How to connect your Google+ with Blogger

How to connect your Google  with Blogger
Connecting Google+ with Blogger is quite different from displaying profile in Blogspot or Blogger blog that is usually done using Blogger Gadgets. Blogger Gadget displays Google+ Badge as your Google+ profile, and default Blogger image as your Blogger profile depending on which (Google+ or Blogger) default profile is selected. Though, these can be edited but Blogger profile (Blogger badge) cannot be changed.

Connecting your Google+ with your Blogger blog means that you've already secured your accounts with Google+ and Blogger respectively, and while Google+ and Blogger profile displays about author (About Me) profile, connecting Google+ specifically with Blogspot or Blogger helps you share your posts automatically on your Google+ profile (timeline) or page managed by your Google+ profile. This could be a source of showing your face in the search engine snippet and building Google Authorship.
If you’re using Blogger profile in your Blogger blog, you can choose to switch or change your profile in Blogger to Google+ profile. Once your Google+ profile is connected with your Google account, your posts, comments, and About section will be matched to your real name or the name you used to register your Google account.
You need to let your Google+ profile prevail in your Blogspot or Blogger blog, since it help the readers know more about you. This can help you build author portfolio and advertising products and services through hyperlinks that can be integrated when editing Google+ ‘About Me’ profile. This could be a great source of building traffic engagement and sales.
Connecting Google+ with your Blogger blog (usually known as author’s profile) is a great deal for blogging success since Google+ profile can do alot more and stand you out when compared to Blogger profile that’s limited in features and functionalities like no ability to add photo, hyperlinks, search engine and authorship.
Connecting Google+ profile with Blogspot or Blogger blog helps you integrate Author’s Profile Widget that can be displayed below every post. This Author’s Profile is the best to manage blogging profile in Blogspot or Blogger blog, especially for Customized Blogger Template, since it specifically positioned the ‘About Author’ below every posts you contributed to (like guest post), provided the Author’s Profile Widget is also integrated in the same CMS like Blogger.

More about you could gain by connecting your Google+ profile or page to your blog includes:

1. Build trust – Connecting your Google+ profile with your Blogger blog helps you build trust. You’ll need to update your Google+ profile professionally and includes your social media links where readers can reach and get connected with you.

2. Build credibility – People will respect you, especially the newbies and he intermediates, making them willing to stick around to learn from you.

3. Increase author’s portfolio – Since readers clicks to read more about you, this increases your portfolio base especially when into guest blogging.

4. Build traffic, new subscribers and great advertising channel as a guest author. So, get the most of it by including social media hyperlinks and affiliate products like a real core signature.

5. Show your author’s profile picture (gravatar) on search engine. Though, this is optional, but makes more sense to choose to display profile in search engine that help you increase Google authorship.


What to know when using Google+ profile in Blogger


  • Switching to a Google+ profile will affect all your blogs.
  • After you’ve switched, you have 30 days to revert to your Blogger profile.
  • After 30 days, your Blogger profile will be deleted and you’ll need to create a new Blogger profile.
  • Any information you had in your Blogger profile will not be shown in your Google+ profile.
  • Google+ profiles are public, but you can choose to whether your profile should be found in search engine.
  • f you use a Google+ profile, your name on your blog will change to your Google+ profile name and will link to your Goggle+ profile.
  • Comments made in the past will still display your Blogger profile name.

Connecting Google+ with blogger

1. Sign into Blogger
2. Select blog to update
3. In the left menu, click on Settings >> Posts, comments and sharing.

4. Under “Share to Google+,” click on down menu arrow to “choose your Google+ profile or page.
5. On the top right of the page, click on Save settings.
In conclusion, Google+ when connected to Blogspot or Blogger blog will help you and your business instill trust and credibility, increase portfolio and brand, build search engine and Google authorship when compared to Blogger profile. 

I’ll like to stop here for today. Is there anywhere you were not clarified about connecting your Google+ with your Blogger blog? Kindly let me know by using the comment box below. And, please, kindly share this post with your friends and connections on social media. 

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