20 Importance of Guest Blogging

20 importance of guest blogging
Guest blogging is an inevitable strategy for running a successful blogging and improving content marketing effort, but sadly most bloggers felt cheated submitting their perceived hard to craft blog articles for immediate publication on others blogger’s blog.

Feeling cheated submitting crafted articles except as paid content is a sign of under-estimating guest blogging practice, and as well, inability to realize the power behind guest blogging with regards to building a successful blogging business platform, and creating high impact over the world of the internet.
Guest blogging absolutely, is an exceptional blogging tool that can help stand you out of your competitors, and as well as, get yourself, products and services advertised to your ideal targeted customers at large.
Not until you discovered “what-is-in-it-for-you” as a guest blogger, sacrificing those important piece of content on other bloggers relevance (niche related) blogs will always seems a bad idea, and waste of resources. 
The truth be told, neglecting guest blogging by becoming self centered, refusing to give out your quality written articles could inversely, move you less faster than you could in your content marketing business mind field
There is a popular saying that guest blogging brings a win-win situation between the site admin and the guest author. Perhaps, the importance of guest blogging is far greater than just traffic, backlinks, brand awareness and ranking, especially for the guest author; and that’s why you need to guest post (byline articles) on other blogger websites if you truly want to go extra mile showcasing yourself as authority in your niche.
It isn’t that you shouldn’t publish articles on your blog, but sometimes, you need to submit quality content with byline to external bloggers so as to immediately publish them on their own blogs. This will have positive turnaround effect that helps you build and grow your blogging business beyond your imagination, and ranking your competitors. 

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The term ‘blogger’s block’ is an inevitable aspect in the life of a full time blogger irrespective of if you’re a pro or an intermediary, and that why bloggers who finds it difficult writing fresh content either for their own websites or for guest blogging purposes are advised to seek out a freelancing services, provided quality and epic content is was delivered.
Therefore, should you feel cheated or a waste of time, effort and money outsourcing quality content only to get them submitted as a guest posts to internal or external guest bloggers, below are 20 solid importance of guest blogging and why you should be happy sacrificing content as a guest posts.

20 Guest blogging benefits


1. Quality Targeted Blog Traffic 
Quality targeted blog traffic is what you get when you guest post on niche related blogs. How? Not only the site owner (admin) receiving traffic from the new published content, you the guest author also gain targeted blog traffic through contextual inbound links pointing to your website, or through the author’s profile bio links
When your content is of high quality and epic, chances are that new and returned visitors of the 3rd party guest posted articles would like to click on your link with desperation to know more about you, which could be a traffic source, potentially able to breed new subscribers, increasing pageview, new comments and so on. 
Therefore, to get more of blog traffic guest posting, ensure integrating “author’s profile widget” that clearly displays author’s bio box bellow every posts, which is applicable to Blogger, Wordpress and other (CMS), serving as not only author’s information displays to readers, but also as an advertising and marketing strategy for increasing blog interactivity, brand, target traffic, leads and prospective customers through guest blogging.
2. Increase Brand Exposure and Reputation
By guest posting increases your Brand (domain name), builds awareness, exposes self (brand), products and services to large range audience and prospective customers who would be eager to know more about you and your products, get connected with you and stick around learning more from you and your expertise.
Ensure submitting guest articles to authority sites that in turn increase your site metric through link juice if truly you want to increase brand exposure and people’s awareness of your products and services through guest blogging.
The high the authority of the site you want to submit guest post, the higher the potential visitors that would be reading your submitted content and the share of the traffic you’ll drill back to site, and increasing portfolio. 

3. Increase Number of Blog Subscribers

Building high subscriber’s base cannot be achieved without integrating lead captured management service like Getresponse, Feedburner, etc, where you need to provide the lead captured form for audience subscription for your free gift, blog updates or newsletters.
Irrespective of the speed number of your subscribers, consistency of guest blogging is a sure bet content marketing effort for gaining target audience and user acquisition and increasing number of subscriber’s base through diversifying content band, products and services to different set of audience potentially thrilled about my content and had to subscribe to get along. 
Guest blogging is a sure way of getting qualified leads provided you published or submitted quality content that pique the readers interest, which could be a huge traffic source and potential customers back to your website or blog.

4. Build Relationship with Readers and Bloggers
Relationship is an important online and offline business building strategy for a growing company and relationship helps bloggers achieve blogging business goal, guest blogging and relating with the like-minded people and other top bloggers in the blogosphere, helping creating positive impression about you in the mind of the people, and as well make them like you, and willing to stick around with you.
By posting and contributing to other blogger’s blogs, you make yourself known and open for new connection with readers, like-minded people and fellow bloggers alike who would like to related and know more about you, helping you build new connections, relationship and business alliance. 
Ever since I started guest posting in some blogs, there’s this increasing relationship and reputation between those bloggers, and guest blogging can help you create bond of relationship, friendship, partnership, social fans and followers, which eventually could lead to making outstanding differences in your blogging career; since they now sees you as friend, success contributor, a thought leader and authority in your niche marketing mind field. 
5. Build Author’s Portfolio

Since guest blogging is basically having a blog post with your author bio on someone else blog, by showing what you are capable of, is a great way to build your portfolio and make some money from it too as a blogger. 
So, if I may ask, what is your portfolio says about you? Your portfolio is your greatest assets that can get you hired or makes people dump you.
Guest blogging on other blogger’s websites will create positive impression about you in the mind the people. And, provided the content are unique, this will create you a strong blogging portfolio that makes more people esteem you very highly, make you new friend, and eager to stick around with you through increase and retain reputation that position you as an authority or expert in your niche.
6. Build Trust and Credibility

Building trust with customers is crucial in today’s selling environment, and guest blogging is a sure way for building trust and credibility of your brand with the extended audience, provided the content are unique.
When you provide epic content that pique the reader’s interest and as well as responding to questions and inquiries makes on the guest content through comments, chances is that readers will come to trust, respect and esteem you high as an authority and expert in your niche industry. 
Guest blogging earns more of readers trust and credibility that makes them retained visitors, since they’re getting your voice heard and agreeing to your demonstrations that you are competent, credible and trustworthy.
7. Build Increasing Backlinks 
Backlinks till date is still an important ranking factor used by Google and other major search engines for estimating website on the web. Not just backlinks from any sites with low traffic stat that may even affect your site ranking, but submitting quality content to authority sites for building search engine strength (trust and citation flow), domain authority (DA) and PR, SERP, authorship etc.
Guest blogging increasing backlinks and improve with for better SEO especially for authority niche related sites, provided each and individual links you drop are contextual in the guest posted articles and guest author’s bio, directly pointing to your site, being important site ranking factor by the search engine.
8. Builds Search Engine Traffic
Guest blogging will certainly brings you search engine traffic since the submitted content will be crawled, indexed and made visible on search engines; and readers may stumble on your content when they search the web on a closed, related and exact keyword match term.
The goal here is to write search engine optimized content and get them submitted to high quality and authoritative site to help the content rank well on top pages search engines. 
As a great contributing source for building search authority, it helps build the brand and the domain name on the search engine with the authoritative backlinks, and thereby support increase search engine authority.

9. Builds Social Media Profile
For running any online business, networking becomes one of the most important things in today’s world. When your guest blogging link back to your social media profile through content manipulation or author’s profile widget, you get benefits of various kinds. 
Guest blogging will not only skyrocket your social media presence if you’re good at writing quality content, but also increases your social likes, fans base and followers, leading to more of exposure, trust and credibility, shares and re-shares, social vote and mention, traffic etc, but ensure creating branded image for all social media profiles like social icon, social links and profile search engine friendly.
10. Improve your Writing Skills

Submitting content for guest blogging entails that you’ve skipped your blog the very content, and contributing to other people’s blog content most especially, niche related and relevance makes you go extra mile in your writing effort and content marketing arsenal. 
Consistency that breeds perfection with guest blogging, entails acquisition of more writing skill and experience, that also improve communication skill with the wider audience and potential customers, as well as reduces chances for article rejection through perfection.

11. Get you Reader’s View
Guest blogging is a great way to get critics and compliments that in turn helps you get better doing what you love doing. Since most of your readers may already get conversant with your writing style, engaging into guest blogging exposes you to entirely new audience with fresh or different people, and enables you get their own perspective about you.
Through comments, you can grab a clue of reader’s mind regarding your content. Positive and negative comment motivate, encourage and also give you a tips of what is and what is not of your guest articles, helping you as the blogger to understand what people think about you, the post, what readers expect, and what next to write about. 

12. Build your Online Influence
Guest blogging help builds your online influence. This is different from increasing brand exposure or portfolio. The key here is to share your best content by guest posting as much as you can with byline letting connecting your with more audience. This will help you build brand and reputation, and also builds connections with influencers. 
Make the quality of your content your first priority by being sincere in your content marketing effort providing value. This will simply get you popular, stand you out of the crowd and make you a go to place.

13. You Become an Expert 
By writing consistently for others and not being subjected to only your blog, you gain more knowledge, experience and master the act of writing in most topics relating your niche industry. 
By consistently publishing more in-depth and well research articles on authoritative sites, you gain more of people trust and credibility, and they will esteem you very high, making you become an expert and authority before the large range of targeted audience.
Guest blogging takes you across your own sphere of blogging circle and present you before a new range of audience and entire blogging world, which could help you get associated with the like-minded people and top bloggers in your niche, positioning you as an expert and building you more visibility, reputation and authority before others.
14. Improves Google Authorship 
Authorship is simply establishing you to Google as the author of a piece of content that get published on a website. Successful implementation of Google authorship increases CTR and builds your reputation. It ensures that author information (your Google+ profile picture) shows up on SERPs both for internal content published on your site and external content published or submitted on a 3rd party website.
If you currently have no authorship setup in your site, you can link to your Google+ profile from the post page directly (using ?ref=author) or indirectly (using a meta tag, for example: <link rel="author" href="/>), which helps you leaves a fairly easy to notice footprint your work on the internet.

15. It create More Business Opportunities
Guest blogging certainly create business opportunity that enables you to get more connection, partnership and business alliance by reaching out to other bloggers accepting blogging, and as well as receiving inquiries regarding guest posting on your site; this create a win-win business opportunity that trigger willingness to reciprocate guest article, which brings about bond of business connection, association, partnership, and ability to give back to start-up and online business community by sharing valuable information with others out there.

16. It captures a Wider Audience
Guest blogging is an awesome tool for capturing wider audience and reaching more to billions of targeted and potential customers who will potentially appreciate your effort and the content shared among the variety of sites and channels, as well as get your ideas in front of thousand of readers. 

17. You become Authority Blogger
The difference will be cleared between you and the other bloggers. I mean these differences that stand you out of the crowd. Since it can be hard for bloggers to create authority for their niche, it can some time take time to build a page authority. With guest blogging, the whole thing is relatively made easy due to targeting high ranking and authority sites and gets fruitful result in a very short duration. 
18. It build your Domain Authority
The real deal when considering picking sites for guest blogging is targeting authority sites that’s niche related to yours, and one of the guest blogging best practice is to link relevance 3rd party content that can lead to increasing PageRank (PR) and Domain Authority (DA) through the quality of bacliklinks. 
As you keep guest posting on authority sites with your byline and relevance contextual links pointing your site, you are gradually building and compounding authority link juice passes to your site, and thus helping you builds and increase your blog Domain authority, and also high impact on your search engines through automated analytic algorithms of your website listing on the SERPs.
The greater your blog domain authority, the more likely search traffic and higher rankings your site will receive, since domain authority are site ranking determining factor like links pointing to your website, provided they links are authoritative and relevance.
19. It build Retains Visitors
Guest posting if done right, works really well to promote your business and website - driving really targeted traffic ready to buy from you and giving you a boost in your search engine. This also helps you each more and more social group, leading to combining the audience of the others bloggers altogether.
By presenting yourself as expert and authority through your guest content, you build new subscribers, social fans, trust, portfolio, etc that in turn ready to bookmark your blog and frequently stick around learning from you.

20. It Increases PageRank
By consistently publishing or submitting articles as guest posts will lead to increasing in backlinks through byline and contextual linking. Increase in PageRank then can result to an extremely good amount of organic traffic of your blog through links juices passes from these authoritative sites to your blog . 
In conclusion, I’m quite aware that some bloggers are gradually stepping on Google’s toes by practicing the act of publishing articles on their blogs and thereafter, submitting the same articles as guest posts with their bylines or in-scripted author’s bio profiles in order not to seems like neglecting guest blogging, this does not make any sense to Google and other search engines not to consider those content duplicate. 
Therefore, guest blogging best practice requires that you wholeheartedly submit fresh and quality articles for guest blogging, and not content already published on your blog or somewhere, vice versa after submission.
Should in case you want to start guest blogging business, I accept offer guest blogging opportunity too, and you can refer to my Guest Writer’s page for my guest articles submission guideline
For more of guest blogging opportunities, irrespective of your niche, here are the lists of 101 sites accepting guest blogging in Nigeria.
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