Switching profile from Blogger to Google+

Switching profile from Blogger to Google
Hence we’ve earlier discussed how to show and edit Blogger profile, switching profile from Blogger to Google+ means that you are currently using Blogger profile and that’s why you want to switch to Google+ profile. However, which ever profile you’re using means that you’ve earlier displayed profile (Blogger or Google+) in your blog header, footer or sidebar, but sidebar most recommended.

By switching your Blogger profile to Google+ profile, information on your Blogger profile will not be transferred to your Google+ profile. So, should you want the same information transferred, just copy them out from your Blogger profile and then get them detailed in your Google+ before making the transferred.

If you’re already using Google+ profile and you want to change from Blogger profile to Google+ by clicking on that switch profile link, just know that it will not work. The respond will be that “You are already using Google+ on your Blog.”

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By switching Blogger profile to your Google+ profile, your profile Gadget will display information including name from your Google+ profile and no more Blogger profile. This means that your author name on posts, comments and About section will be revert to your real name or the name you registered on your Google account, and no more Blogger profile.

By switching from Blogger to Google+ profile, you’ll have option of 30 days’ to revert back your blogger profile, of which thereafter, your Blogger profile information will be deleted forever.

Switching from Blogger profile to Google+ profile will affect all your blog account such that your posts and response (comments) will be linked to your Google+ profile.

How to switch from Blogger profile to Google+ profile.

You must logged into your Blogger dashboard, thereafter, click on this link as there's no specified tab in Blogger dashboard to switch profile from Blogger to Google+ when you are logged into your Google account. So, by visiting in a next browser window, you will land directly on a page where you can switch back from Blogger profile to your old Google+ profile.

Finally, Google+ profile have more proficiency in displaying profile more than Blogger profile. That’s why Google refer to Blogger profile as ‘Limited Blogger Profile’.

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