TBC Fiat Exchange Currency Users Testers

Here is the world largest cash giveaway in 2017; much as we are risk takers, we’ve choose to sacrifice $10 annual fee into taking path in testing TBC Fiat Exchange Currency as much as well, taking home the 100,000 or 50,000 kringle cash giveaway.

As at the entry of this article, the first 100,000 kringle cash giveaway earned on 30/6/2017, and luckily, 50,000 kringle is also given out free to Tbcians who were not able to take part in the 10,000 testers wanted for TBC Fiat Exchange currency.

To be among the first early birds, I mean the 10,000 testers of TBC fiat currency debit card exchange program, simply be ready to sacrifice your $10 which is the annual subscription fee, to be among the testers running the fiat exchange program.

I came across a question on social media as if the 10,000 testers wanted for $10 TBC fiat exchange have been completed; it seems that could be as the result of the extension of 10,000 kringle cash expiration on 30/6/2017 to another 50,000 kringle cash to be expired on the 30/9/2017.

Perhaps, kringle cash is another opportunity for all tbcians and new TBC members who already knows that kringle is a unit of TheBillionCoin to grab a bit of this abundant free of charge, knowing fully that it value increases 1-5% daily. 

If you are a new tbcian or having limited tbcoins in your possession, and might not be able to purchase a full TBC, the free kringle might be the best opportunity for you, and later might worth full TBC price today as the prices keep increases.

Kringle is actually a unit of thebilliocoin account just like Satoshi is the unit of account for Bitcoin. For more knowledge on that, you can read the the similarities between bitcoin (BTC) and thebillioncoin (TBC).

Kringle as thebillioncoin unit of account, it value increases 5% in 15 days and never go down, this according the TBC ultimate goal formula that as more people joining the community, the coin appreciate in value.

Thebillioncoin as abundance decentralized cryptocurrency is believe and on the mission to end poverty globally by 2018. By latest development and advancement in TBC community, just like the TBC fiat exchange debit card currency, if you acquire some TBC now, it is expected that TBC price and value to worth 100% in a year.

What do people says about the $10 TBC fiat exchange subscription fee?

Tbcians are getting worried and all the TBC bashers making fun of TBC are also talking on the $10 fee being collect in Bitcoin rather than Tbcoins. Most of their replies reads that “are not against paying of fees to support TBC development and advancing activities, but what we can't take is to be paying in other currencies other than our own community currency "tbc". If we must pay any further fees, it must be paid in tbc and not in bitcoin”.

Another reaction from TBC member reads, “This ideas of paying TBC fiat exchange 10,000 users testers in other currency rather than our own TBC may affect TBC integrity and policy consistency”. My respond? 


We shouldn’t forget that most of us Tbcians have paid $10 to $100 for all sort of platform promising you sure exchange of TBC, now that admin needs our support to make things alright, we shouldn’t be complaining. Currently tbcglobalexchange has more than 10,000 tbc members exchanging TBC everyday inspite their hard policies and most tbcians are sticking around because they want their TBC exchanged. We need to think twice members of the TBC community..


How to signup for free kringle cash giveaway

The first free 100,000 kringle cash expired on the 30/6/2017, and the grace period for 10,000 user’s testers for TBC fiat exchange currency is extended with another 50,000 kringle cash. All you have to do to pay the $10 subscriprion currency as one of the 10,000 testers is to signup to claim your free kringle cash and the pay the $10 fee to be a qualified tester of TBC fiat exchange currency. The bellow processes should walk you through;

  •   Click on the phone you see on that page to get to another link.

  •   Click on ‘ give me my gift now’

  •    Click on the green button that says ‘let’s go to step one’.

  •    Complete the kringle cash account form that is provided by submitting your full name, username, email, country and password.
  •    Thick the recaptcha box and signup.
  •    Check your email for confirming registration.
  •     Now, login to track your main kringle.cash dashboard, your referrer’s link and more other features.
Note, registering for 100,000 or 50,000 free kring cash account is irrespective if you’re already had an TBC account with tbc004.net

Paying for the $10 subscription fee

To pay for the $10 TBC fiat exchange currency subscription and join the list of 10, 000 testers, you much first signup for your kringle cash account. After which, you need to login to your kringle cash account/dashboard. In your kringle account dashboard at the left sidebar, click of “Your Account” to display information you need to send payment to keep your subscription active. 

You have two options, pay 1$ in bitcoin for 30 days extension or pay 10$ in bitcoin for a whole year.
Whichever renewal you choose, it will take 2 blockchain confirmations before your account is active. You will receive an email when you can login with your renewed account                                                                                                                           

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