Traffboost: Get Free Traffic and Quality Backlink

Traffboost is one of those free traffic platforms that helps you generate massive free blog traffic and also gives you quality backlink when considering how important is blog traffic and quality backlinks for a successful online business.

I was searching the internet for 'quality free blog traffic' and I stumbled on Traffboost. While seeming too good to be true, I had no option than to register and play around the site to get to know how it really works.
The surprising thing about Traffboost just as it name is, and claimed to gives you traffic in 1 minute, Traffboost actually delivered it promises beyond my expectation in a very short while, and that’s why I’m writing exposing to you this great traffic generating tool, should you too be looking for a way to generating free blog traffic.

Traffboost, How It Works

Traffboost believes in giving you free traffic in just 1 minute; but before then, you need to follow these 3 simple steps to list your website or blog, and that includes:
1. Add your website 
You need to sign up, add your website for free (quality back-linking) and get instant 500 signup bonus points free.

You’ll need to assign some points to your listing. Visitors earn these points from you when they visit your website.

Order than the 500 free signup bonus points, you can view/visit some sites and get some points starting from 10 to 100 point.

2. Attract visitors

Assign more points to receive more visitors and display your listing on top search results. The minimum points to assign is 10 points, and you can assign 10, 15, 20 and so on points up to 100 points maximum.

Traffboost users prefer to visit website that assign more points to boost their point for listing sites for more visitors.

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You can simply buy more points or visit other sites to receive more points.

3. Collect points
Your website is still visible to potential visitors as far as you still have more points. You should visit other websites listed at Traffboost to get more points to list your website, or simply buy some points pack to keep your website visible.

The points pack prices are relatively friendly and affordable.

What’s special about the Traffboost?


I signed up with Traffic and after adding my website Url, I visited some sites to gain more points added to my 500 free signup points. Thereafter, I assigned some points to get traffic to my website listing, surprising and unexpectedly after 2 days, I noticed a backlink from Traffboost to my blog on search engine. Check the image below for confirmation.

The second benefits of using Traffboost order than the backlink is the confirmation that Traffboost truly works, and when I visited my blog dashboard to noticed Traffboost in as one of the top traffic source to my blog from my Blogger dashboard Stat.

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That’s to say, with just signing up, adding site, visiting few sites and assigning points to my blog listing, I was able to create quality backlink and as well increases my blog traffic, which both are important blog ranking factors.

Traffboost Affiliate Program

Traffboost also offers an affiliate marketing system and you can start referring others to and earn a whooping affiliation commissions (more points) without visiting other site to earn points or neither buy a points pack to get your own website listing for consistence free traffic.

You can invite friends, colleagues or website visitors to join Traffup and get 500 points for every person that you've referred who then joins us. You also earn points whenever your referrals invite their own friends to join TraffBoost. The points can be earned up to 3 levels.

Note: you only get referral bonus when your referral does visit at least 10 websites. This rule prevent people from create a lot of referral to get the bonus points.

You can add your referral link on your website or blog. When people visit TraffBoost and register, your website url will be reviewed first if it's real it will be approved and will showed on TraffBoost backlinks list.

Traffboost offers quality blog traffic and hence, these traffic are real human visitors. But, be reminded that Traffboost traffic may not deliver to you a targeted audience and prospective customers due to the fact that those visitors are also on a mission to also get some points, which after visiting your website on a specified less a minute time space, they’ll be prompt to leave. However, visitors can decides to click further should they find any interesting information provided on your website.
In conclusion, having in mind the greater benefits of gaining quality backlink from authoritative and high ranking site like Traffboost on search engine and increasing real human blog traffic (Traffboost traffic) as indicated on my blog search engine and in the ‘stat’ of my Blogger dashboard, it is therefore is a great motivation to stick around using Traffboost as a great traffic generating tool
I hope this article has been of help? Kindly share with friends and use the comment box. 



  1. Traffboost surely looks like something every website and blog needs to get ahead. Love such simple innovations that can be handled by even newbies like me!

    1. Definitely, TraffBoost is really a cool way to get blog traffic especially for the beginners, and could make a lot of sense if you're good in affiliate marketing, since TraffBoost award you with instant 500 points that you could use without having to spend time visiting other sites or buying TraffBoost traffic pack.

  2. Traffic Boost sound interesting and would love to use this. I like instant likes and back link part of this.

    1. Sure, you have to give it a try hence its free, I believe you'll love it.

  3. I didn't even know places like this exist. I will definitely be looking into this!

  4. Traffboost seems amazing! Even though I prefer organic visitor which doesnt happen much I might use this! Their system is logic and sounds very easy!

  5. This is interesting, seems like quite a find. Maybe I'll give it a shot!


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