credibility, professionalism and even encourage more blog comments, when readers noticed the author's automatic stylish background comments on posts. This is pretty easy to do too, and you can even customize yours in a more advance level that help readers identify your response and makes it such a diamond in a rough. It exposes your brand and adds more tweaks and beautification to your blog.

Stylish author’s comments background profile widget is one customization to make your blog stylish, elegant and professional, and makes your blog different from others who may either be using the same Blogger template or so.

It is easy to get this widget integrated into your blog so each time you or other invited authors responded to comments on blog posts, it automatically change the default Blogspot or Blogger author’s comments background from that of the reader’s comment background. You can even go as far as embedding your personal image or logo into this widget to make it stand out by displaying on background when responded to comments on your blog.

If you’re sure you know little or nothing about html, CSS or Javascript, you can get settle with the Blogspot or Blogger author’s comments background widget that will be provided in this article, and make sure nothing is added or omitted in the widget codes that will be provided below. 

Integrating a Stylish Author’s Comments Background in Blogger

Bellow steps should help you successfully get a stylish author’s comments background integrated into your Blogspot or Blogger blog.

  • Login to your Blogspot or Blogger dashboard.
  • Click on “Theme
  • Click on “Customise
  • On the Template Editor, point your mouse on the html codes and press Ctrl + F of your computer.
  • On the opened search bar, search for </body>
  • When found the </body>, just copy the codes below and paste it above or before </body>

<!--author comment background start-->
<script type="text/javascript">    $(function() {      function highlight(){        $(&#39;,.ssyby&#39;).closest(&#39;.comment-block&#39;)          .css(&#39;border&#39;, &#39;1px solid #e1e1e1&#39;)          .css(&#39;background&#39;,&#39;#f1f1f1 url(&quot;;) no-repeat bottom right&#39;)          .css(&#39;padding&#39;, &#39;10px&#39;);          }          $(document).bind(&#39;ready scroll click&#39;, highlight);                       });</script><a style="display:none" href=""> Widget</a>
<!--author comment background ends-->

  • Thereafter, click on “Save”.

Now, go to your previous blog posts that you’ve responded to comments to see the stylish author comments background automatically embedded within those comments and subsequent ones.

Note: I’m yet to test this customized stylish author’s comments background widget in Wordpress. If you blog with Wordpress, you can get it integrated and info me back if the outcome was successful or not.

Would you rather use the widget in Blogspot or Blogger blog without complimenting the author? Please, kindly let me know what’s your opinion, or if it does helps.


  1. let's see how it works here.
    Nice tips, I will add it to the features whenever I am designing a blog for someone

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