Enabling Google+ Commenting System in Blogger

Enabling google plus comment in Blogger
Unlike the default Blogger Commenting system that’s well accustomed with Blogspot and Blogger users when compared to Wordpress and other CSM commenting system, or even the third party commenting services like Disqus, IntenseDebate etc, there’s this build-in-commenting-system (BICS) integrated by Google to officially serve Blogspot or Blogger users, and that’s Google+ commenting system.

In 2013 precisely, there was an introduction of Google commenting system for Blogspot and Blogger that can be enabled right inside your Blogspot or Blogger dashboard. This Google (stylize as Google+) embeddable comment system is just like Facebook commenting system than can be added to any website or blog.
This Google plus commenting system looks very nice and works very well, but is only officially made for users of Blogspot or Blogger blog. However, since there’s no problem without solution, the Goggle plus commenting system widget code can be cracked and as well be added to Wordpress, self hosted and other CMS by embedding a certain HTML snippet code into your blog html page and the comment box will appear.
The proficiency with Google introduction of Google+ commenting is to give Blogspot or Blogger users more social power to build better blogging community because, reading and responding to comments is one rewarding aspect of successful blogging that helps you connect with your readers, inspire more blog topics and engage the readers for improving conversion.

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You can integrate Google+ comment into Blogger blog that helps you view comments all in one place. You’ll see all activities such as thread from direct visitors and from people talking about your content on Google+. 
Any public discussion of your blog posts on Google plus will also appear on your Blogspot or Blogger together with response to comments. This could be a great way to engage with more of your readers all in one place and helps you build better blogging community.
With Google+ commenting system, your readers and have option to commenting publicly or privately to their circle on Google+, with larger control to readers viewing all comments in the same panel (all in one in one place) just as the top ones, or only from the people in their circle. This can help encourage meaningful comments and more social sharing, leading to more blog traffic.
If you’re blogging with Blogspot or Blogger blog, but currently using the default Blogger Commenting system or any other integrated third party commenting system like Disqus, IntenseDebate, etc, and which to SWITCH to Google+ commenting system, then kindly read on ….

Key Points Notes for Enabling Google+ Comments.

  • You now have active embedded Google+ comments on your blog. 
  • To enable Google comments, you must be using Google+ profile or page, if not, you will be asked to create one. 
  • While using Google+ comments, if you change your blog Url, the Google+ comments will disappear, but you may be able to retain them switching to Blogger default commenting system.

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  • If you’re using Google+ commenting system and wish to SITCH comment box to other third party commenting system, like CommentLuv, Disqus or Intensedebate, you will lose all your comments. 
  • Should your readers have no Google+ profile, they may not be able to comment or would be prompt to create one.

Features and benefit of using Google+ commenting system


  • New commenting widget for Blogspot and blogger users. 
  • You’ll now see your activities from direct visitors. 
  • You and your readers will see activities from people talking about your contents on Google plus. 
  • Google plus makes it easy to build comments in a certain blogging community of users with new visitors comments available in one place. 
  • It gives readers option to see all comments or just the remarks from users in their own circles.  
  • Readers would be able to comments publicly or privately to the people on their Google+ circle. 
  • Google+ comments would automatically displays in your blog comments should someone posts a comment on your article shared on Google+. 
  • You can disable Google+ commenting system anytime, but you will lose all your comments. 
  • Helps you pull profile and social graph information and relevant content within the retrieves lists of people in the user’s circle. 
  • Add Google+ sharing that let users recommend and share content, and prompt friends to take specific actions on your site. 
  • Add public posts to your web pages so that visitors can +1, comment, and follow the author. 
  • Customize snippet test and image that people see when your content is shared.
  • Helps with less spam comments like Facebook that require you having a profile for commenting. 
  • Build social proof and authorship.

How to enable Google plus Comment in Blogger


  1. Login to Blogger dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Setting>> Posts, comment and sharing
Enabling Google  Commenting System in Blogger1

 3. Scroll down the page, under ‘Google+ comments’ section, you’ll see a ‘yes’ or ‘no' drop-down option that says ‘Use Google+ comment on this blog”.
4. Choose 'yes'.
Enabling Google  Commenting System in Blogger2

5. Click on ‘Save settings
Summarily, Google plus commenting system can be added to other CMS or self hosted weblogs, and however, it may not be the best commenting system since this Google+ comment widget was made to officially function and engage with Blogspot or Blogger blog users and visitors to build better blogger community.

Nevertheless, some Blogspot and Blogger users still prefers to integrate third party commenting system into their blog rather than using Google+ commenting system, or the default Blogger commenting system. Your sole aim of switching to Google+ commenting with respect to its key notes, features and benefits should depends on your position on the web and Google plus specifically, and your personal reasons for switching.
If for instant, you’re blogging with Blogspot and dream of someday moving to Blogger, the use of Google plus commenting system may not be the best choice for you, and indifference should you be considering moving to Wordpress in your blogging career.
Kindly let me know of any complimentary power aids about this article, or should you have any question, simple let me know. And, remember to connect with me on Google plus.

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