Why cryptocurrencies listed at exchanges not on coinmarketcap?

why cryptos listed at exchange not on CMC 
Is it possible for cryptocurreny Bitcoin and Altcoins listed for trading at exchanges not to be listed on Coinmarketcap? If answer is "YES", then what do you think could be the cause? 

In this post however, I’ll like to show you some reasons behind why some cryptos - coins and mostly tokens currently listed on one or more exchanges for trading are not found among most successful crypto - Bitcoin and it various contemporaries alternatives - altcoins listed at Coinmarketcap (coinmarketcap.com).
As a crypto trader or investor, has it ever occurred to you that you stumbled on exchange to buy perceive promising altcoins you either missed out acquiring during ICO, and while heading to CMC to check the coin or token estimated trading statistic and performance, only to realized that the said coin or token has not been listed at Coinmarketcap?

Conmarketcap (CMC) is the leading cryptocurrency statistical and estimated market provider, and most crypto traders and investors tends to heads directly straight to CMC for analyzing a particular crypto trading estimation and performances before investing or trading.

It is the wish of every team behind cryptocurrency – both coin operating independently and ERC20 tokens on smart contract with Ethereum blockchain to be listed at coinmarketcap immediately after being listed on one or few trading exchange as one way display the cryptocurrency proficiency.

Cryptocurrency project manager or team with the aim to get the crypto asset (coin or token) listed at Coinmarketcap – the leading crypto market ranker, must be ready to strictly adheld to CMC crypto listing criteria, which is to submit all the necessary required instructions like the cryptocurrency data, down to it API, using "CMC request subpage" https://coinmarketcap.com/request
By getting your cryptocurrency on CMC after being listed on one or more exchanges helps the crypto coin or token for:

  • Brand exposure more people get to discovered the crypto coin or toke. Most times, crypto investors and traders don't even heard about the coin crowd funding and ICO. They discovered some of the coins at CMC or exchanges. 
  • Trust Realizing the coin is being listed at coinmarkertcap gives more reason of confident to invest or trade it. 
  • Statistical data overview – Coinmarketcap helps every listed coins or tokens for all the potential trader or investor would be looking for (coin name, price, trading volume, coin market cap, circulating supply etc).


Criteria for cryptocurrency listing at Coinmarketcap


Any cryptocurency – coin or token must have to meet up some required conditions for listing on Coinmarketcap. Bellow are required criteria for listing cryptocurrency at CMC;
1. The project asset must be cryptocurrency – coin or token.
2. Coin or token must be on a public exchange with an API that reports the last trading price and the last 24 hour trading volume.
3. The coin or token must have no-zero trading volume and on at-least on supported exchange so a price can be determined.
4. To determine the cryptocurrency market capitalization ranking at CMC, an accurate circulating supply of the con or token is required.


 Crypto Exchange and Coinmarketcap - Listing and de-listing  


1. Some assets at exchanges are not real cryptocurrency.
2. There are cryptocurrencies listed on exchanges but not on coinmarketcap.
3. Some cryptocurrencies listed at exchanges but not on CMC are undergoing coinmarkertcap listing processing.
4. In-spite of about 40% of coins and tokens ever added at coinmarketcap are now inactive due to failure to meet basic criteria, CMC cannot virtually de-listed any coin or token.
5. Coinmarketcap can only de-list cryptocurrency when such a coin or token has been de-listed from all exchanges.
6. Coin or token must be listed on at-least one exchanges as one requirement for listing cryptocurrency on CMC.
7. Failure to meet up coinmarketcap listing requirement is one major reason some cryptocurrencies are not found listed at CMC. 
8. Although, cryptocurrencies can remain listed at CMC in-spite inability to continually provide basic statistical data, exchanges on the other hand, can get any coin or token de-listed due to zero-trading volume, consistence API disability etc. 

9. Even some exchanges like Altcoin Trader, BTC Trade UA, BX Thailand and TCC Exchange are listed on CMS, not to talk about some cryptocurrencies with integrated exchanges like Kucoin (KCS), Tether (USDT) etc that also on CMC for tracking trading statistics.

Finally, order than TheBillionCoin - (TBC) that's "user currency" Lol, any "market based" coin or token that's not listed on crypto exchange or coinmarketcap for trading and bulk market overview is as good as none in existence. 
I’ll like you to note that there are some shitcoins also known as scamcoins among hundreds or a thousand plus cryptocurrencies listed on exchanges and coinmarketcap. In a Cointelegraph interview with Gliss – the Coinmarketcap founder, Gliss confirmed that:

 “about 40% of coins and tokens ever added at coinmarketcap are now inactive due to failure to meet basic criteria.” 

This is simply because the "crapcoins" have suddenly become worthless over the time due to lack of value and quality teams providing improving technological innovation, and thereby resulting to dumping of the said ecurrency, thus leading to pumping instead of pumping. They are also other cryptocurrencies already listed, whose operation is completely scam.
Finally, coinmarketcap do not sell any cryptocurrency but only reports on the trading activities of Bitcoin and other a thousand plus competitive altcoins general market overview. 

Here comes to the end of this article -- why some e-currencies listed at exchanges not also listed on Coinmarketcap.

Do you have anything to contribute or contradict to this article? Let hear from you on the comment box.

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