Neuromation: All You Need to Know and bonus ICO

Neuromation All You Need to Know and bonus ICO

The year 2017 has been an exciting year in the digital economy. AI (artificial intelligence) projects are paving way to bring new technology to every consumer, with Neuromation in the forefront of this mission, using distributed computing along with blockchain proof of work tokens to revolutionize the AI model development.

Collecting large dataset of images, text and sound is easy, but describing and annotating data to make usable has traditionally been challenging and costly. Few years ago, crowd sourcing was applied to the problem of dataset creation and labeling, employing large number of humans to correct the mistakes and improve accuracy. However, this proved slow, expensive and introduced human bias.
Beside there were tasks that humans simply could not do well such as estimating distance between objects, quantifying lightening in scene, accurately translating text and so on.

Neuromation distribute (sell) synthetic datasets for AI (artificial intelligence) application, and processing power training machine learning algorithms, unlocking game-changing computing capacity for wide AI adoption. Neuromation creates a sandbox environment that will generate virtually unlimited set of well-label example for you.


neuromation data


You are charge per image/data point. The generation tool can be deployed into a web service API. In general, you only pay after some agreed degree of validation has been achieved. The model with train and be will train and be cross-validated on real-world data. Partnership opportunities are also available and are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Neuraomation, a distributed synthetic data platform for deep learning of AI application was born out of desire to speed up the AI adoption in the industry, and it’s led by veterans in business, technology and science. Neuromation offer exchange and an ecosystem where participants can either contribute or purchase the components of an AI model.

Why Synthetic Data for AI Adoption?

1. Accuracy

2. Speed

3. Automation

The platform will use distributed computing for creating artificial world where AI algorithms are trained on simulated inputs, along with blockchain proof of work tokens to revolutionize artificial intelligence (AI) development. It will combine all the components necessary to build deep learning solution with synthetic data in one place such as a virtual infinite supply of perfectly labeled training data, AI plays, as with video games, to learn specific tasks in the real world.

Platforms services providers, commercial or private can provides specific resources for the execution and development of synthetic datasets, distributed computing services, and machine learning models. These features address the three core pillars of AI ecosystem.

Three pillars of AI Ecosystem
1. Synthetic Datasets – Any production data applicable to a given situation not obtained by direct measurement.

2. AI Neutral Network (computing power) – An interconnected group of nodes, similar to the large network of neurons in the brain.

3. Machine Learning Module – This AI model provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Solving giant math problems and self adapting when exposed to new data – similar to data mining.

See how Joshua Larson – the COE of describe Neuromation –

"Mind blowing platform, a newborn baby giraffe, with the sexy genes she got from her mother! 7.8 out of 10"
Neuromation discovers that the Artificial Intelligence is growing with amazing speed, but the algorithms need extensive dataset that are well labeled in order to be useful. Neuromation in this quest creates a pre-labeled synthetic data using advanced modeling techniques. It also creates AI models and help train algorithms.

Here’s how the company explains the value of its platform in its whitepaper;

Imagine a place where you can go and easily address all request to acquire AL capability. A vendor will create the data generator for you, then a group of Neuromation Nodes will the generator to quickly create a massive virtual data set. You can the select a set of Deep Learning architectures to train on that data. Then another group of Neuromation Nodes will do the training in record time!

Neuromation is where data scientists and companies can get all their IA data analysis needs met faster and cheaper than anywhere in the world. This is possible because they reward GPU miners for using their computational power to mine this synthetic data. After the synthetic data is generated, scientists can specify how they want to train their machines to analyze the data in the record time on a separate group of nodes.

Three core modules involved in Neuromation ecosystem
neuromation core
  • Synthetic Data Set Module
Processes – Users can use the synthetic data set model to create a data generator, order data set from the data generator, and request data labeling.

Libraries – The synthetic data set model has libraries like a repository of data sets for deep learning, a repository of data generators, and a library of data sets (the data sets will be available through the market).

  • Machine Learning Module

Processes – Processes of the machine labeling model include defining deep learning models, importing models, ordering training on selected data sets, and requesting custom models from the marketplace.

Libraries – This model will include a repository of deep learning models, and then offer those models through the marketplace.

  • User Module
Processes – The users modules is where users can purchase tokens, register to use or provide processing power to the network, or downloading and installing the Neuromation Node software.
Libraries – Libraries in the user module include user data and user models.

Neuromation technology is crucial to make Deep Learning-based system useful in the real world as they are taken up by the industry, and this is an indication that the future has arrived where computer teaches computer to perceive.
Data is the new oil. Getting new hand-labeled datasets is like finding new oil deposits. Synthetic data is like cheap and ubiquitous synthetic oil.”

Neuromation ICO and Neurotoken Distribution


Remember, for you to make transaction on the Neuromation platform you must use Neurotokens (NTK). Join Neuromation Initial Coin Offering (ICO) now investing for the future of AI (artificial intelligence).
neuromation ico
Neuromation is currently on a public pre-sale (whitelisting). Neuromation token pre-sale started since on the 28, November and is to end by 01/01/18 with the main sale (going live on exchanges) beginning on January 7, 2018. Don’t miss the chances to invest into Neuromation as one of the best cryptocurrency investment you’ve made before the end of this year 2017.

Base price = .001 0r .30 cents per token + bonuses.

The regular ICO start November with 25% bonus and runs for 4 weeks:

Week 1 (15% bonus)
Week 2 (10% bonus)
Week 3 (5% bonus)

To make it easy, Neuromation will provide a one click token buying process and the platform offers 5 services such as;

  • Data generation,
  • Data labeling
  • Data purchase
  • Model training
  • Model purchase

The price customers pay for each service will depend on how much it costs for the nodes. Neuromation provides wide range option for everyone to participate in to Neurotokens (NTK) ICO, accepting Bitcoin and about 17 other altcoins including Enthereum, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Monero et.

Neuromation tokens will power a marketplace for synthetic data and for model training services. The AI industry is expected to reach $3trillion by 2022, and already Neuromation is seeing evidence of demand for processing 18 billion images in retail alone. The team has demonstrating successful project completion in customers good tracking using AI to 95% of accuracy, experience in machine learning, imaging and by data.

There’s a total supply of 100,000,000 Neurotkens (NTK). No further tokens will be minted. 60 million tokens are available during the toke sale, and any unsold tokens will be burned. Of the remaining total supply, 12% is going to the team, 12% to partners, 10% to a liquidity reserve, and 6% to researchers.

Neuromation has a token burn policy where they will gradually burn the tokens out of circulation. 30% of tokens will be burned in2018, 20% in 2019, and 10% in 2020. Neuromation believes this will create a demand for tokens that’s 90 times higher than supply.

Who are the Neuromation Team?

Neuromation is led by Max Prasolov (COE), a longtime entrepreneur, senior manager, and producer who has produced more than 50 animated commercial, 3D movies, commercial and industrial applications, and computer games. Other key members of the Neromation team include Fedor Savchenko (CTO), and Sergey Nikolenko (Chief Research Officer). The company is based in Estonia.

How to buy Neuromation Token Pre-sale


By joining Neuromation token pre-sales means powering the AI Revolution and supporting Neuromation. , That you can simply do by:

1. Visiting Neuromation platform here and scroll down to where you are to enter your email to gain access. See image bellow.

2. The registration when you've entered your email and clicked on "Get Access" will take you to a registration page. Complete the registration and confirm your registration to gain access to your Neuromation dashboard.

I'm inviting you to join Neuromation through my ref link so I  can also earn referrals commission -

Neuromation also offers affiliate referrals program. You will receive the bonus for every investor, who has contributed to the token sale, using your personal referral link. You can post the link on your medium or distribute it privately. A bonus is calculated according to the following grid and paid out in Neurotokens (NTK).

There is no setup minimum about to join Neuromation, you can buy token very cheap during this ICO with various altcoins payment options available to choose before it ends on 1st January 2018 and be listed on the exchanging platform.
Finally, Neuromation mission is to create the definitive platform for business seeking to develop their AI capability, using Neurotokens (NTK) as an in-platform currency. I will write more about Neuromation, but for now, I'll stop here.

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