Author’s Profile Widget Below Posts in Blogger blog

Are you a newbie, intermediate or a pro blogger with no author’s profile widget integrated below posts in your Blogger blog? If that sound like you, you are simply displaying un-professionalism in your blogging career, and at the same time losing a lot of money on a table.

Author’s profile widget is not only subject to bloggers using Blogspot or Blogger platform, but equally applicable to other bloggers using CMS like Wordpress etc. This is more or less traffic, marketing and a portfolio building tool when compared to displaying the default author’s profile in Blogger, which could either “Blogger profile” (Blogger Badge) or “Google+ profile” (About Me).
Author’s profile widget for Blogger blog is a simple traffic generation tool especially for guest authors from the same Content Management Service (CMS) because, when you have your author’s profile widget activated, and at the same time, guest posting on the same CMS blog with the same author’s profile widget also activated, you appears beneath the guest posted article as the blog contributor, which could rack in massive targeted traffic back to your blog, since the guest posted blog visitors would be eager to know more about you by clicking on your author’s bio links.
Order than traffic and backlink you derive back to your blog through author’s profile widget bio links as a guest author, author’s profile widget is a great blogging tool for building brand exposure, portfolio, and credibility.

Author’s profile widget for blogger blog enables you to add a short author’s bio or signature to your blog, which may also appear on other blogs with the same widget integrated when guest posting . This widget for content author’s profile makes it easy to tell your visitors or external posts visitors brief about you.
Author’s profile widget play more of important role by displaying author’s bio or signature immediately beneath the end of the post which default blogger profile could not; though, you can add this great widget to your blog header, sidebar or even blog footer, but makes a lot senses if you set it to display beneath blog post.
One important factor you need to know about author’s profile widget specifically for Blogger blog is that this widget works in synonym with Google+ profile. So, to get this awesome blogging tool setup properly on your blog, you need to change or switch profile from Blogger to Google+.
Author’s profile widget for Blogspot or Blogger users is a great deal for guest blogging, since Google+ profile can be edited with hyperlinks for growing social profile, advertising and marketing products and services. This can also beautify your blog professionally and stand you and your blog out of the quacks.

Integrating Author’s Profile Widget in Blogger

Author’s profile widget for Blogspot or Blogger blog works best with Google­+ profile and its description, and may be entirely difference issue in Wordpress with a special plugin. 
Author’s profile widget for Blogspot or Blogger blog remains static bellow all blog post in Blogspot or Blogger blog. To make it of highly standard, you must have your branded  Google Plus Profile Picture edited with possible hyperlinks in the description (story line) for brand promotion, social media connection, affiliate products marketing, traffic generation and much more that works best for guest blogging, blog commenting and forum posting.

Author’s profile widget bellows every blog posts in Blogger can be made to appear on both web and mobile view. But before then, to successfully get your author’s profile widget below every blog post in Blogger, you must firstly switch profile from Blogger to Google+ since it is Google plus profile details you’re going to use for the author’s profile widget.

1. Login to you Blogger dashboard

2. Click on ‘Layout

3. Click on the ‘Edit’ link of the Blog post Layout. See image bellow.

Author’s Profile Widget for Blogger blog1

4. The Edit link will open pop up “Configure Blog Post” window gadget just like the one in the image bellow.

Author’s Profile Widget for Blogger blog2

5. Now, you have to scroll down the Blog Post configuration Gadget to a point that says “Show Author Profile Bellow Posts”.

6. No, tick the box as indicated on the image above.

7. Srool down the configuration window and then click “Save”.

At this level, you just made your author profile widget appears bellow ever blog posts, but you need to customized with your Google plus profile. 

8. Click on your dashboard “Theme”  >> Edit HTML and press CTRL+F to pop up a search box.

9. On the search box that popup, search for <b:if cond='data:top.showMobileShare'> .. Sometimes, it may seem difficult to get the complete link of that code, so you can search for ‘showMobileShare’. You’ll definately find the code.

10. At this point when you find the code, look closely down until you find the closing </div> tag as indicated in the screenshot below.. 

11. After the last </div> tags, paste the following code below the last </div>

<p style="font-size: 18px; border-bottom: 1px solid #333;">About Author</p>
<b:if cond='data:post.authorAboutMe'>
<div class='author-profile' itemprop='author' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype=''>
<b:if cond='data:post.authorPhoto.url'>
<img expr:src='data:post.authorPhoto.url' itemprop='image' width='50px'/>
<a class='g-profile' expr:href='data:post.authorProfileUrl' itemprop='url' rel='author' title='author profile'>
<span itemprop='name'><></span>
<span itemprop='description'><data:post.authorAboutMe/></span>

12. Click on “Save Template”.

And that's all for integrating author's profile widget bellow all blog post in Blogspot or Blogger blog. All you need now is to go back and check your previous blog posts and you’ll see your Author Profile Widget well displayed bellow every post. 

Note: bloggers from the Blogspot or Google Blogger platform who has their author's profile widget integrated into their blogs, can have these profile widget displayed below all their guest articles published on Blogspot or Blogger, provided those sites also have  author's profile widget integrated.
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