Bitconnect vs Hextracoin – Scam Review

Bitconnect vs Hextracoin – Scam Review

Just to be clear, every investment is risky as most investors have lost their money to HYIPs. However, some HYIPs have credibility more than the other which is why we are going to make an honest review between Bitconnect and Hextracoin to know which one has more credibility, hence, this review won't be based on personal opinion, instead, it will be based on what is obvious between the two HYIPs. 

The information below should be considered as information only and should in no way be considered as investment advice. Let's begin with Bitconnect;


Bitconnect Review - why Bitconnect is better than Hextracoin

1. Speaking of credibility, Bitconnect has been running smoothly for over a year now, with no negative record about the platform. The chances of Bitconnect are to survive as long as the crypto market survives. It is a self-sufficient coin with over 2million of it in circulation. It is now at No. 21 of the cryptocurrency market in terms of market capital.

2. Do they pay? Obviously, they do, there is been no record of delayed payment or loss of investment. This post isn't meant to promote Bitconnect but that doesn't negate the fact that Bitconnect is consistent in its ROI to a very good extent.

3. Will they run longer? There are factors used in checking the credibility and profitability of an investment program of which you can find here. Market cap and Team happen to be few out of those factors, so let's take a look at bitconnect market capitalization as well as the teams behind it.
4. Market value: As at the time of this post, Bitconnect has the market value of over $600 million. The market value makes it conspicuous that bitconnect is popular and financially stable enough to survive at least for the next 12 months.
5. Teams: Bitconnect isn't faceless like Hextracoin. Even though we don't know the sole owner of Bitconnect, at least we know the subordinates behind them. Bitconnect has thirty popular partners based in India, Russia, Vietnam and so on among others. Some of their popular partners include; ethbet, coinpoint, bitnews, krypC technologies, coin news Asia and so on. None of these partners has ever denied collaboration with Bitconnect, therefore, an investment platform which has 30+ partners is way better and more credible than a faceless investment platform.
7. Source of revenue: Bitconnect claims to be using a trading bot for their investment. To some extent, this sounds convincing because there are bots like crypto agent bot which has been used by investors like Peter krauspe of which he gave his experience of how the bot works. Click this YouTube link to watch how crypto agent bot works.

BitConnect has pre-mined 2.4 million BCC. They have a proof of participation / proof of work system. Proof of participation means that you are rewarded with an interest in exchange for not selling your coins.
Considering the above, they have enough BCC to pay interest to their investor. They pay interest at $ but you have to buy BCC and then sell BCC for BTC if you want to withdraw.
8. Website review: the Bitconnect website is professionally designed and has a domain extension of 5 counties which suggest that the team behind Bitconnect are in for serious a business and not just a short-term business plan. The Bitconnect website has references pages which include a contact page, about page, partners page, overall, the website design isn't cheap compared to that Hextracoin. Another good thing about Bitconnect website is that they try to keep their members updated about the development of the platform as well as general digital currency development by adding a section for crypto news in the footer area of their website.

Hextracoin Review - why Hextracoin is Mostly to be a Scam.

1. Credibility: Hextracoin definitely has no reputation as we speak, although the participants might have been making money from it, but it's a matter of time before hextracoin shows their real color just like and auroramine. Hextracoin has no market cap and it isn't very much recognized in the crypto market.
2. Do they pay? as at the time of this post, hextracoin are paying their members but since hextracoin isn't as popular as bitconnect, there is less chatter about it on the global forum, hence, it is hard to conclude if members get delayed before getting paid.

3. Will they run for long? So far, there is no sign of a long-term business plan from Hextracoin, judging by the fact that they are practically invincible except we know the URL to the site, nothing else suggests how credible the platform is.
4. Source of revenue: the source of revenue isn't stated anywhere on the site plus they promise up to 1.6% daily profit which makes it more suspicions of being a scam. They have no partner or a recognized owner of the platform, everything about Hextracoin is completely anonymous.
5. Website review: The website design is too cheap for a serious investment platform. The dashboard is polychromatic just as other dead hyip sites have used the psychology of colors to entice investors.

The have no terms of use or privacy policy, and the most crappy aspect of the website is that it has no homepage or introduction page, instead it automatically redirect you to the login or signup even as a first time visitor.
My suspicious grew higher when I scrolled through the site, I couldn't find contact page or about page and not even a FAQs page. This alone is enough reason to believe that Hextracoin is a potential scam that is yet to break people's heart. 

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