Why your blog not getting traffic

Traffic is a lifeblood of any online business, and it’s the most important factor for a must succeed blog on the net. If as a blogger, you’re not getting quality and targeted blog traffic, in this post therefore, I’ll be telling you several possible limitations that could hinder your blog from getting organic targeted traffic.

Blog traffic is simply number of eyeballs (real human visitor) reading your blog content at particular point in time; and as important blogging and online business factor, you should always strive to generating massive free blog traffic.
Number of traffic on a blog can be measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, using some web softwares or platforms like Alexa, Google, Majestic, etc that offers various sites services like site traffic stat, and other certification features for websites estimation and examination.

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There is also ‘bot traffic’ by which some blogger tends to manipulate more traffic to their blogs, but this is not considered best practices by Google and other search engines like Bing etc. The bot traffic neither, is not quality – real human visitors that stumble the website through any of the various channels like search engines, social media, web directories, forum etc, but simply Bot.
Since traffic is what most required for successful blogging or online business, this entails that the traffic should be real human visitors that create blog interactivity such as liking , following, commenting, sharing, subscribing, conversion, buying etc that takes place on your blog. 

If your blog is not getting the traffic it deserve, or still struggling to get at-least 2million Alexa site ranking in the world, simply read on as I outline various free traffic principles you may be neglecting, that possibly hinder your blog traffic performances and interactivity.

Blog traffic is of majorly two forms, and that includes, 
  • Free blog traffic
  • Paid blog traffic

Every other form of blog traffic is categorized into ‘free or paid’ blog traffic practices.


Why you’re not getting blog traffic


Below are the reasons why your blog is not getting the traffic if deserves:
1. You neglect paid traffic.
I told you that blog traffic is of two types, free or paid. So, one reason you’re not getting traffic and blog being engulfs with millions of other non traffic oriented sites is simply because you do not consider buying traffic.
There are many platforms on the net can offer premium blog traffic services on any specified amount to suit your purchasing capacity. A platform like Maxvisits and Growtraffic offers paid traffic ranging from $1. 
Most of these paid traffic platforms like Easyvisitors, Traffic-masters, PPAmate etc offers targeted traffic where you can pay for traffic from a particular country, and in demographic.

Other form of paid traffic
  • Sponsored post
  • Advertising
  • Google adword
  • PPC
  • Alexa site certification
  • Paid web directories submission
  • Etc

2. You neglect your blog SEO.
Blog (SEO) Search Engine Optimization is simply a practice by which a website is made to gain more traffic and appear hugely on search engine in same or related keyword search result.
Perhaps, when it comes to blog search engine optimization, it is an ongoing factor. And precisely, there are various best SEO practices that are required for every must succeed blogs on the net, of which without can hinder your blog search engine visibility and traffic.

Important SEO practices for getting traffic


Below, are the few important SEO practices that if without, can hinder your blog getting quality traffic it deserves: 
1. Submitting website to search engines
By submitting your website so search engines like Google Webmaster Tool - now known as Google Search Console, and other search engines like Bing Webmaster Tool, Yandex etc helps officially notify search engines of your website.

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Submitting site to search engines helps create or track your blog sitemap, enabling search engines to crawl and index all of your important allowed pages.

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Order than official site notification of search engines, creating sitemap and helping search bot and spider for more onward crawling and indexing, submitting site to search engines automatically create your personal search engines panel especially for the submitted site, where you can track and monitor the site performance, as well as power tips to help you get the most of your blog SEO.

2. Submitting site to search engine directories

By submitting blog to search engine directories be it free or paid, this help you gain more blog search engine visibility. Although, directories seem fallen out of fashion, but there are still benefits to being listed there for your blog SEO because, it counts as an incoming links, which is one of the variables in search engine algorithm.

The best way to get the most of your blog search engine by submitting site to search directories is to do so targeting your niche directories, which helps you gain targeted visitors and appropriate search engine listing.

3. Optimizing blog meta tags

By optimizing your blog meta tags, it entirely boast your blog post and pages performance and it visibility on search engines since meta tags are embodiment of your blog posts and pages performance in search engines result pages and in SERPs.

Blog meta tags for optimization includes:
  • Title page
  • Header (H1 – H6)
  • Keyword rich content 
  • Description
  • Permalink url structure.
  • Labels (Categories). 
For those into blogging, optimizing your blog meta tags helps the blog posts appears on top pages search engines, and best present your content to searchers continuing  searching on a close, related or exact keyword match term. 

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It also helps boast blog SERPs, leading to organic search traffic, CTR, and higher ranking your blog.

4. Customizing robots.txt file

Customizing your blog custom robots.txt file as a set of code of instruction that interacts with search engine crawler or spider like Googlebot on a set of action of either to crawl and index your old and new or entire blog content or not.
Reasons for customizing robots.txt file of your blog is because, there are some not so important pages of your blog like ‘search pages’, ‘archive pages’, ‘custom error pages’ and such a likes of pages that may cause search engine bots and spiders to crawl same pages over and over due to multiple links within those pages.

This practice of crawling multiple link pages like Label/Categories, archive etc over and over makes search engine bot and spider to consider those multiple link pages as spam. So, customizing blog robots.txt act as a set of instruction that either allow or stop bot or spider to crawl and index a certain link page or stop them from wasting time crawling and indexing the same information over and over.

For example:

User – agent: *
Disallow: / search
Allow: / 

5. Creating Full SEO Plugin Pack

Creating Full SEO Plugin pack for Blogger blog generally known as All In One SEO Plugin Pack in Wordpress helps your blog with other important search engine practices with various blog meta tags having no stone un-turned.

The SEO plugin pack helps your blog hugely because it contains numerous optimization practices like 
  • Showing post title before blog title
  • Optimize posts titles header tags
  • Optimizing robot meta tags – example: <meta content=’all’ name=”robots”
  • Optimizing author meta tags – example:
   <meta name=”author”
   content =”author name here”>
  • Optimizing autor name generator – example:
  <meta name=”generator”
  content =”Web building platform here”>
  • Etc etc of meta tags names like revisit-after, copyright, email, country, language and more.
These are important SEO elements for building search traffic, user acquisition, CTR and ranking.

6. Mobile friendly and responsive site.
If you don’t have mobile friendly website that’s well responsive, it would be affecting your blog traffic and site performances thereby increasing the rate at which visitors exit away your site.

Mobile friendly blog entails that the website is well structured in all mobile devices. Responsiveness means that the blog can load very fast and as well easy to stroll from the top to the end.

There's this continuous increasing rate of mobile visitors accessing the web over the rate of visitors accessing the web from Desktop or Laptop. Optimizing your blog for mobile friendliness will have an increasing turnaround of your blog performances both in number of visitors, pageview, CTR, bounce rate, conversion etc.

A well responsive theme (template) or unresponsive theme (template) can make or mar your blog mobile friendliness. There are both free and premium theme (Wordpress) and template (Blogger) on the net, which you can download and thereafter upload into your blog for getting the most of it mobile friendly and responsiveness.

7. Sufficient content

Insufficient blog content can make you not get the traffic your blog deserves. Should you have insufficient blog content, this could be as a result of losing the drive and motivation for writing – writer’s block, or simply means that you are new to blogging and do not write as much as possible and expected.

Addition blog content consistently impress Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc because those are information search engine bot and spider are interested for crawling and indexing, and as well as presenting them to searchers who search on a close, related or exact keyword matched term.

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Whether these content are optimized or not, search engines will reward you for adding them, but well optimized content have better chances of showing on top search engines search result pages, leading to more organic search engines visibility of a blog, CTR and improved ranking.

8. Social media share

You don’t have enough social media share and it affecting your blog traffic. Most time, sharing only on our social media timelines and pages may not be enough to get you the amount of traffic your blog deserve. You need to go extra mile sharing your new or old blog posts in large places like social groups and connections.

Like I often did, you can create about 5 Facebook pages and join over 100 Facebook groups that centers on niche related to yours, and each time you make a new blog post, you can simply share them on your profile, pages, groups and so on, so as to triple the blog traffic you would have gotten only by sharing on timeline.

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Since Google now consider social media signal as a blog ranking factor, sharing posts largely on top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Google+ etc, can brings about likes, comments, re-shares, social votes, mentions and signals, leading to increasing blog traffic and ranking.

9. Social media bookmarking site

You don’t share your blog post on social media bookmarking sites and its contributing to why you don’t have sufficient blog traffic as expected. The fact is, the power of social media bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg, Delicious etc can never be underestimated because, they brings in hugely targeted visitor interested in your blog offering.

There are these powerful social sharing and content advertising platforms, and the one I'm using and can recommed is known as Shareaholic, where you can get specific snippet codes embed on your blog just to grab access to almost all social media bookmarking site share buttons, all together for you and your visitors to share your old and new blog post to the world at-large.

10. Building off-pages SEO

Building off-page SEO is more or less advanced search engine optimization of a blog, and it is very important you don’t neglect it. These SEO practices include:

  • Link building
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum posting
  • Gust blogging
  • Etc ete

In conclusion,  since blogging or content marketing can be fun if you're passionate about a certain topic or niche, and also frustrating if the statistic shows that you're not getting adequate traffic your blog deserves, the above listed points are clearly what you need to pay attention to, if truly you want to see your blog traffic skyrocketing.

I hope this article has been of help to you? Kindly let me know what's your take on this, using the comment box bellow.


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