Why Listing Cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap and How

Why Listing Cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap and How

In today’s article, I’m rightly taking you through reasons why listing cryptocurrency on Conmarketcap (CMC) and how to that, haven't helped you determined exchanges trading cryptocurrencies listed at Coinmrketcap” and “Why cryptocurrencies listed for trading on exchanges not found listed on coinmarketcap.

Coinmarketcap is the leading platform for checking recent cryptocurrencies in the market, crypto price, trading volume, trading history from day one, exchanges behind every cryptocurrency, social interaction circulation supply, market capitalization, total and maximum supply, top gainers and losers, total number of cryptos listed on exchanges and on CMC, latest ranking of each and every crypto based on their trading activities and more.

As Bitcoin and altcoins trading become very popular, Coinmarketcap provides the needing information on the key metrics (crypto index) of all cryptocurrencies; though, CMC innovation was just as a pet project, Gliss – Coinmarketcap founder says on interview with Cointelegraph that he was glad to see that others in the crypto community found CMC useful.
Considering coinmarketcap strength, crypto project manager or team of developers and advisories now sees getting their coin or ECR20 token listed on CMC as vital as being added to exchanges. CMC being easy to use, mobile friendly and crypto statistical market leading provider is more or less works like exchanges, only that you cannot register an account, or trade cryptocurrency as being done on exchanges.
CMC came into existence in April 2013, started with only 7 cryptocurrencies as at when Bitcoin price was $135.38 and since then, it has been a reliable source of information about cryptocurrencies. Through the use of API, CMC has been able to continuously report up-to-date information of each and every cryptocurrency.
CMC displays 100 cryptocurrencies per page according to latest ranking, and you can simply use the button “Next” at the page bottom right to navigate the next 100 top ranking cryptocurrencies on the table and so on. As at the written of this article, the total number of 1515 cryptocurrencies (coins and tokens) is being listed on CMC.
When you click on a particular coin or token as listed at CMC, it will take you to a standalone page of that crypto with it statistical data overview including:
1. Website – The cryptocurrency official website.
2. Explorer – For additional information like announcement, technical component of the blockchain, massages etc.
3. Chart – Displaying graph of all trading history.
4. Market – An overview of all exchanges on which the cryptocurrency is traded.
5. Social – Overview of the con or token social media discussion, mostly Reddit and Twitter.
6. Tool – The cryptocurrency widget and API link that can both be integrated on your blog for validating up to date information of the said crypto.
7. Historical data – Overview of the coin or token stat from day one.
8. Source code –  For all the team work, problem and idea behind the coin or token.

Why listing cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap


The following reasons are why you must get your cryptocurrency listed at coinmarketcap:
1. Helps you better analyze all coins and tokens potential through the integrated chart and trading history feature.
2. Displays top gaining and losing cryptocuurency through the "trending'' tab, that helps you determine which cryptocurrency to acquire or to sell out.
3. It is a complete knowledge base for crypto minded folks, crypto traders and investors.
4. It exposes new cryptcurrencies in the market that ordinarily, would not have gained market popularity or you wouldn't knew it exist.
5. It’s a great platform for advertising cryptocurency, ICO and crypto related stuffs.

6. Help build trust for the crypto, since listed at CMC is half a way to show the coin or token prowess or proficiency.

7. It is the number one platform for comparing cryptocurrency valuation and analytical estimation.

8. It features about 97% cryptocurrencies ever existed.

9. Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, The U.S. Government Accountability Office, The House Committee on Small Business and The U.S. Department of Treasury have all used Coinmarketcap as reference.

10. CMC include data from some of the lesser known exchanges.

11. Unglitched CMC API for 24/7 instant tracking of cryptocurrencies metrics.

12. Accurate reporting of crypto prices and other statistic during ‘fun’ data cleanup task.

13. Potentially able to provide much better functionality and lot more mobile friendly.

14. It is a dominant price checking site in the cryptosphere.

15. CMC integrated calculator helps you calculate figure or unit of each and every coin or token listed on the platform.


Criteria for Listing Cryprocurrncy on Coinmarketcap


Bellow are required criteria for listing cryptocurrency at CMC;
1. The project asset must be cryptocurrency – coin or token.

2. Coin or token must be on a public exchange with an API that reports the last trading price and the last 24 hour trading volume.

3. The coin or token must have no-zero trading volume and on at-least on supported exchange so a price can be determined.

4. To determine the cryptocurrency market capitalization ranking at CMC, an accurate circulating supply of the con or token is required.

How to List Cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap

To get your cryptocurrency listed on Coinmarketcap (CMC), you must strictly comply with the CMC instructional criteria for crypto listing as provided above, which must be carried out through the CMC request page.
You may want to ask that, order than the above mentioned criteria for listing cryptocurrency on CMC, could there be any other limiting issues against getting cryptos listed on CMC due to why some finished ICO and cryptocurrencies on exchange not listed on CMC? 

My answer should be “likely” because, on Cointelegraph interview with Coinmarketcap, Gliss – the founder of CMC was asked;

“What was some ‘interesting’entrants into CMC? Gaw’s Paycoin or even Ripple (not minable) or block explorer failures perhaps?”

Gliss answer however was;

Ripple, Nxt, Bytecoin and Pycoin were much debated topics on how to list due to the amount of coins in existence prior to or at launched. About 40% of coins and tokens ever added at coinmarketcap are now inactive due to failure to meet basic criteria.

Though total or maximum supply of any cryptocurrency was not included in the criteria for listing on CMC, but Gliss reply shows that total or maximum number of coin or token in existence prior to launched can hinder listing, since its believed that cryptocurrencies with less total or maximum supply can hinder price increase and general success for any crypto.
Final Note.
Although, it is not mandatory to get your cryptocurrency listed on coinmarketcap provided it has been listed on exchanges, however, cryptomanagers and developers knows what is in there for them by listed crypto on CMC. 
Considering new coins and tokens created every day, block explorer breaks or change and even new altcoins exchanges integrated, key information needs updating and/or to be validated. Luckily, so much work has been given to CMC such that it’s a great knowledge base and tool for discovering crypto space, and every crypto minded willing to advance their trading knowledge and crypto activities must play around CMC which is to cryptocurrency, what Google is to human. 
Finally, I’ll like to say kudos to Gliss – the Coinmarketcap founder and any existing team behind CMC for providing such an incredible simplified useful cryptocurrency analytical platform for crypto- minded folks.

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