Blockio: multiple wallets, low transaction fee and fast confirmation

Blockio multiple wallets, low transaction fee and fast confirmation1

 Imagine charging you as high as $13.25 as Bitcoin transaction fee in place of formally $0.5 - $2, leaving you with no option than to find possible fast and secured alternation means of saving your crypto-currencies. If you're crypto minded, crypto student, investor or trader, you’ll definitely need that's secured, cheap, fast, easy to use with multi-currencies wallet - Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

This is really disappointing, especially, for example, you wanted to send $10 worth of BTC, and you are being charged $7 - $13, it simply doesn't makes any sense since you’ll be greatly at lost. With being the next Blockhain API iteration that’s versatile, highly secured and easy to use with multiple currency wallets (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin) that’s convenient to manage in one place, you have nothing to worry about.

Characteristics of

Blockio multiple wallets, low transaction fee and fast confirmation is characterized into five major functions which includes;

1. Multi currency wallets

Although there are a thousand plus crypto-currencies (Bitcoin and altcoins), Blockio offers free wallets of only 3 cryptocurrencies to its users, which includes Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin for now. If there would be subsequent cryto-coin wallets added, that could be as time goes on.

2. Exponential security improvement

I personally recommend the secured measure of blockio against hacking. It requires you inputting authenticated code that usually sent to your email (lasted for 5 minutes) at each time you hit the "login" tab – this usually ensured that you and only you own your money and no one else.

Most importantly regarding blockio account security, during the account registration, you’ll be asked to create a secret pin. This secret pin you are required to save it just as you’re to save your login password. This “secret pin code” is like your ID or signature, and will be required each time you want to send out coin to a receiving wallets.

3. Instant transaction transaction is very fast and instant at the click of ‘send’ button tab, provided all the necessary requirements (number of coin to send, receiving wallets address and your secret pin) are all inputted correctly to match with the auto generated usually low transaction fee; at so doing, you are rest assured of instant transaction with a pop up Green Addresses, which can send the coins and confirmed it in less than 60 seconds.

I remembered sending Dogecoin from C-cex platform to a client; I was charged 10 DOGE as transaction fee, while at I was charge only 1 DOGE.

4. State of heart multisig offers multi-signature for validating transaction that's fast as possible. The multisig is to ensure a beefed up security level for accurate transaction verification that also fast as possible. Blockio most at time depending on the receiving wallet platform, takes like 2 – 5 or 5 – 10 multisig to completely verify the transaction, which is often very fast.

5. Fast transaction confirmation

The most part I love is their fast transaction confirmation that’s 99.99% + up-time and average response time of only 80 minutes.

My worse experience using Blockio


Telling you this entails I’ve completely detailed out the natty gritty of – I tried to log into my Blockio account from a different browser, and I was ignorant of the 5 minutes time space of the login authentication code, a different browser was detected and the 5 minute time space authentication code for login also expired; while I tried logged into my account severally, my Blockio account was temporary locked with the following pop up massage  as follows;

 ''Access completely denied as you have reached your attempts limit = 3. Please contact your system administrator'' ......

and remained like that for days.
I had to approach their support tab by sending them an email, and after 24 hours of no reply, I was already shivering of the fear of losing my coins. I had to traced Facebook platform which I sent them a massage stating the difficulty I experienced logging into my account, thereafter was still but no reply. What saved me was a thought of applying “forget password” feature.

After I setup a new password through reset password email I received from Blockio, I was able to log into my dashboard with the new password and the authenticated code. Ever since then, I’d been very careful handling login and transaction. Most time like I do, I’ll open my email before hitting login tab so as to immediately receive the 5 minute login authentication code before it expires.

Summarily, ever since I recovered my Blockio account through forget password and decided to use it with care, I have not encountered any problem of such, or of anything kind for the past 2 years now. What I love most about platform is their low transaction fee (considering what Blockchain or other platforms are charging to send out Bitcoin and other integrated altcoins), and the fast transaction confirmation.

If you doubt using Blockio, or think they’re not good enough for you, I’ll advice you take on personal research about them, or at least, store in there, coin you can afford to lose. This is basically, if you must take the advantages of the low transaction and fast transaction confirmation.

On further review of platform for decision making, you can see what people are saying about the platform through;
Finally, offers next Blockhain API iteration that auto process transaction; create BTC, LTC and DOGE wallets, uses state-of-the-heart multisig security system, validate transaction in matte of seconds and charges very low transaction fees.

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