Get Free and Paid Traffic with

Get Free and Paid Traffic with

Get 2000 page views (visitors) to your website or blog free of charge just for signing up with, and that requires your email address and your website’s URL (eg: to send you the 2000 page-views free traffic. unlike that gives your quality traffic and backlinks, do not accept 3rd level domains (eg:, shorteners or any similar services for signing up or free trial account, and you can choose global (mixed) traffic source, your country only or traffic from other continents targeting visitors.

After you’ve registered an account with, and also received your 2000 hits on your website, you can choose to go upgrade by purchasing any of the Trafficbot premium or Economy Traffic Packages such as:
  • Micro - $4.99 per month, where you receive 24,000 visitors to your website per month.
  • Mini - $9.99 per month, where you receive 60,000 visitors to your website per month.
  • Small - $19 per month, where you receive 15,000 visitors to your website per month.
  • Medium - $29 per month, where you receive 300,000 visitors to your website per month.
  • Large - $59 per month, where you receive 600,000 visitors to your website per month. 

Trafficbot uk Paid Traffic Packages delivers high quality traffic to meet all customers need. For some reason if your blog not getting traffic and you’re after huge number of traffic, Trafficbot uk can deliver millions of visitors per month with 100% guarantee conversion from real human visitors sent to your website or blog.
Trafficbot is a project which uses various traffic sizes combined, and the community is growing exponentially with estimated number of members to reach 100,000 by the end of this year 2017. The free geo-targeting helps you create a project and choose what country’s traffic you would like to receive from the 75 supported countries. 

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Join early and receive free share hits (2000 visitors) just for signing up, after which you can choose to buy either cheap or bulk Trafficbot Economy traffic packages that covers;
  • Geo-targeting.
  • Bounce rate control.
  • Session duration control.
  • Language control.
  • Navigation funnels.
  • Google analysis. Affilaite Program offers an affiliate program for registered members where they pay you 20% to 30% referrer’s commission fee for each purchase made by your referred users. They also offer Alexa ranking traffic packages with refund policy for any purchased products.
Commission earn depends on the number of active affiliate you’ve refereed or have in your account, the rates are:
  • Bronze – 20% (below 10 referrals)
  • Silver – 22% (over 10 referrals)
  • Gold – 24% (over 30 referrals)
  • Platinum – 26% (over 50 referrals)
  • Diamond – 28% (over 70 referrals)
  • Antimatter – 30% (over 100 referrals) Reseller Traffic also offers a Reseller Traffic Services and thus, takes 3 ways to become Traffic Reseller. These include Affiliate, White-Label Manual and White-Label Automated.

1. Reseller as an Affiliate
While reselling traffic as an affiliate, you don’t have your own traffic reselling website but your own unique affiliate link, being the easiest and the fastest way to earn money with Trafficbot. You need to use your affiliate link to send the traffic to and each time the sales your clients made, you receive a commission.

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All the commissions are recurrent and you receive your payment from all the sales with no expiration date, and payout is paid into your Paypal account with minimum of $100 withdrawal limited. 
It works this way:

  • You need to advertise your ref link wherever so you can generate some referrers and start earning 20% to 30% commissions.

  • Once your balance in the Reseller Dashboard reaches a minimum of $100, you can request for payout or convert it to traffic credits by sending an email to

2. White-label Manual Traffic 
The simplest way to start being a traffic reseller is white label manual only that it requires more manual labor of creating and controlling projects. It is recommended that you start it because more clients are also using it, and when you have stable income from your clients, you may go to more advance reseller package like Automated Traffic Reseller

The typical way this works includes the fact that:
  • You receive a payment from your client.
  • If you have no credits on your account balance, you can purchase them.
  • Using credits from your balance you create a project for your customer’s order.
  • If your customer request you change anything in the order, you do it manually right in your member area.
  • Once the month is over, you need to renew the project manually or check the Auto-Renew checkbox in advance in your project’s settings page.
Should there be complaint you can’t handle from your customer, you can simply forward it to support group at

3. White-label Automated Traffic
Buy traffic at a wholesale rate with the most advanced method of reselling Trafficbot uk traffic. This method requires a quite preparatory work from you and Automated Traffic Reselling presume that you already have a website where your clients put orders, and your website must be connected to server using Trafficbot Reselling API. You can fine the API’s specification in your member area after registering by clicking at API link in the Automated section of the main menu, that can automatically check your balance, create, edit, pause, resume and check the status of your project. 

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With API of White-Label Automated Traffic, you can fully automate selling process and activate the projects immediately once your customer places an order. An example of such an affiliate you can see here

Features of Trafficbot uk

  • Send unlimited traffic to multiple URLs 
  • Multi-Treading
  • Random Bowser User Agent
  • Limit traffic to send
  • Random time on web page
  • Cookies cleared each visit
  • Real-Time stat
  • Private proxies allowed
  • Real-Time log
  • Visible or hidden browser mode
  • Easy script language
  • Choose proxy country
  • Instant proxies to use.
Finally, Trafficbot uk as an advanced and automated tool that lets you effortlessly generate thousands of daily visitors to your website, also helps you instill trustworthiness of your customers by boosting your website Google Analytics (and other) statistics, and moving your website Alexa ranking to another increasing level.

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I’ve strives to be as accurate as possible, providing you all you need to know and get started with Trafficbot uk, should you have enquiry, don’t hesitate to let know me know by using the comment box bellow. Pls, remember to share this article with friends on social media.


  1. Human traffic or bot traffic because I suspect it might be bot traffic which is very bad. Nice post it'll help newbies to have traffic

    1. Human traffic ofcourse. Trafficbot offer quality traffic and not bot seemingly as applicable in their domain name. If there's any premium web traffic that offers quality human traffic that adsense safe, I believe Trafficbot is one, exceptionally with their free 2000 hit just for signup.


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