Switch or revert profile from Google+ to Blogger

Revert profile from Google  to Blogger
 In our previous post, we discussed switching profile from Blogger to Google+ which overwrites your already existing Blogger profile. In case you didn’t like it, you can change it by switching or reverting profile from Google+ to Blogger. 

Perhaps, be reminded that before you can revert profile from Google+ to Blogger profile or switch profile from Blogger to Google+ as the case may be, you must first display profile your Blogger or Google+ profile on your blog header, sidebar or footer as the case may be, which is to represent the brief of your ‘About me’ or About Author for your readers.

Now see Display your profile on Blogspot or Blogger blog
As a Blogspot or Blogger blog user, if you have your profile connected with Google+, you can actually change your author’s profile (About Me) from Google + profile to Blogger, which both contain details about you for your readers. You can choose to share your info with readers and audience at large by switching from Google+ profile to Blogger profile.
When your Google+ profile is connected to your Blogger blog, when commenting on other people’s blog posts, your profile is always linked to Google+ account and not your Blogger profile. So, should you not be comfortable with Google+ profile and you want to change it, you can actually switch or revert from Google+ profile to Blogger profile by using this link
If you switch to a limited Blogger profile, you will be asked to confirm your settings on the next page. Note: Links to your blogs from the About tab of your Google+ profile will also be removed.
Also, if you’re using Google+ profile and Google+ comments, ensure disabling Google+ comments before reverting to Blogger profile because, without switching back to Blogger comments on your Blog, you may not be able to moderate the comments on your Blog. This means that, to turn on Blogger comments, you must make sure you’re using Blogger profile.
Reverting to Blogger profile will only work if you have switched to Google+ profile because, you cannot revert something you have not done already. So, If for example, you are currently using Blogger profile on your blog and then clicks on the revert link, just know that it will not work for you. The response will be that “You are currently using Blogger profile”. 
There is no specified tab in your Blogspot or Blogger dashboard where you can switch or revert profile (Blogger or Google+). You can only do that by using the revert profile link provided above, of which thereafter, you’ll receive a notification on your Blogger dashboard that “You’ve successfully revert your Google+ profile to Blogger profile; and you are now currently using Blogger profile on your blog”.

See the revert Link -

I hope this article has been of help to you especially if you were using Google+ profile and want to start using Blogger profile? Should there be any way you are confused on this topic, kindly let me know by using the comment box bellow. Also, endeavor to share this post hence, your friend may need it.

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