Google plus followers gadget in Blogger

Google plus followers gadget in Blogger

Google plus follower’s gadget when added to Blogspot or Blogger blog feature your name, add to circles tab, and also displays few or more faces of friends and audience following you on Google+ depending on settings, all to motivate new friends, targeted audience and potential visitors to add you or your Google+ page to their circle.

Google plus is stylize as (Google+) and its owned by Google as a specialized integrated social media platform to make new friends and connections, share ideas, market products and services with the world at large. 

Google plus as an integrated social platform – being another Google product comes with Google+ commenting system as a way to share and connect with users within Google plus community was also made specifically for bloggers blogging with Google - Blogspot or Blogger blog.

Google plus (Google+) followers widget/gadget is by default integrated in Blogspot and Blogger dashboard Gadget panel among other prominent blogging gadgets like subscribe by email, Javascript/HTML, pages, image, label etc for completing one blogging function or the other.
Before having Google plus followers widget/gadget added successfully to your blog which simple as ABC, you must first on foremost, have an active Google plus account, have your Google+ profile well edited, and also have few Google+ followers who have added you or Google plus page to circle.

If you’re new to Google plus and yet to have your personally created Google plus account or page, but would like to create one for yourself and possibly linked it to your blog, kindly read;

Google specifically recommended all users accounts to be merge (linked together) – that means, you can open Gmail (Google mail) account and have it linked to other Google’s products or services (accounts) like Google drive, Youtube, Feedburner, Blogger etc with the same username, email and password without having to register a new account again.

Google plus is for personal and for business just like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms out there. This means that’s you can create your personal Google (about me) profile or Google+ business Page. 

It worth nothing that irrespective of if you had created Google+ account and also displays your Google+ or Blogger profile (about me) in blogger, without connecting your blog with Google plus, your Google followers widget may not display the Google plus Follow button or add to circle tab with the total number of your followers having you in their circles with their faces in thumbnails.

Importance of added Google plus followers’ gadget in Blogger

1. Built Trust – Google+ followers gadget when added to Blogspot or Blogger blog helps you build trust especially when you have huge number of followers. Remember that mostly before people add you to their circle (follow you on Google+), they’ll likely check out your Google plus profile first. So, you’ll need to update your Google+ profile professionally and includes your social media links where readers can reach and get connected with you. 
2. Build credibility – People will esteem you high and respect you as authority in your marketing mind-field especially, the newbies and the intermediates, making them willing to add you to circle, stick around and learn from you.

3. Increase Author’s portfolio – Since readers clicks to read more about you, this increases your portfolio base especially when into guest blogging and branding your business.

4. Build Blog traffic –  If set blog to , notified all connection (followers) of a new published blog post, which could be another source of blog traffic. Its also generate new subscribers through Google+ community and from potential visitors stumbling your blog through advertising channels. So, get the most of it by including social media hyperlinks and affiliate products like a real core signature.
5. Show your author’s profile picture (avatar) on search engine – Though, this is optional and basically when connect Google plus with Blogger, but makes more sense to choose to display profile in search engine that help you increase Google authorship.
6. Google Plus has been shown to dramatically improve search engine rankings, which, in itself, is a sufficient reason to join the platform.

How to add Google plus followers gadget in blogger 

  • Log into your Blogspot and Blogger dashboard
  • Click on “Layout”
  • Within the blog layout widget, on where you want the gadgets displayed, click on ‘Add a Gadget’.
  • While the Blogger Gadgets panel open, scroll down to locate ‘Google+ Followers’ gadget.
Google plus followers gadget in Blogger1
  • When you find it, click on it to get it open ‘Configure Google Badge’ panel preview, where you can add title, choose badge type (person, page or community), size, layout, cover photo and tagline.
  • Thereafter, click on ‘Save’ to save settings.
  • Thereafter, the pop up ‘configure Google Badge’ panel window will be closed, and on the blog dashboard Layout, at top right click ‘Save Arrangement’.

You can now visit your blog to see that the Google+ follow or add to circle gadget has been successfully added to your blog with link to total number of your Google+ followers and few of their faces.
Should you not be comfortable with where the Google+ followers gadget is positioned within your blog, at the dashboard layout, you can drag it to where you did fit, but makes more sense if its situated at the blog sidebar.
Finally, according to Google Plus demographic update released on September 2017, Google has more than nearly 400 million active users as well as some of the most business-friendly features of any social network. 

This is the time to start building out your own Google plus profile or page, have it linked to you blog as a blogger, and as well as display your own Google+ ‘add to a circles’ gadget on your blog to get more Google plus followers and social connections if you haven’t done so already, helping you increase your blog visibility and blogging success.

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