What does the future hold for Cryptocurrency?

What does the future hold for Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrencies have been hot news over the last few months with Bitcoin being at the front of many a conversation. 

Not all has been good as with the few exchanges that have been hacked it goes to fuel the fire that these cryptocurrencies are not secure, and there is no future.

First off, none of the cryptocurrencies or the Blockchain have been hacked, it is all down to the exchange. This from a security point of view is something that should not be hidden.

Net Neutrality and Cryptocurrencies Future

The thing that poses the most significant threat to any cryptocurrency is from higher above and in an area where they are unable to protect themselves, or can they?
With Net Neutrality now being another big issue. The larger ISP's if they wish don't have to play fair when it comes to providing their services. It might be a case of ISP blocking when the provider is coerced into limiting and exchange that uses its network, or they have an interest in a specific coin, and they give this priority over other currencies and their Blockchain's.
The current market leaders of cryptocurrencies will be most affected, and with the second generation coins already being released, they too can be affected by this monopolization of the internet.

Cryptocurrencies Do It for Themselves

It is true that cryptocurrencies have no regulation and it is hard to say which direction governments or central banking systems will go in this regard. 
When it comes to other areas where BTC and the many other altcoins could find themselves under threat the coins themselves are, in a way making a stand at anything that gets thrown at them.

Monero helps users get away from conventional banking systems and places control of their funds back in their hands. It offers privacy and security, and an individual’s transactions are untraceable. 
Dash is another coin that takes a unique approach and offers a network that is incentivized to the miners and the users. 

With their system being peer-to-peer user interaction and payments are made for supplying decentralized storage and forwarding or serving data along the Blockchain.

This can still be affected by the larger internet providers, yet it will be much harder for them to fully impact the network and the coins.

How Coins Fully Protect Themselves

For full protection, the coins need to do something a little different, and the "Third Generation" crypto's are doing just that. 
With the advent of full mesh networking and genuine P2P connections security in all areas is enhanced and internet providers will find themselves unable to halt the "New Internet" as it will be formed.

One coin that brings all these features, and also fixes many of the flaws that can add to the BTC bubble finally bursting is Skycoin
Being the first of the 3rd generation altcoins, the developers who were involved with both BTC and Ethereum have had a chance to put things right as Satoshi envisioned, this I what make it the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

A Full Crypto Future?

When looking at what will protect cryptocurrencies in the future, you have to see what will fix the current issues. Mesh networks place the internet back in the hands of end users and businesses. 
From the high powered connection points (nodes) internet providers can be bypassed. This decentralizes the internet and at the same time makes it more secure. Data and information are broken down and stored in chunks that only a user’s application and the inter-connected nodes themselves know where it is.

With no weak points on the network, hackers are unable to penetrate one area as there is now no area where they could use to gain access. 
The whole network operates as if it was one giant VPN. Third generation cryptocurrencies also need to address the flaws with the 1st and 2nd generation cryptos.

These are addressed with a new algorithm. Obelisk decentralizes the coins as there is no mining, so 51% attacks are negated, and no mining pools are formed that are able to manipulate the value of a coin.

As the network which would be Skywire is secure, the coins transactions are secure and private. Skycoin has been devised from the ground up to offer privacy and speed of operations that can now take place in almost real-time.

SKY is fast enough to be used at store cash desks much the same way credit cards are currently used.

When all these things run together SKY, Skywire over a full mesh-network that gives peer-to-peer connections offering total security and privacy. The future of cryptocurrency looks to be in good hands.

BTC showed the world what was possible, and later in the year when it manifests itself, SKY and Skywire will make that possibility a reality.

This is a sponsored post compiled by Henry Benjamin, marketing coordinator Skycoin.net


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