Calculating Cryptocurrencies Units, Prices and Values

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Cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and it's mimicking alternatives known as altcoins, which are all units of account by design; and knowing how to calculate cryptocurrencies unit, price and values will saves you time, stress and money.

So many newbie crypto traders have been cheated in the peer-to-peer transaction simply because of the inability to understand how to determine cryptocurrencies unit prices and values, which can be achieved through using cryptocurrency calculator. 

I’ve equally tried to be cheated on several occasions by some of these fly by night and unfaithful cryptocurrency’s sellers, where I was sent incomplete amount of units of the coins and tokens I paid for, maybe hoping I won’t be able to figure out the exact price of the incomplete unit.

I’ve also on severally been called upon to help determined the price of a given unit of cryptocurrency. Considering the increasing number of interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, this is an indication that many newbie crypto investors would be lacking the glimpse of this tool for calculating cryptocurrencies as unit of account.

All cryptocurrencies (coins and token) is built as unit of exchange and their respective unit values is determined by the price of a whole (1 coin or token).

Cryptocurrencies as a Unit of Account


Just like in a traditional form of money, where fiat currencies as a unit of account have their respective values and capable for exchange, so is digital currencies (Bitcoin and altcoins) indifferent with their respective prices, that can traded, which unit of exchange is determined by the price per 1 coin or tokens.
Bitcoin and altcoins is acceptable unit of account by designed, that also have their denominations and sub-unit for accounting; but obviously, many of these altcoins are yet to publicly come out with their denominational name for representing their coin or token sub-unit for accounting. For a better understanding of cryptocurrency unit of account using Bitcoin as a case study, let’s check Bitcoin unit of account as entails bellow:
  • Millibitcoin (mBTC) = 0.001 – one thousand of Bitcoins.
  • Microbitcon (uBTC) = 0.000001 – one million of Bitcoins.
  • Satoshi (cBTC) = 0.000000001 – one billion of Bitcoin representing the smallest transaction unit of Bitcoin recorded in blockchain.

Currently, the highest projected numbers of cryptocurrencies supply as a unit of account amounted to 9 digits (0.000000001) which are in billion. In the future, however, the protocol may be updated to allow further subdivisions, should be need for that.
It worth to note that among the 3 sub-unit of cryptocurrencies, the name of the smallest denomination (example: Bitcoin – Satoshi) is the chosen name for representing their unit of accounts, which values usually calculated and determined in fiat and digital currencies, and it’s different from their symbols. For example;
  • Bitcoin – (BTC) = Satoshi
  • Ethereum – (ETH) = Ether
  • Litecoin – (LTC) = Litoshi
  • Dogecoin – (DOGE) = Dogetoshi
  • DASH – (DASH) = Duff

How to determine Cryptocurrencies Unit price value


Coinmarketcap (CMC) is the leading platform for analyzing cryptocurrencies prices, denominational sub-unit prices, metrics and estimated variables, with a dedicated and integrated tab or page (calculator) specifically for calculating cryptocurrencies listed on the CMC platform.
Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator

All crypto exchanges by designed have a built-in calculator for determining equivalent unit prices of respective cryptocurrencies as listed on exchanges for trading, using Bitcoin and USD as a market mover (trading pairs).
At crypto exchange, order than the pre-built calculator that automatically determined listed cryptcurrencies unit prices while trading, having a integrated converter calculator tab or page for manual calculation of each unit of cryptocurrency just like Coinmarketcap calculator would be great and knowledgeable tool for newbie traders, intermediaries, and even acclaimed pros.

There are alternative cryptocurrencies calculator providers like Cryptonator, Walletinvestor, and Countmycrypto as a usable tool for crypto investors, but Coinmarketcap integrated calculator for currently 1591 listed coins and tokens among other important factors could be the reason why CMC is one fastest growing and most visited website in USA (rank 143) and worldwide (rank 117) as at the written of this article, according to Coinmarketcap Alexa traffic ranking stat.

With Coinmarketcap calculator, you can manually search for the cryptocurrency’s name or it symbol, enter the unit or amount you want to convert, and finally choose the fiat currencies or cryptocurencies you want to convert to, provided the said cryptocurrency has been listed on CMC.

Order than Coinmarketcap calculator for determining price unit amount of cryptocurrencies, I personally recommend you use Cryptonator converter calculator, couple with other of it provided services like online wallet, merchant tool, exchange rate, winners and losers, widget for website and developer API.

Summarily, using cryptocurrency converter calculator will help you track any unit prices of bitcoin and other thousand plus altcoins in the cryptosphere, as well as identify respective cryptocurrency market price movements, haven’t taken into an account, their volatile role in nature and the cost of holding them.
Though, there are various number of factors that drives the values and prices of cryptocurrencies such as total number of supply, the core objective, technological innovation etc, I was mainly concerned about showing you how to calculate any given unit of creyptocurrencies you either came across, you wants to sell, or receive from the sellers using Coinmarketcap or other crypto calculator alternativesCryptonator, Walletinvestor, and Countmycrypto .
You have any other reliable platform offering cryptocurrency converter calculator, and would love us know about and help publicize it? Let me know your thought on this.

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