Author’s avatar (profile photo) behind posts titles in Blogger

If you are one of those bloggers desiring to make an outstanding differences such as having a well designed, beautiful and professional looking weblog, author’s avatar (profile photo) which is likely the real image of you - as the brain (author) behind the posted article, should therefore be made to appear behind post title, being one of the most advanced customized feature you should add to your Blogspot or Blogger.

Author’s avatar (profile image) before blog post titles works great for each Blogspot and Blogger users not respective to blog admin, but guest bloggers from the same Blogspot and Blogger can also have their author’s avatar (profile photo) appeared behind the guest authored articles titles, provided those articles were published by the guest author(s) after prior contributor’s (guest blogging) invitation was made.

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This is great for building brand and portfolio especially for blogs with huge contributors that enables you distinguish posts from authors behind them; only that the author’s avatar (profile image) is not clickable where you can click to get to know more about the author, which could have potentially lead to further clicks on integrated hyperlinks that could possibly resulted to traffic back to the guest author’s sites.

However, since there’s room for a well known Author’s Profile Widget Bellow Posts that displays brief info about the author or guest, and provision for External Guest Blogger Author’s Profile Widget, there’s no limitation for getting author’s avatar behind posts title regarding click through to get no more of the guest author specifically in Blogspot of Blogger blog.

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The primary goal is great widget (Author’s Avatar before posts titles) is not to build you traffic or search engine, but to bring a professional tough to your blog, and get all the author’s (admin or guests) avatars behind their posted article titles.

Add author’s avatar before post title in blogger


If you’re new into editing Template, I recommend you make a Backup of your Blogger. The reason is should in case anything go wrong / you messed up with codes in your Blogspot or Blogger Template Editor, you can easily go back upload your backup Blogger Template, bringing back the messed codes redeeming your blog.

To simply get your author’s avatar (profile photo) behind each and all of your blog posts titles, which also works the same for all guest blogger publishing directly from the same Blogspot and Blogger dashboard, follow the simple steps bellow.

1. Login to your Blospot or Blogger dashboard

2. Click on “Theme”.

3. Click on “Edit HTML

4. Paste your mouse on the HTML codes and press CTRL + F.

5. From the pop up search box, search for ]]></b:skin>

6. When you find the code, add the code bellow above before/above this code ]]></b:skin>


7. Now, search for </head>

8. Above the </head>, page below code.

function av(a){var[0];$t;$image.src.replace(/\/s[0-9]+(-*c*)\//,'/s30$1/');document.write('<img alt="'+c+'" class="avatar-author" src="'+d+'" title="'+c+'"/>')}

9. Now, search for
<b:if cond='data:post.title'>

10. There is two of it. In the last one, paste this code above it.

<script expr:src='&quot;/feeds/posts/default/&quot; + + &quot;?alt=json-in-script&amp;amp;callback=av&quot;'/>

11. Save the template.

Finally, author’s avatar (profile photo) works both for Blogspot and Blogger blogs, and it’s not for building blog traffic or search engine, but to bring a personal tough to your blog as one top professional feature you can add to your blog to make look hmmm….

It second and most important blogging feature is to get all authors and contributors avatars behind their individual posted article titles

I guest this article has been of help to you with respect to having more professional and stylish well designed blog? Kindly share with friend and use the comment box bellow.


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