Determining exchanges trading crypto-coins listed at coinmarketcap

Determining exchanges trading crypto-coins listed at coinmarketcap

If you are crypto minder, student, investor or trader but unable to determine exchanges trading coins (crypto-currencies) listed at coinmarketcap, then you are not alone as I’ll take you by hand, and show you how to figure out various cryptocurency’s trading exchanges, and even more you need to know about this life changing future of money 03.

For better understanding of cryptocoins, exchanges, coinmarketcap and hundreds of more other related terms on cryptocurrency, I think I’ve already published an article that covers all that, expecting you to already be acquainted with them except if you’re new to my blog or probably yet to subscribed to my Feedburner mailing list which helps you get each of my upcoming blog posts directly into your mail box.
While I’m a member of several cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and Altcoins related groups on Facebook, one of the most common questions I realized crypto folks usually asked relating some of either pump or dump crypto-coins, prices, and as well as coins listed at coinmarketcap is usually what exchange? Trading at which exchange? and such the likes. 

It is simply an indication that most people interested in buying or trading cryptocurrency do not know exactly how to figure out various trading exchanges behind coins listed at coinmarketcap

Tracking exchanges currently trading any cryptocurrency listed at coinmarketcap can be done using the same coinmarketcap platform, and it’s really an eye opener for curtailing FOMO by potential crypto traders and investors who had likely missed out of acquiring the said coin listed at CMC during ICO; and another opportunity for them to grab even more of the coin at the exchanges, as well as a knowledge based for tracking existing and upcoming crypto-coins specifically listed at coinmarketcap.
It worth noting that not all altcoins listed for trading at various exchanges is being listed at coinmarketcap. There are few or more of such coins like Ethereum plus (ETHP), Truckcoin (TRKC), RareCoin (GDS) etc currently trading on exchanges but not listed at coinmarketcap, thereby, making it difficult to track their prices, trading volume, market capitalization, overall overview of the coin, and even when pumping or dumping.
In this post precisely, I’m not here to tell exact what could be the causes of coins currently trading at exchanges not available at CMC. Perhaps, the fact that a certain altcoin is being traded at exchanges but not listed at CMC does not mean that it’s won’t. It could be that such coin is on the queue, or ongoing process of meeting up with coinmarketcap requirement for listing. 

How to figure out various exchanges trading coins listed at CMC

Without further more ado’s, below processes should help you figure out various exchanges trading crypto-coins listed at Coinmarketicarp (CMC);
1. Visit that displays all listed coins name, price, and other statistical data.
2. Navigate the CMC site to a particular coin you want to track it statistical data including its trading exchanges.
3. Stumble on a particular coin you want to track exchange and click on the 'coin price' or 'coin valume' to display the list of exchanges trading that coin.

4. The next page will list all the trading or exchanging platforms trading or exchanging the coin with other coins. For example, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and the most successful trading or exchanging crypto-coin. When you click on Bitcoin price or volume, you’ll discover in the next page that there are exactly 400 different exchange sites where you can buy or sell Bitcoin.
For another example, we take on the cryptocurrency called Electroneum (ETN) by clicking on the coin price as indicated at CMC.

From the screenshot above, we discovered that only two exchange currently trading and exchanging Electroneum coin (ETN) which is Cryptopia and Tradeogre.

Order than CMC being a crypto market knowledge based, it is a big privilege for crypto minders to be able to track and buy into any interested cryptocurrency he or she wasn’t opportune investing during ICO, and to buy cheap from exchanges and HODL before coin saturated the exchanges market forcing price to rise.
Finally, determining various exchanges behind altcoins listed at CMC, the same above method goes for various crypto-coins listed at CMC, which is just to click on the respective crypto-coin prices, and the next page will display respective exchange sites (crypytocurrency markets) trading and exchanging the said coin with Bitcoin or other altcoins like Ethereum.

Like I said earlier, not all altcoins listed for trading at exchanges is also listed at coinmarketcap (CMC). Provided that the coin or token is listed at exchange, reason for the said crypto at exchange not found listed at CMC could be the crypto is the listing processes, or simply unable to meet up CMC listing requirement. On Cointelegraph interview with Gliss – the owner of Coinmarketcap, when asked Gliss if he has ever permanently removed a coin from being listed on Coinmarketcap, Gliss response however was that;
About 40% of coins ever added to the site are now inactive due to failing to meet the basic criteria. In virtually all cases, the reason for delisting is because all exchanges have delisted the coin.

From the statement made by Gliss the founder of Coinmarketcap - “the reason for de-listing is because all exchanges have de-listed the coin” shows that in-spite how about 40% of coins ever added CMC are now inactive due to inability to meet up basic criteria (statistical data), CMC cannot virtually de-listed any still listing on at-least one exchange trading.
Coinmarketcap is by far the dominant platform for determining cryptocurrency statistical data including determining their various exchanges compared to other alternatives crypto comparison sites like Onchainfx, Coincodex, Cryptocompare, Coingecko etc. 

CMC is comprehensive, easy to use and by far, cryptocurrency statistical market leader. It is to cryptocurrency what Google is to humans.

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