How to show and edit Blogger profile

Formally, we discussed how to display profile in Blogspot or Blogger blog. These profiles usually consist of Blogger profile and Google+ profile that can be added to any section of your blog like header, sidebar, footer etc using Blogger Gadget. This doesn’t mean that the author’s profile job for Blogspot or Blogger blog is all done since you have to tweak and edit them to your choice.

Using Blogger profile on your Blogspot or Blogger blog replaces any other profile like Google+ profile, and it become public property of you Blogsopt or Blogger identity. If you add the Blogger profile gadget to your blog, it will display brief information about you to your visitors. This is a great way to build trust, fans and followers. The profile gadget will display your information as “About Me” on a single author’s blog, and as “Contributor list” on a multi author’s blog.
Many bloggers choose to create profiles of themselves on their blog so their lives as well as their thoughts can be shared with others. This is mostly because, if people better understand your life and your background, it will help them understand your posts. When you create a profile, a link appears on your blog that reads “View my complete profile”. When someone clicks that link they can view your profile with the information in it that you've chosen to provide.

Show Blogger profile on your blog

Some Blogger prefers using Blogger profile while most of them prefer using Google+ profile. The simple truth is that using Google+ profile is the best because of it wide range functionalities like automatically sharing of posts to your connection, and ability to integrate hyperlinks. So, if you prefer using Blogger profile, you should 

1. Sign into Blogger dashboard.
2. Choose your blog
3. Click on “Layout
4. From any of the layout section to display Blogger “About Me” profile, click on the “Add a Gadget”.
5. Choose a profile Gadget: (normally Google+ and Blogger).
· Select Blogger profile.
6. Click on “Save”
7. On the top right of the page, click on “Save Arrangement”.

Editing your Blogger profile


If you’re using Google+ profile and you want to edit Blogger profile, just know that it will not work. The response will be that “You are using your Google profile on Blogger”.
You can edit your Blogger profile using Profile Editor provided Blogger profile is the current profile in used. If you’re using Google+ profile, then you can edit it using the Google+ desktop.
While editing Blogger profile, there are 7 most important sections involved. These includes – Privacy, Identity, profile photo, Audio clip, General, Location and Work.
1. Under – ‘Privacy’ you have ‘share my profile, show my email address, show my blog and show sites I follow. This is the top part of the page concerns your privacy. It enables you to choose whether your profile should be seen by others, whether your real name is shown with your blog rather than your display name, and whether your email address is shown on your blog. You can also provide links to other blogs you write. To link to another one of your blogs, click the ‘Select blogs to display link’, choose the blogs you want to display, and click Save settings. Remember, the links to your other blogs appear in your profile.

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2. Under – ‘Identity’ you have Username, Email address and Display name. The Edit User Profile within the identity enables you to include your username, email address, display name (the name visitors to your blog will see), as well as your real first and last names.
3. Under – ‘profile photo’ you can add you picture. You can add Author’s Profile Photo of you from your computer, or you can add the photo Url from the web provided you have the web photo Url.
4. Under – ‘Audio clip’, you can include an audio clip you've made, or you simply include any desired audio clips link next to the Audio Clip URL text box. 
5. Under – ‘General’ you have Gender, Homepage Url, Wishlist Url and IM username, which enables you to fill in a variety of personal information, including gender, home page URL, Wishlist URL, and an instant messenger username. To create a wishlist, click the Froogle link. 
6. Under – ‘Location’ you have City, Region and Country. The location part of Edit Blogger profile concerns your location such as City/Town, Region/State and your Country.
7. Under – ‘Work’ you have Industry and Occupation where you can choose you specific industry your blog is focusing and your occupation (eg: publishing).
There are also additional information you could add to your Blogger profile while editing such as Interest, Introduction and Favorite film, Favorite music, Favorite books and Random question.
These are what you’ll see while editing your Blogger profile. But, be sure of the corresponding function of what and what you want displayed on your Blogger profile.
When you're done editing your Blogger profile, click on ‘Save Profile’. Thereafter, you can now view your Updated Blogger Profile link. If you've chosen to make your profile public, people are able to see it when they click the “View my complete profile link” on your blog page.
There are two ways to see your profile. You can visit your blog and click on “View my complete profile”, or you can go to your Dashboard and click the “View link” next to Edit Profile within the blog layout you added your Blogger profile from the profile Gadget.
Perhaps, if you need more information displayed in the “About Me” or not, or you just want your Blogger profile exceptionally different from what’s in the Profile Editor, you can make your own customized Blogger profile, which can be done by replacing the Blogger Profile Gadget by HTML/Text Gadget with your specific instructed information, provided the Blogger profile gadget has been added to your blog Layout.
Finally, if you only add your Blogger Profile to your blog without editing your profile, you’ll have the default Blogger gravatar (blank photo) as your Blogger profile photo; and when commenting on other blogs, Blogger badge is what will display as your author/commenter photo.
I hope this article has been of help to you regarding how to use and edit your Blogger profile? Should you have any inquiry regarding to this, kindly drop your comment using the comment box below.

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