Easiest way to get an approved ad-sense account

As blogger i decide to write about this because many people who have quality contents and huge traffic are finding it difficult to get an approved ad-sense account fully knowing that it is the highest paying ad network so i decided to write this to teach you how you can get an approved ad-sense account with a blogger site knowing that there are two types of google ad-sense account which are

Hosted account and Non hosted account

what is hosted account?
hosted account is an account which you can only use on sites/blogs hosted by google e.g blogger etc and is very easy to get approved it take just 2 hours to be approved

what is Non hosted account?

Non hosted account is an account that you can use on sites that are hosted on other hosting networks such as WordPress, whogohost, wapka, etc its not easy to get approved at all

how do i get a Non hosted account using a hosted account?

Image result for hosted to non hosted adsense

these are the few steps to do that 

1. Login your hosted account
2. in the left navigation panel click my ads
3. click on other products your website url and click upgrade now
5. a html code will be given to you which you will add to your <head>
finally sit back and relax why your adsense account is been approved and change to a non hosted account  


  1. Lol.. easiest way and your blog is without Adsense.. Some bloggers sha.

    1. I have the right to delete your comment but I won't. Look well next time before you comment your on my blog. That article is a guest post, written by a different author entirely. Take note, next time, I wont tolerate it.

  2. Nice publishing the guest post, but I must say that you only gave us the processes of applying for Google adsense and not tips and workable trick to meet up with Google adsense approval. Incomplete article according to it title.


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