How to avoid writer’s block

Sometimes, you need to clearly differentiate writer’s block with writing vacation that’s also crucial as a full time writer, author, publisher or a blogger. Just like a computer can get crash due to excessive workload, so is human brain can get stuck due to overwhelming content creating effort.

You need to clearly differentiate “writers block” with a writing vacation because, most bloggers or content writers do not understood when they’re in touch with writer’s block, or just having some break, rest or writing vacation.
As a perfect example, putting myself in other blogger’s shoes, most time, I’ll feel like I’ve worked so much of my ass off researching, outsourcing and writing to get more content published on my blog, and thereby needed some rest; that’s not to say I’m limited of what to write next about or entirely lost the drive, passion and the motivation to continue writing.
Moreover, in order for human body and brain to perform optimally, it is crucial we have regular resting even as a blogger. But, how long do you rest or spend on writing vacation in order to return back to your blog content publishing goal? This is critical because, it can make or mar your blog content producing effort in terms of search engine and traffic.

What is Writer’s block?


A writer’s block is simply a stage where a blogger or content publisher gets stuck with no further content to deliver. 
According to Wikipedia…

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown.

Since blogging for success is a real business and you must treat it as one, a week is okay to stay off blogging rather than staying off your blog for like 30 days, which is really bad for blog metric and as good as facing a writer’s block with no excuse.

I remember as a corps, I was sent on 30 days special duty to a remote rural area with no internet network services, for that period, it was like hell to me. I lost access to my blog because it was difficult to access the internet. I could not logged into my blog dashboard neither able updating. After 30 days period and my relievers was sent, and I noticed that I lost my blog Alexa traffic ranking status from 800,000 worldwide and 4,000 in Nigeria to 3,000,000 worldwide and 14,000 in Nigeria. Since then, for the pass three month, I’d been struggling to get back to my previous blog traffic stat in-spite how consistent I was in adding new blog content.

The diminishing blog search engine and traffic could not stops me from furthering ahead, but rather, it gave me more reasons “WHY” I ventured into blogging (online) business in the first place.

In order to accomplish your WHY you started blogging or content marketing effort that may help you avoid writer’s block, it is very important that you spend some time documenting HOW you’re going to accomplish it, or otherwise, you may end up with the writer’s block.


Differentiating writing vacation with writer’s block

Remember, witting vacation could be having some rest so you can be revitalized to producing more work. It could be for a week or two at most. Neglecting your blog for a month in the name of writing vacation without updating will hurt your blog search engine and traffic rankings.

Writer’s break or writing vacation is simply a short period of time like 1 to 2 weeks at most, and real bloggers should be mindful of their blog audience, search engine and traffic status by not staying beyond this period and get the blog hindered. Writers on vacation are full of confident and motivations, always believing they can get it done anytime at will. They are not easily being carried away by leisure without updating.
A core blogger facing writer’s block is precisely depressed, frustrated, lack the drive and the motivation to go on even at the hard time. He is full of reasons why not to continue. He’s stuck on blog content ideas. He is a limited believer of himself and has no to-do-list of what next to blog about. He’s not mindful of the negative SEO and traffic effect that may be hurt his website.

How to avoid writer’s block?

There are so many things that could lead to writers block. It could be depression, frustration, lost of value, etc. Bellow is creative solutions to overcoming writer’s block:
Love what you do – When you love what you do, it becomes very easy for you to do what you loves doing. By doing what you love doing, you won’t find difficulty because it’s becomes natural in you.

Many blogger ventured into blogging not because they love blogging but because, they heard that Mr. A is making millions of cash monthly from blogging and they want to do same. So, when the desired and expected cash is not coming from blogging in short or middle term, they simply lost the motivation, get disappointed, depressed and feel like quitting.
By loving what you do specifically blogging, inability to reach your blogging goal will create more reasons to persist and work even harder to get there. Just like blogging will not force you to become a better blogger but happen as you just get blogging, loving blogging and discovering the WHY you started in the first place will help you stay out of writer’s block.

Believe you can always – There are many bloggers who have limited self confident in blogging. This is the fear eating away many blogging drives and making many bloggers face with writer’s block.

Though, individual level of self believes can never be the same. In continuous blogging and overcoming writer’s block, self believing is prominent. Believing in yourself will always gives you the confident and the ability to get writing done. It is the first principal principles of getting anything done.
Without believing in the first place, I see nothing can be done. Believing in yourself create room for improvement, perfection, and mastery which is difficult to be comprehended by writer block.

Take away self doubt – Passionate blogger or content creators are believers of themselves. They are not filled with doubts but rather, at all time, they look for reasons why they must succeed, how their content marketing should work. 
Should there be reasons why you doubt yourself and be engulfed with writer’s block, like a successful content writers, be enthusiastic and hungry for the blogging success, dream about it, breath it, live it in your mind over and over so it happens in real life.

Have a to-do-listOne commonest factors leading bloggers to writer’s block is simple no to-do-list. They do not have the time to organize their to-do-list of what to blog next about. A dream is just dream without actionable plan. Like I do, I have a dedicated folder on Laptop title ‘incoming articles”, and every pop up blogging topics or ideas on my head always ends up in my incoming blog article folder, where there are developed and gradually finally get published on my blog.

To do list is the list of upcoming plan of actions you want executing. Failure to plan is planning to fail. One reason most bloggers stumbles on writer’s block is because they have no plan of actions regarding their blog posts, and thus, always finds it very difficult to figure out exactly what next to write about, or to complete a certain blog post on a certain topic.
By being fun of crafting out a to-do-list folder of your upcoming blog posts, it helps you pin points every pup up blog ideas ordinarily, you would have forgotten, and also helps you stay on track of your respective blog posts to write next on. It entails documentary evidence of your blog posts actionable plan and a road map to get them completed.

Take one topic and at time – Don’t be a vacillating slick willy by not sticking to one thing or plan at a time. Always make decision and move in one direction until you achieve it because, just like chasing two rabbits at a time may end you up losing both, so handling many blog topics at a time can make you get stuck and unable to come out with one. 
It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a to-do-list of what to blog about, but it makes many senses to concentrate on a certain topic and get it published before moving to the next.

You are on vacation, not a quit – Many bloggers while on blogging vacation forget that they are on short term goal of resting, and as a result, they are being carried away with leisure, depression, frustration, and any other thing that may let them lose the drive and passion to continue writing for their blog.
You should know that you are on blogging vacation, resting or break that’s absolutely necessary in a real life of a full time blogger and not dumping your blog entire for no reasons. 
While on blogging vacation, always be mindful of your blog and ensure you plan ahead like pin pointing more of blog title to continue feeding your blog and readers, more SEO option and new tweaks to add on.

It begins with a start – Achievement of anything success begins with a start. Just start writing on a figured out topic or blog title your want publishing, and the drive or inspiration will kick off. This principle really works for me severally. 
Sometimes, I feel like it’s already getting number of days of none updating my blog and yet, I’m unable to figure out exact what to read next about, one principle that often helps me is identifying a topic and starting getting something done on it. As soon as I begin, sooner before I know it, I’m almost summarizing.

Re-read your published content – Sometimes, we just lack what to write about as a blogger, but by reading your already published blog content, you can find some blog titles, headers, content, billeting and numbering with further tips that can breeds forth new blog content ideas of what next to write about either within the same or related blog category or label.

By reading your old blog posts can help you with for further content ideas either to expatiate the topic, or to come out with a sub-topic of the first title into entirely different new blog post. Most headers in a blog posts are new blog post entirely. 

Read blog comments – Reading through comments either on your blog or other people’s blog is a great way of grabbing powerful tips to write up with next blog topic. Except you don’t have much people commenting on your blog, but sure, that can be achieve reading competitors content as well as comments made on those content.

Readers could ask a question through the comment box, and that could lead to a new blog topic to write next about.

Read related niche content – Since writer’s block is inability to come up next with valuable continuous blog content, reading others people blog posts that’s on the same niche with yours can be a great source of finding valuable insight on the next blog topic to write about.

Outsourcing content in blogging is never plagiarism but gathering of information from various sources and tweaking them into entirely new different information. Take on researching topic you deem interesting for next blog publishing, and certainly, you will find related insight that will amount to next full content to publish on your blog.

Turn your obstacle into success – 95% successful people, both content writers are always taking their obstacles and turning them into successes by triumphing above them. When writer’s block set in, what do they do? They do not let it suppress them but rather, they tries all means to eliminate it, ensuring new well researched problem solving content is published.

When content writers run into obstacle, they take a step back and decide on the best course of action that eventually leads to success. They’re always with a plan B should a plan A fails. They do not give up on their content writing goals just because of one obstacle they could smash it.

Be hard working – Successful bloggers are hard working. They are not lazy and probably, that’s why writer’s block is far from them. They spend less time watching TV if at all, stays less on bed, avoid spending time on video games and such a likes that may make them less productive. 

They do sacrifices more hours working on their business effort of producing quality content that intrigue their readers. They often challenges themselves to ensure that success is achieve in whatever they want achieving.

Finally, at some point, every great writer has once come in contact with writer’s block. This is normal and so you don’t have be settled for myriad like fear, anxiety, frustration, disappointment, lost of value, depression or any form of blockage that may tries to hold you stuck. 

Remember, in the present of obstacle (writers block), some buy crutches, while some grow wing and fly. Which of these categories do you fit in? The choice is yours either to remain in your mediocre, or to motivate yourself by rising above the writer's block to achieving your blogging success.

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