How to Track Transaction Hash ID in Blockchain

How to Track Transaction Harsh ID in Blockchain

In the same segmented niche content I discussed “How to trade cryptocurrencies effectively,” and ability to track your transaction harsh ID from your block explorer website was one of the core elements listed as best practices for effective cryptocurrencies trading.

Bitcoin as the mother of cryptocurrencies and the most traded coin also have a Public Blockchain Explorer which can be used to send Bitcoin payment and also view all previous Bitcoin payment made on the Blockchain. This Transaction payment information is usually publicly available with its own transaction TXID or HASH ID, date of transaction, amount sent, receiving bitcoin wallet etc.

There are alternative sites that can offer Bitcoin wallet and can also search the Blockchain explorer, for example, Coinbase etc. It’s your personal choice to choose which one of those platforms you best preferred. However, we concentrate our focus on tracking Bitcoin or Enthereum transaction hash ID from the Blockchain Explorer

As every Blockchain based coin transaction has their unique harsh ID as a way to look up specific transaction on the explorer, locating the exact transaction hash ID of a particular transaction can sometime becomes a big problem for beginners and most savvy crypto investors, of which many have lost their coins and some money due to non reversibility transaction and at the course of filling a wrong transaction hash ID.

Inability to successfully identify your transaction hash ID in the Blockchain explorer can also cause your transaction account to be suspicious which could lead to termination if you mistakenly input wrong transaction hash ID. This has once happened to me, I wanted to buy some OBCoin (One Billion Coin), I sent some amount to Bitcoin to a specified Bitcoin wallet address, I was to input the transaction hash ID before I can successfully confirm the transaction receiving my OBC. I used wrong transaction hash ID consecutively and my OBC account was deleted include the Bitcoin I already sent to their specified Bitcoin wallet.

As a crypto student or investor, you’ll definitely need the knowledge and the services of tracking transaction hash ID in the Blockchain explorer among the 3 methods of trading cryptocurrencies effectively which include wallet to wallet, merchant upgrade and using the trading platforms method.

The merchant upgrade method of trading cryptocurencies effectively is not only revolves around upgrading merchants account who accept Bitcoin as the means of payment (required to send stipulated amount of Bitcoin to a specified wallet address and thereafter required you copying the transaction hash ID to a provided box for authentication of the said transaction or the account upgrade), but also applicable to other cryptocurrencies and their way of buying coin – Example, buying OBC (One Billion Coin), Bitcoin Cash etc.

 Tracking Bitcoin and Enthereum Transaction Hash ID in Blockchain Explorer has now added Enthereum to join Bitcoin on their platform, and you can simply exchange Bitcoin for Enthereum vise versa. So, should you want to track Bitcoin or Enthereum transaction hash ID, this method is the same.

1. Login to you dashboard.

2. On the left sidebar, click on the coin (Bitcoin or Enthereum) you want to track transaction hash ID. You will see all the previous transaction details displays including failed transaction, pending transaction and successful transaction.

How to Track Transaction Harsh ID in Blockchain2

4. With the details of transaction such as receiving wallet, amount send, description, date, time etc, you can easily track a particular transaction you want to track it HASH ID or TXID.

5. Now, click on the “>” arrow of any transaction you want to track it HASH ID.

How to Track Transaction Harsh ID in Blockchain2 

6. Each successful transaction where you click on the “>” as indicated on the above screenshot will pop down a “confirmed transaction”. See image bellow.

How to Track Transaction Harsh ID in Blockchain3

7. Now, click on the “Transaction Confirmed” to verify your transaction and display your HASH ID. The “Transaction Confirmed” when clicked upon will open a new window displaying information about the Bitcoin transaction and it HASH ID.

How to Track Transaction Harsh ID in Blockchain

If it was Enthereum you used for sending the payment and you want to track the Enthereum transaction hash ID from Enthereum Block explorer, just follow the steps as applicable to Bitcoin as explained above, which includes:

1. Login to dashboard.

2. Click on the Ethereum next to Bitcoin on the dashboard, 

3. From the list of all the Enthereum transaction, click on the “>” arrow of the Enthereum transaction you want to track TXID, 

4. Now click on the “Transaction confirmed” that pop down and you’ll be taken to a new pop up window similar to the one in the image bellow, where you can successfully track your Enthereum transaction hash ID.

How to Track Transaction Harsh ID in Blockchain4

Finally, tracking Bitcoin and Enthereum transaction hash ID, TxID or TXHash in the Blockchain explorer or Enthereum Block Explorer requires the same processes for the boin coin at the The only difference is the Blockchain explorer and the Entherum Block explorer for generating transaction hash ID

Other coin or external coin transaction can as well be tracked of their transaction hash ID. The major thing is the type of coin you used to send the payment and the platform involve.

With the as the world largest Bitcoin wallet provider on the Blockchain explorer and the Enthereum as the next important or popular cryptocurrencies, you can be rest assured of sending Bitcoin and Enthereum of any kind either for merchant account upgrade or for buying other crypto coins with fear of losing your money to inability tracking their respective transaction TxHash.

I hope this article has been of help, enabling you successfully track every Bitcoin and Enthereum transaction hash ID using Kindly let me know what's your take on this, or if you have any pending issue regarding tracking transaction hash ID in Blockchain, kindly let me know using the the comment box bellow.

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