Display your profile on Blogspot or Blogger blog

Display your profile on Blogspot or Blogger blog
Google is an American multinational technology company specializes on related service and products, which includes online advertising technologies, search, clued programming, software, and hardware – Wikipedia

Both Blogger and Google plus (stylized as G+) are owned by Google; and while Google plus (G+) is an interest based social network, Blogger is a blog publishing service that allow multi-user blogs with time stamped entries. 
These Google owned platforms (Blogger and Google+) can be linked among others Google services like Gmail, Youtube, Google drive, Google play store, etc to operate all in one account with a global login of same email and password, which was actually recommended by Google. 
You as a blogger – publishing content on the web using Blogspot or Blogger blog, it is quite possible to display your profile, which is a brief info about you for the readers on your Blogspot or Blogger blog; that’s usually known as “About Me” by default (not until when you change your name, tagline, profile photo, cover photo) in Google+ profile, and as “Blogger badge” in Blogspot or blogger profile. 
Once your Blogger profile is connected with your Google account, your posts, comments, and about section will be matched to your real name or the name you used to register your Google account, which could be a great source of building Google Authorship.

Both Google+ Badge profile and Blogger profile are found in the Google Blogger Gadget, and displaying your profile (usually know as author’s profile) on your blog, though, they can be edited; then, they’re great deal for blogging success; and more you could gain by activating this awesome Blogger Gadget includes: 
  • Building trust
  • Building credibility
  • Increasing author’s portfolio
  • Building traffic, new subscribers and great advertising channel as a guest author.
  • Showing your author’s profile picture (gravatar) on search engine.
How to display profile on Blogspot or Blogger blog
1. Sign into Blogger dashboard.
2. Choose your blog
3. Click on “Layout
4. From any of the layout section to display “About Me” profile, click on the “Add a Gadget”.
5. Choose a profile Gadget:
· The Google+ Badge Gadget displays your Google+ profile.
· The Blogger profile also display Blogger profile depending on which profile you select as your blog author (About Me) profile.
6. Click “Add” on the desired profile you deem fit.
7. Choose “settings.
8. Click on “Save”
9. On the top right of the page, click on “Save Arrangement”. 
Note: Any profile you choose is what will display as your profile in all blog contributed to. 

Secondly, using Blogger profile enables other bloggers to reply directly to your comments from their blog, while Google+ profile entails automatically sharing of posts to your Google+ profile or page you managed by your same G+ profile.

I hope this has been of help regarding displaying your profile on Blogspot or Blogger blog

Should you have any questions, kindly use the comment box below.


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