How to edit Google plus profile

how to edit google  profile
There’s always a default profile made provision for new Google plus users should they not be able to edit their Google plus profile and cover photos, and in this post, I'll walk you through how to edit your entire Google+ profile information

You can edit your full Google plus profile information through ‘About me’ ( such that, the edit name, photo, tagline or cover photo in Google+ will be reflected in your About Me’ information. There’s also an HTML function integrated in the Google+ edit profile page (about me page) for text formatting, integration of hyperlinks and much more.
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As a blogger, when using Google+ profile and integrated author’s profile widget bellow every posts in Blogger, your Google+ ‘About me’ information is what displayed, which could be a great tool for building brand exposure, increasing blog traffic, and advertising affiliate products using guest blogging, blog commenting and forum posting.
By using Google plus profile may not necessarily mean that you’ve connected your Google+ with Blogger. You can have your Google+ profile edited without being a blogger, since anyone with Gmail can have all other Google accounts like Youtube, Google+, etc all with one account login details. 

If you’re blogging and get your Google plus connected with Blogger, the posts you’ve made on Google+ or connection you’ve created or followed, and communities you’ve joined may be subject to Blogspot or Blogger blog . 
Editing Google+ profile that’s usually your “About Me”, you can also add cover photo, profile photo and tagline which are public. Then, you’ll have to edit the description of Google profile using desktop. This can be done in the ‘About me’ section of your Google+ profile through the ‘Story’ tab.. 
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What happen when you edit your Google+ profile?

When you edit your Google plus full profile from ‘About me’ information, the following changes occur:
  • Change what communities show up on your Goggle+ profile
  • Choose whether to show collections you’ve followed on your Google plus profile
  • Add or change a tagline
  • Collection you create shows on your profile to people you have in your Google+ circle and shared with them.
  • Those changes displays in other Google products when people can see your About me information.
  • You can as well create your Google+ page.

Editing Google+ profile


There are two simple ways to edit your Google plus profile. If you’re using Google+ profile, then you can edit it using the Google+ desktop.
  • Click on ‘edit profile
  • Make your changes
  • Click on ‘Save’.
Your Google plus profile and description will show if you’ve enabled the author’s profile widget to show below every posts in Blogspot or Blogger blog. 

I hope this article has been of help to you regarding editing Google plus profile as a single user or blogger? Kindly let me know what's your take on this... 

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  1. I didn't really pay much attention to my G+ profile i was mostly concerned about how to make my G+ picture more conspicuous. Thanks for this info anyway


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