Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than 10 Plugins In Your Wordpress Site.


Plugins are very good for website functionality and of all Custom Management Websites (CMS) applications; WordPress has the largest plugin repository because so many super-functional WordPress plugins are free and have more documentation than any other platform like Blogger and Drupal.

Plugins can be used to beautify your site and give it super functionalities like calendar, time, social media widget, real-time site visitors statistics, trending post counters, currency conversion, voting poll, image rotation, pinned post and so many other functionalities.
But do you know that installing many Plugins in your WordPress sites is harmful to your site even though the Plugins adds more beautification and functionality to your site?
Firstly, the most important aspect a blogger should consider is the speed of his/her blog. Remember that most people will just exit your blog if it takes more than 10 seconds to load with good internet connectivity.
Since Plugins are applications, installing many Plugins on your site equally amounts to the installation of many applications. This usually slows down the speed of your website. Some Plugins are heavier than the theme itself there leading to the slowness of your website.

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I recently discovered this in my blog Brainnews NG after changing two different hosting companies because of the slowness and regular shut down of the site whenever we have large traffic. My current hosting company had earlier advised me to take down a particular Plugin which is the cause of the site’s regular shut down but i ignored but when I obliged to do same the site performance was fair, but this continued till I have to remove loads of Plugins from my site and since then even when i have triple the rate of traffic that made the site shut down before the site is now very fast without any slowness.
Also so many Plugins on your site consumes much physical memory and CPU from your hosting plan thereby consuming your allocated bandwidth very quickly with little traffic.
There are some Plugins that are not compatible with the current theme and some can shut down the WordPress Administration dashboard instantly until you disable the Plugin from your host Cpanel dashboard (See my next article for this).
So before you get carried away by the functionalities of Plugins remember the disadvantages.
Ever wondered why some top Nigerian sites doesn’t have many Plugins to make the site look very beautiful? That’s the reasons above. 

This is a guest post compiled by Edikan Victor, a co-owner of Brainnews NG. A Graduate of Chemistry & A Pedantic Web programmer. Follow Him On Facebook. Phone: +234 806 366 8067

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